Friday, June 30, 2006

New Music :: ((For lost friends)) by [Jenna G]

My thanks to the Soos for the heads-up on ((for lost friends)) by [Jenna G] :: its an album of amazing drum n' bass with beautiful, soulful vocals.

Its a fresh idea from this music fiend and presenter on Radio 1 Extra - a full dnb album with vocals - and it works. Jenna's voice is sweet and soulful... and her production is tremendous... making this a very special album.

My fav track has to be the opener :: "In love" :: it sets the scene... gets the point across.


Radio 1 extra biog

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Give Blood

Diane... Bobbito's wife and the lassie who wiggles her bum when she worships... persuaded (read : bullied) Olly and I to give blood tonight. I am ashamed to say I have never given blood. Called me pathetic but I am a bit of a woose when it comes to blood and needles and, you know, physical pain!

Anyway, Olly was borderline anemic so she couldn't give and, unfortunately, the nurse wouldn't believe I weighed less than 50kg (honest, I do...) so I was able to give.

I embarrased myself by yelping when I was pricked on the thumb... as I said... I am a woose! When it came to giving blood, it was uncomfortable and a wee bit sore but the staff were fantastic and really grateful for any donation.

If you have never given blood or haven't in a while, please give blood! It is relatively painless and the time goes quick when you have a sweet nurse and Jose Gonzales on the iPod.

It was great to see Alec, our Captain... Janey & Rosco... and Yvonne, Kenny's sister, there.

Do your bit!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wow :: Stussy x Honda Zoomer x Ben Wilson

Images from ((beinghunted))

All I can say here is WOW!!! :: ((beinghunted)) have full details on this sweet collab between Stussy UK and Honda with artist Ben Wilson... This is one cool machine. Only 10 customisations done. Each one comes with a skateboard and MA1 jacket with similar graphics.


Check it out.

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New Music :: [priestess]

I am so in denial when I say "I'm not a big rock fan"... I recently posted about [wolfmother] I love their approach to rock.

Well... they have company! Found out about a rock band from Montreal called [priestess] and have to say I am digging them. Its like a rock renaissance on my iPod just now! You know I am big on leftfield electronica, glitchy IDM and soulful, ambient world soundscapes. Every so often, however, its just great to let go and just rock out.

This is where [priestess] come into their own. Their's is the kind of back-in-the-day, mullet and converse all stars rock of Led Zep and Black Sabbath that is where I am at right now.

Its raw... powerful... energetic... and I am loving it. They are on RCA but I found out about them through ((ace fu)) from NYC - home of the folky electronica duo [tunng] in the USofA.

Ace Fu are releasing a vinyl copy of their album in October :: G'on yersel! Power to the Vinyl.

Anyway, you can download priestess' fab track "lay down" from their homepage :: ((link)).

You can also hear some more of their album on their myspace page :: ((link))

Check them out...

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New Music :: AlpineChic's ((swiss circus in stereo)) compilation

Some sweet new music coming your way...

First off we have the second compilation from the AlpineChic sweetie shop :: ((swiss circus in stereo))

Been playing their ((high underground)) compilation for a wee while now ((link)) and thought I'd check out some more of their fine Swiss audio chocolate.

Another super compilation filled with high calorie, full carb, electronic goodness... Loving [pureape], [LeutOhm], [Morphologue] and the opening track by [Env].

I am truly amazed that this compilation is free!

Check it out...

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Originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

Two packets of sweeties from the Carlton George Hotel in Glasgow.

Made me think...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sweet :: Pleix

Wow! The Soos has done it again... If you love leftfield electronica and/or love sweet, envelope-pushin' videos then check out ((Pleix)) - Who are Pleix?
Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. Some of us are 3D artists, some others are musicians or graphic designers. This website is the perfect place to share our latest creations.
All the films are quicktime (go Apple!!!) and are snatchable if you have quicktime pro for on-the-go watching on your PSP or iPod.

Some sweet stuff on their - recommend "Birds" with Vitalic on sounds... and "Netlag" with Bliss (think Jonny Baker has this vid as a worship idea). "Simone" is very special although the song chosen to accompany it by Bleip is a wee bit out there.

Check it out and thanks to the Soos for the heads-up!

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Who is my brother..?

