Sunday, September 18, 2005

My wife is right...

In my previous post I slammed Christian music is second rate and lacking in originality... Well... she has convinced me of the error of my ways in her usual uber-rational manner... Therefore, I would like to acknowledge the following artists as being first rate and great (in no particular order):

* Keith Green - "There is a redeemer" is one of my all time favourite songs... He was a wonderful singer and pianist who not only "walked and talked" his faith... but rocked and talked it too.

* Christafari - I love reggae and dub... and their vision is to replace the Rasta message with the Christian message without losing any of the rhythm.

* Tim Hughes - The guitarist from England who adds a unique, original, contemporary rock slant to lovely choruses. "Here I am to worship" is fantastic.

* Iona - How could I forget one of my fav bands??? Iona do the whole "Clannad" Celtic thing very well. Their album "Journey into the morn" contains a track called "divine presence" which is haunting and beautiful and forms an important part of my devotional time.

* The Gaither Vocal Band rock!!! Yes, I am under 50 and I like their music... what's there not to like? The male harmonies are first class and the songs they sing are so well written... sure the music can be a wee bit Country but Johnny Cash was Country and he was cool. There is only two types of music - good and bad - and these boys are good! Bill Gaither, along with his wife Gloria, wrote "Because He lives" which is another one of my favourite worship songs.

There are others... I will mention them some other time... Hopefully the list shows that there is originality and substance in the Christian music scene and I promise not tar everyone with the same brush next time I have a rant. It just goes to show, though, that Christian music does not always have to be guitar led rock or folk styled worship songs... there are alternatives.

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