Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stussy X TK Maxx

I love my Stussy... I love my TK Maxx... Only once have their two paths crossed when I found an Irie Dot cap in the TK Maxx on Sauchiehall St, Glasgow. Until now... Found the T (above) but in Navy for £12.99 in the TK Maxx at the Fort!

However, there is more... I originally found another T - the one that goes "Hey Big Boys". Olly didn't like it and didn't think it was appropriate. I reluctantly agreed with her and sulked off to put it back. At this point I found the Tee I subsequently bought and am proudly wearing. Think I learned a lesson last night... I will now only buy product that appeals to me - I will no longer buy because it is "X" or "Y"...

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