Who is my brother?
If anyone boasts, "I love God," and goes right on hating his brother or sister, thinking nothing of it, he is a liar. If he won't love the person he can see, how can he love the God he can't see? The command we have from Christ is blunt: Loving God includes loving people. You've got to love both.
1 John 4:20-21 (The Message)
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?'

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'
Matthew 25:35-40 (New International Version)

Who is my brother? I believe in the value of all humanity as being God's creation. Everyone is valuable for just being. Everyone is my brother and sister... not just people who share my faith.
Then the King will say, 'I'm telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.
Matthew 25:40 (The Message)

I think Peterson's translation relates this more than the NIV :: Everyone is a brother and sister with Jesus... even those who do not acknowledge Him as Lord. This isn't some weird universalistic approach to faith. I still believe Jesus to be the only way to God. However, I believe in the Lord who said ::
"This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."
Matthew 22:38-40 (New International Version)

Everyone is my neighbour! Everyone is my brother and sister. Helping others less fortunate than ourselves should come from a position of love... nothing more, nothing less. My faith demands that I love people... there is no way out of this. Referring to "my brothers and sisters" in the context of my brothers and sisters in faith is just plain wrong.

Who is my brother? You are... whoever you are... wherever you are... regardless of your faith or whatever... You are my brother or sister... and I love you.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gratuitous pic of Olly

Olly with new hairstyle. Sweet! Green Gables

What a lovely evening for a barbeque. Had Olly's side of the family over to celebrate Miriam's birthday. Fab!

(l to r) James, Alistair, Julie, Colin, Caroline & Amy...

(l to r) Lewis, Dayna & Miriam

Daniel & Olly

New Music :: ((Twin Falls Idaho ost)) by [Stuart Matthewman]

Haven't seen the film...but the soundtrack to ((Twin Falls Idaho)) sounds fantastic! Stuart Matthewman has his hand in two of my fav albums ever : Sweetback as part of the band and Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite as producer. With this ost he has created a beautiful... meaningful... melange of soulful beats and ambient world soundscapes... very much in the spirit of his band Sweetback.

Truly beautiful and haunting. Music that will, no doubt, transcend the film and live in a special place of its own.

Check it out... here or here

Its 5 years old and may be one to catch in the sales & bargain bins.

Thanks to the Soos for the heads up...

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Happy Birthday Miriam

H A P P Y 5th B I R T H D A Y

You are a wee cheeky monkey with too much energy... and we all love you!

Having some family round for a barbeque tonight... Christen the George Foreman! If you are in the neighbourhood...pop in.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Nando's with friends

Had a lovely meal at Nando's with some very dear people :: Bobby & Diane... Jon & Lorna... Graeme... Olly and my we'ans - Dayna & Miriam. Very special.

Afterwards, we grabbed a coffee in Starbucks where Jon taught Dayna the most repetitive song about a baby shark. He did, however, redeem himself by showing us the hand-clapping pinky, ponky game. Cool!

Thanks everyone for make the night extra special.


My eMate, Andy, over at live a big life has inspired me with his article about church going organic :: ((link))

I like the term "organic"... its earthy... rootsy... wholesome... based on something living...

I think it is a tremendous world for describing church... or should I say the church I would like to see

Organic, according to the Soil Association,
"means that farmers can't grow genetically modified crops and can only use - as a last resort – four of the hundreds of pesticides available to them."
What does this mean for church?

Well... I like the fact that organic isn't genetically modified... It is food as it is intended to be... nothing altered or modified... simple... plain...

I also like the fact that the farmer has limited access to pesticides too... She has access to the means of protecting her crop...but its not about protection at the detriment of the environment and the world... its about being in harmony with the surroundings and using more natural forms of protection.

Church should be organic : simple... plain... nothing altered or modified... based on something natural so that the true flavour shines through. Its not about the messenger... its about the message, afterall. We hide God in denominations... in separation... in man-made concepts. We package Him up to make Him more appealing to us. Its fair to say, He doesn't need us to package Him up...

Its also fair to say He doesn't need our protection. I'm not big on Apologetics - when it comes to my faith, I have nothing to apologise for... God does not need defending.

An organic approach produces, in my opinion, tastier fruit... more robust, healthier fruit. Taste comes from the inside. Organic is about substance... not about the way something looks... its not about uniform or shiny. Its about taste. Value comes from flavour, not looks. Its about keeping in balance with the environment.

