Monday, September 12, 2005

Why "Nanolog"???

Why call my blog "Nanolog"?

Well... I am a big Apple fan! I share with my wife an iBook G4 and an iMac G4. My eldest daughter uses an iMac DV G3 and I also have an original Bondi Blue iMac that my 4 year old plays games on. We also have a 2nd gen 10gb iPod (that my wife uses) and a 1st gen 40 gb iPod Photo.

However, the name has nothing to do with the new extremely cool iPod Nano (nice one, Steve!)

I just like small tech things - hence the "Nano" in the name. I also like old tech and do enjoy collecting records (preferably 70's soul and funk) - hence the "analog" reference. Nothing sounds a great as analogue audio. It is warm and unique with all its glitches.

Lastly, it is a blog.

Oh and it has NOTHING to do with Nanotechnology... I've seen Terminator - Nanotech scares me!!! :-)

So, if that's clear as mud then cool... Nanolog sounds good to me. What do you think?

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