Saturday, October 09, 2010

The exhilaration of unfamiliar places


"Thresspassing" by Marc de Ridder

I have a new hobby... one closely linked with my photography: Urban Exploration. That's me in the pic above... entering the disused Kelvinbridge Railway Station. I went there with three of my photogeek colleagues to explore the tunnel.

Heading out through the station

"Heading out through the station" by Marc de Ridder

The place is derelict. Wet, muddy and manky underfoot... with rubble and rubbish strewn all over the place. But in the midst of this decay... there was beauty:

081010_ in the disused railway tunnel #10

The salt-streaked roof...

081010_ in the disused railway tunnel #4

... and the light reflecting off the water-soaked walls.

081010_ in the disused railway tunnel #7

Reflections in the puddles...

081010_ in the disused railway tunnel #5

...and the rust on what's been left behind.

Yes, it may be legally dubious... but the exhilaration of exploring an unfamiliar place... coupled with the fellowship of like-minded people made this trip a great deal of fun... and makes me want to do it again.

Good times!

My photos and Marc de Ridder's photos from the trip.


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