Organic church will value fruit in all shapes and forms... diversity will be key... It will be about the insides, not the veneer that surrounds... Substance rather than surface. It will also keep close to its environment... not taking without giving back... living in balance.

I would say, however, that organic fruit is more at risk. It is easy for non-organic farmers to spray their fruit with agent orange or whatever evil pesticide they have... Organic farmers have less to choose from and have to live more on trust... on faith... with their food being more vulnerable.

Church will be at more risk when it is organic...because the people will be vulnerable. No man-made perservatives to keep them going - only the strength of the wholesome earth that they are immersed in. In organic church, we will only have God to keep us... there will be nothing man-made that will protect us.

Personally, organic church appeals to me because it is stripped-down, diverse and not man-made... its about how it should be... it is about substance... it is closer to the environment from which it comes and it will produce stronger, fuller, tastier fruit.

Don't get me wrong... it will be riskier... more vulnerable... to be part of an organic church... but I genuinely believe it will be worth it.

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Cafe Lava :: Glasgow

OK... I appreciate that I am on Nero for the sake of others... but this coffeehouse :: ((cafe java)) :: in a part of Glasgow a wee bit too far for me to walk to at lunchtime looks pretty sweet and is getting great reviews...
"The only time I have experienced food as good as this was in a coffee shop in the Castro District, San Franisco."
My Glasgow review

Apart from their food... There is another reason why Cafe Java sticks out in a crowded marketplace :: it offers FREE wi-fi... which is pretty cool in today's charge-for-everything society.

They are not the only free wi-fi providers in Glasgow - GoMA provide free wi-fi - but it is still kind of rare.

Check it out...

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Andy needs our help!

My eMate, Andy, over at live a big life needs our help. He is working part time to enable him to be "out there" doing his thing with ((To All Nations)) and needs some assistance. He needs wi-fi access within Caffe Nero and I would like to suggest we help him in one or both of the following ways...

1) you can donate to his paypal a/c and help him financially... or
2) you can send him your completed Caffe Nero "free coffee" cards.

If you go to Caffe Nero - complete the loyalty card but don't redeem it... you don't need a free coffee... Andy does! Give him your card and he'll be able to use his coffee money to buy wi-fi time... or spend longer in Nero! In addition, if you can, help him out financially.

Check out his post here :: ((link)) :: Andy needs our help.

James Jarvis interviewed at [beinghunted]

James Jarvis is one of my fav artists... I have posted about him before :: ((link))

Thanks to hypebeast for the heads-up on the interview with James on [beinghunted] - he talks about his latest creation, 'Leon' (pictured), the figure which was released with the Stüssy UK & Nike Court Force Low.

I thought this was cool ::
I grew up surrounded by beautiful and amazing illustrated books: Richard Scarry, Dr. Seuss, Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke. I was always aware of Illustration being a means to earning a living from drawing.
I LOVE Richard Scarry and Asterix... and Dr. Seuss... and Tintin... Sweet inspiration!

Check it out...

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Podcast :: Week 7 :: Laodecia - The Rich Church

Alec spoke tonight on the last of the 7 churches in Revelation 2 & 3 :: Laodecia - The Rich Church. The podcast is available here: (( - its just over 9 mb and an AAC file. Enjoy.

This is the last podcast for the Homegroups... until they resume after the holiday period.

Can I ask if this is something you wish me to continue? The Bellshill Corps are blessed with tremendous leaders in Alec and Andrea... and their thoughts are spot on. I need to think about server space and an external mic... but am prepared to invest if there is demand for this. Let me know if you have downloaded the podcasts and found them useful... Leave a comment.

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New Music :: [Raul Midon]

Image : Raul Midon

I love it when people passionately recommend music... Graeme recommended this chap : Raul Midon and I am so glad he did! Raul makes beautiful, soulful music with his acoustic guitar and his blessed voice. The rhythm... the melody... beautiful vocals... even trumpet sounds... all by one man. Truly beautiful.

His music is hard to put into words... it needs to be felt... experienced... witnessed... just like Graeme did when he saw Raul play at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. I would, therefore, recommend you watch this movie of Raul playing at the JFKennedy Center for the Performing Arts and thanks to them for posting the film :: ((link))

Amazing! Will check out Raul's album :: ((state of mind)) on Blue Note (which in itself is an endorsement of quality) when I get a chance.

Check him out!

