Saturday, April 21, 2007

a simple prayer

a simple prayer
Father God you give me life
Saviour Jesus you give me love
Holy Spirit you give me strength

life so that I can live for you
love so that I can love others like you
strength so that I can stand for you

Father God I give you my life
Saviour Jesus I give you my love
Holy Spirit I give you my strength

I will live for you
I will love like you
I will stand for you

Holy Three you have my life
Holy Three you have my love
Holy Three I will stand for you



  1. Thanks for sharing these words Thomas. Strange request here - would you allow me to set some music to them? Got a couple of ideas in my head while I was reading them - love putting music to others words as there are so many better lyricists out there than me. Won't be offended if you'd rather I didn't put music to the words - just wanted to ask first. Let me know. D

  2. All your, bro... as long as you share the end result in a creative commons kind of way.

    Make it happen!

  3. will be a pleasure. Thanks. Results will of course be shared copyright free!

  4. Anonymous8:12 pm

    moleskine. SWEET.

  5. That's a prayer worth praying!!