Thursday, September 22, 2005

5 favourite things...

Raindrops and kittens... yadda yadda

These are today's 5 favourite things (in no particular order)
* My wife... for being wonderful and driving up to give me my train pass. A pass only a numptie like me could forget!!!
* The Guardian... got a book of money off vouchers so bought the Guardian today for 20p AND it has an exclusive interview with his Steveness, Steve Jobs!!!,16376,1575194,00.html
* The iPod Nano... it is a beautiful piece of industrial design created by my favourite brand and its teeny - except when it is on a billboard on the side of the Debenhams building on Argyle St (see my Flickr a/c for pics). My wife is right I don't need one - I have nearly 6,000 songs on my 40gb so far - but they are nice. In the words of my Wife "Cheers Apple!!!"
* My new phone... I received my Sony Ericsson K750i on Tuesday and I love it. It works with my iBook, sounds great and the camera is fab. This is the phone the ROKR should have been...
* "Miss Sarajevo" by Passengers (Brian Eno, U2, Craig Armstrong & Pavarotti)... - I feel like I have found something of value that I had lost. What a beautiful song.

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