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Podcast :: Ad Hoc :: Graeme Hodge's thought

Graeme survived Nando's AND staying over at our house and was well enough to present the thought at this morning's gathering at the Bellshill Salvation Army. Bobbito was unable to hear Graeme's thought so I podcasted it... and I would well recommend it to everyone within the nanolog community... and beyond.

Here's the link :: (( - its a 20mb AAC file so you'll need ((iTunes)) and some patience while it downloads. Its entitled "a simple faith".

Enjoy! Oh and he didn't have the hat on when he presented the thought. Shame.

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"Neither wholly a believer nor wholly a skeptic, I've always been a fellow who falls in the middle of this one. I value democracy as a co-operative where compromise keeps the peace by enabling each of us to believe what we will, according to our own conscience while settling our political and economic differences by common sense. There's a moving verse in the Hebrew Bible: "Come now, and let us reason together." But there is also a moving verse in the Christian New Testament: "I believe. Help Thou my Unbelief." Most of us ride the seesaw of faith and reason. Yes, it's an ancient conflict, a long-running argument, but with all the fear, violence, and intolerance that grip our times, we have to come to terms with the fact that it must be reason and faith, not reason versus faith. Otherwise, we would tear our society apart as Europe so often did — and may do yet again."
Paul Mittleman is a lucky chap who works for Stussy and blogs on I love the blogs at, especially Paul's and the mighty Hiroshi Fujiwara's...

Anyway, I thought Paul's current post (quoted above) is an interesting commentary on faith and reason in today's world... and is worth checking out. In it he references the PEN American Centre (who I'll check out later) and their take on crossing the faith/reason divide.



I think Paul's opinion is interesting because it demonstrates a perspective that is, in my opinion, not discussed enough. We assume that everything is black and white... but I see hope in his comments because it shows a desire to understand more. I want people to be discussing faith... wrestling with it... asking questions... debating the meaning and significance... instead of following blindly the kind of theology that actively encourages a separatist agenda.

We are ALL the whosoever!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Love these :: NIke Mad Jibe

I'm getting to that age where deck shoes are appealing... Thankfully Nike have come to my rescue with these super sneaks/shoes :: MAD JIBE. They have a DUNK sole and the cool deck shoe stitching on the toe. Could get away these at my work!

Not sure if they are limited or anything... Check them out here :: ((link))

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Attended a one-off teaching event organised by the West of Scotland Division of the Salvation Army. 3 "i" refer to inform, inspire, involve... and it certainly informative, inspirational and involving.

We kicked off with some fab praise with Paul, Jen, Morag ((my second fav drummer after John Bonham)) and Martin.

We then had Chick Yuill's inspirational teaching from Acts 10: 1-23. Basically we need to celebrate faithfulness but appreciate that faithfulness on its own will not cut it. We need to face facts: continuing to do the same things faithfully won't work! We have 2 choices - failure or future - because we are where we have NEVER been before.

Society has moved from...
* Farm to Feel Good : people are seeking authentic experiences.
* Religiousity to Spirituality : churches are not rejected because people are too spiritual but because they are not spiritual enough!
* Paragraphs to Pictures : we are now more visually literate and apprehend with our imagination and heart instead of just cold logic.
* Principles to People : If you rigidly stand for something then you wont fall for anything...but... you won't have any people to stand with.
Chick then spoke of the need to breakthrough the blockages / barriers that we have. In the reading, Peter, a Jew, didn't mix with unclean people... until the Lord gave him the vision that nothing or noone was unclean who the Lord calls clean.

We need to breakfree... We have the option of deep painful change or slow painful death. In breaking free, we need to move from...
* Fortresses to Families : Its not about friendly churches but friends... open & inclusive relationships.
* Maintenance to Mission : We are too good at ecclesiastical taxidermy. We stuff things that worked and regard them with affection instead of burying them and moving on.
Truly inspired!

There were a number of seminars and the two that were most meaningful for me were the session on church planting by Adrian & Yvonne from The Brook in Atherton, near Manchester. Olly and I feel called to create something new within the Salvation Army... create / plant / whatever a community of faith that is relevant and real 24/7. My friend, the Soos, things I should have my own church - well I want to be part of a church that he would feel welcome / part of. Their seminar was inspirational in that they acknowledged that church changes and we need to move on from the inherited model of church into new expressions that will move towards meeting the needs of our pluralist, multi-cultural society.

