Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spreading myself too thin...

Circle of Friends

I went back to work today... after a week and a bit off. Its all pretty hectic just now... feel like I am spreading myself too thin - which is a fault I need to work on.

Will post more on the trip... the long weekend... and my thoughts on St Aidan and David Adam's book on him... soon.


  1. Anonymous8:05 am

    Hey this is like a circle of headphonaughts all gathered in a huddle to plan the next play on the football field. or its a manifestly pagan ritual sorta like stonehenge.

  2. Hahaha... its a "circle of friends" candle holder that I spotted in a garden centre.

    A few points to note...
    1) Jon G has one and it reminded me of him.
    2) I would love to clone myself... so I can get everything done.
    3) I am grateful for the circle of friends I have... yourself and Laura-Lou included.

    Take care