Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday's my havin' some fun day...

Took the day off from church today... Need a rest... Its the "September Weekend" in the Glasgow area and, as a result, people take the weekend off. We don't normally but we were late back from Cowdenbiza and we were all pretty tired... I'm glad God doesn't take a day off... but hey, that's for another time. Listened to the New Christian Manifesto podcast on the iPod so wasn't too pagan today :-)

Been taking it easy. Had a lie in... which is a rare occurence. My girls were reasonably quiet... this allowed us to chill and doze and enjoy the warmeth of being with the person you love. Sweetback was playing on the iPod which made it a magical hour or two.

We got up and went to the Miffy / Dick Bruna exhibition at the Motherwell Heritage Centre. I was disappointed not to see the Miles Davis art show but this more than made up for it. I love Dick Bruna's art. Miffy is universally recognisable - iconic... and the exhibition really takes the time to show his work, predominately with Miffy, but also shows some of his work with the Black Bear Books. His covers were really special. The colours he uses and the deliberateness of his work is amazing - nothing is there that shouldn't be when he draws Miffy. Every line has a purpose. His success is in the simplicity of his work and that makes it unique. I'm going to go again... definately. I've posted some pics in Flickr so take the link on the left to my photostream.

After the exhibition, we had lunch then watched one of my fav films... You've got mail. I love the bit where Kathleen is telling Birdie that she has to close the shop and Birdie exclaims that "its the brave thing to do"... I really relate to that - to the world out with my present employer... Scarey but brave... Nora Ephron is a genius.

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