Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Testing Qumana

Downloaded Qumana and am feelin' it... Its so easy to use and very practical. Super sweet! Sorry ecto but you gone!

Can't get pics to work properly... and you know how I like my pics!!! Hmmm?!?

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Arieanna said...

Hi, thanks for testing Qumana. Unfortunately, no blog editor can post pictures to Blogger. Blogger does not allow any "remote" uploads, meaning not a single app can upload pics.

However, our solution is to host your pics with a great service like Flickr. Hopefully one day Blogger will be a bit more inclusive :)

J said...

Good find T. I'll spread the Qumana word and keep an eye out for the 3.0 going gold.

Hello to the ladies!


weareallghosts said...

thank you! can I get a button for my toolbar please ^____^

No way!!! How are you my old friend???

Arieanna said...

We need to design some new ones. Want them to be more attractive. Stay tuned to our blog.


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