Thursday, September 15, 2005

Billy the Budgie is dead...

We have 4 budgies... or should I say... we had 4 budgies. Billy our 4 year old bluey green budgie died in my wife's hands. He was cold and puffed up and wasn't able to hold his weight - his feet weren't working. He got progressively more passive (normally you couldn't really hold Billy - he was too active) and then shuddered and died in my wife's hands.

The sight of Billy shuddering will stay with me for a long time - I don't like to witness suffering of any sort and that was pretty raw. He had a good life - I got him from a colleague who's child had developed asthma and couldn't have him in the house. We took him in as company for Cinamon, our 8 year old, and they got on like a house on fire. This year we introduced 2 more budgies - itchy and scratchy...

Cheerio Billy... You were great company! Have fun in the great aviary in the sky!


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