The second seminar that I benefited from was presented by Graeme Hodge from the Salvation Army's International Development team. We have had the pleasure of Graeme staying with us... we are heading to Nando's for some food with friends... he is then leading our church meeting tomorrow morning.

He spoke about all the work his team are doing to make a difference in the lives of people in the developing world. This isn't relief but development... with micro loans to help people, especially women, to trade and build businesses... He also spoke of the Army's work raising awareness about human trafficking ((link)) - the work they are doing telling people about all the human trafficked girls forced into prostitution for the World Cup in Germany. Tremendous work.

He highlighted some of the options available for getting involved... Would love to give a couple of weeks of my holidays to help others... Maybe soon.

At the end, Chick summed up the day with a song from Jimmy Cliff: Dreams...
Every dream must be realised.
Every vision actualised.
Every hope materialised.
Every mission crystalised.

Lastly, it was fab to hook up with Chris and Lorraine

What a great day! Now to Nando's...

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Friday, June 23, 2006

New Music :: ((Wolfmother))

The Soos is a generous chap and whenever I meet up with him I usually end up with loads of new ideas...and the heads-up on new tunage. If he likes something strongly, he even gives me a copy.

((Wolfmother)) is one such album where he loves it so much, he gave me a copy... and I have to say it lives up to this endorsement.

It is tremendous... I love Led Zeppelin and this album is almost like a newly discovered, its-been-locked-in-a-dark-studio-for-years follow up to Houses of the Holy. It just has it... you know... the it that Paige & Plant had... the it Ozzy had when with Sabbath... before he became known more for being Sharon's husband.

It has the soul of '70's rock and it RAWKS!!! Fav track, so far, is White Unicorn which reminds me... so much... of Houses of the Holy with its jangly guitars and swooping guitar work.

Amazing... ((modular)) is really rocking with the Avalanches... Cut, Copy... and now Wolfmother...

Thanks bro!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Miriam :: Graduate

My wee sweetheart :: Miriam :: graduated from her Nursery on Tuesday night (sorry this post is a wee bit late, honey)

It was a lovely evening - It had a Spanish theme (hence the dress Miriam was wearing) with the kids singing loads of songs. The had a ceremony with each of the kids telling the room where they were going... they then were given the tie of the school they are going to, a certificate and a big hug from their teacher. Really sweet.

Feel old... my youngest will soon be at school!

Peeping Tom

The first CD I ever bought was ((the real thing)) by Faith No More - it was a long, long time ago. Epic is still a classic song!

Anyway, I kind of lost touch with the band... They never called... They never wrote...

My man, the Soos kept intouch... He has all their albums... He's a big fan!

When I was over in Edinburgh on Saturday, the Soos gave me a copy of Mike Patton's new solo album :: ((Peeping Tom)) and I have to say its pretty good. Not entirely to my taste... a bit too sweary for me...and a bit too hippity-hoppity in places... but the collaborations with my fav artists are strong :: the mighty Bebel Gilberto... Massive Attack... Amon Tobin... and the Norah Jones!!!

Its accomplished and holds well together... although not everyone will get it.

Anyway, check this pic out :: The Soos (far left) with Mike Patton (second left) followed by The Soos' pals Kev & Sandy :: How cool is that? Mike was doing some work with the Rockstar North boys and just wanted to hang out. Sweet.

Thanks bro for letting me share this memory.

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Christian is a great noun and a poor adjective!

It is dangerous to label things "Christian".../ The problem with turning the noun (Christian - a person who follows Jesus) into an adjective and then tacking it onto words is that it can create categories that limit the truth.../

Something can be labeled "Christian" and not be true or good.../

It is possible for music to be labeled Christian and be terrible music. It could lack creativity or inspiration.../

Just because it is a Christian book by a Christian author and it was purchased in a Christian bookstore doesn't mean it is all true or good or beautiful.../

Christian is a great noun and a poor adjective.
"Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell

Why do I quote this? In yesterday's Metro American "trendspotter" Marian Salzman responded to the question :: "What trends are you predicting for the next 5 years?"
Americans have become so decidedly religious that religion is going to become a very serious problem between the US and the rest of the world. Americans are living in a country where CHRISTIAN RETAIL is a shopping option, CHRISTIAN FOOD is a snack food option - there's a chain called "Chick-fil-a" - it's Christian chicken.
Oh my goodness!

