Thursday, December 08, 2005

Circle of Love #2

I have a circle of love that surrounds me...and I am part of the circle of love that surrounds you. I ask my circle of love to extend their concern to my Uncle Robert. He needs your love/prayers/positive thoughts for it would appear that he has a shadow on his brain. We are waiting on results and further tests... but there is cause for concern.

My Uncle needs your love/prayers/positive thoughts...

My Uncle is to get a MRI scan tomorrow... It would appear that the cancer in his liver is now gone after his recent op. However, the shadow on his brain needs further assessment - it could be a tumour or it could be blood from a stroke. The Doctors are unsure. Please keep praying for my Uncle.

Thanks to the Soos for his support and encouragement... feels good to have a friend like you!

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