Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where I live...

Apparently I live in a country where 2,000 of my fellow country men and women are attacked every week. In fact, I am 3 times more likely to be assaulted in Bonnie Scotland than an American (even with their guns!).

NO WAY!!! I am 31... Last time I got into a fight was when I was in High School... 15 years ago. Sure I've had some arguments with folk but they never came to anything. I work in Glasgow and live in a pretty rough part of Motherwell... and I have never felt concerned. I walk about with my iPod and never feel vulnerable. Sure my ex-next door neighbour's kid got a doing recently but he was in the wrong part of town very late at night...

The UN must have better things to do that come out with statements like that - In fact, it appears that Scotland is more violent than England and especially London!!! And on a par with Rio! This cannot be?!? Think of the investment we'll lose because of this statement - it is so easy to quote this whenever Scotland is mentioned. In fact, I doubt it will be long before some Quizshow uses it as a question.

What I would say however that alcohol must play its part in this statistic. The Scots love their bevvy... I don't: I'm tee-total... but I'm not the norm... by no means am I the norm... Buckfast is a favoured tipple in my area - its a "tonic" wine that seemingly tastes good and gets you smashed pretty quickly. Its the Ned's drink of choice. There is a direct correlation with alcohol, or should I say, irresponsible binge drinking - I don't have any stats or anything but have a gut feel on this.

I therefore support the removal of Happy Hours by Jack and his posse. We do need to go for more responsible drinking as in Europe.

Anyway, check out this link from the BBC:

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