What happened to being in the world? If all I do is "CHRISTIAN" then where is the reality? where is the truth in being the salt and the light?

Reject Christian ghettoes!

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Eatin' apples aka Velvet Elvis :: part 2

I'm eating apples for my lunch today... and drinking vending machine coffee... because I have spent my lunch money on a physical copy of Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. The audible copy is great ((link)) and well recommended but it is not enough for me... I need to see the words... to mull them over... quote them... use them.

This is a significant book and kudos to Rob for writing it! I going to quote some tonight.

If you are questioning church and haven't read this book... get it now! its that good.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Burning Safari

Thanks to the Soos for the heads-up on this wonderful piece of animation. Don't know anything about it but love it... in fact, I want to know more about the wee robots and the monkey.

Check it out here :: ((link))

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Margaret Gemmell :: Promoted to Glory

It pains me to announce the Promotion to Glory of an inspirational & dedicated friend :: Margaret Gemmell.

We pray for God's comfort for Harry and the family... we are sad because they are missing a loved one... but we also celebrate Margaret's life and are joyful at her promotion to be with her Lord.

She was a faithful worker in the Bellshill Salvation Army and a true networker for her Lord. She will be known for her work with the elderly and I will personally remember her for her radiant smile, down-to-earth testimony, gracious handshake and transferable face powder (which you were glad to be covered in after a hug from her).

Margaret, we salute you! Our loss is truly your gain...

The Third Place

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)::
Third Places...
Oldenburg identifies third places, or 'great good places,' as the public places on neutral ground where people can gather and interact. In contrast to first places (home) and second places (work), third places allow people to put aside their concerns and simply enjoy the company and conversation around them. Third places "host the regular, voluntary, informal, and happily anticipated gatherings of individuals beyond the realms of home and work." Oldenburg suggests that beer gardens, main streets, pubs, cafes, coffeehouses, post offices, and other third places are the heart of a community's social vitality and the foundation of a functioning democracy. They promote social equality by leveling the status of guests, provide a setting for grassroots politics, create habits of public association, and offer psychological support to individuals and communities.
Love Ray Oldenburg's view on the third place. Found out about him from the documentary to "You've Got Mail" where Nora Ephron references him in relation to a scene in Starbucks.

This is where new expressions of church are... in the beer gardens, main streets, pubs, cafes, coffeehouses, post offices, and other third places; and NOT protected in the exclusive, come-to-us, Christian ghettoes we call churches.

Its time to be IN the world and not of it..!

Oh and I love Nora Ephron's films... especially "You've Got Mail" and "Sleepless in Seattle".

Happy Anniversary!!!

My love and I
Originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

Hey honey... Happy Anniversary!

Those 9 years have been the happiest of my life. You complete me and love you to bits.

Its our wedding anniversary today... 9 years ago we got married in a small Army church in Fauldhouse, Scotland.

Weather was lousy but the atmosphere was electric. My Uncle Robert went on about the steakpie that was served at our reception, pretty much until he went to see his Lord.

Here's to the 10th.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This made me laugh uneasily :: ((

Thanks to ((Josh Spear)) for the heads-up.

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Saturday :: Part 4 - Hangin' with Don Johnson

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to hook up with the Soos :: Second only to Olly... He's my man!

Met up at ((analogue)) :: analoque is a wonderful wee bookshop that sells some sooper-dooper kit - tees, Hulger handsets, books and mags; toys and spot-on tunes... They are also a wee gallery and we were able to check out the final day of the Neasden Control Centre exhibition. Check these photos out :: ((analogue's flickr))

Had a chat with the owner - the Soos is on "hiya" terms with him. We talked about locations in Glasgow... which would be so sweet! He also let me take some photos of the exhibition (see above) - I need to post them on Flickr.

Afterwards, we checked out odd one out - a sweet little clothing store offering Maharishi and Silas, amongst other brands... expensive but cool!

The Soos then took me to Monster Mash for food (Thanks bro!) - Lovely! I had the vege haggis... which was brilliant.

We had a fantastic conversation about faith and the dreamday... and I greatly appreciate the love and support of the Soos. He isn't there with me on this faith journey but he is so supportive and loving. He understands the "whole of me" concept that drives this blog and I really appreciate that.

Lastly, we went back to "Casa dela Soos" for tunes, chilling and Table Tennis.

Thanks bro for the tunage you gave me... going to cover some of the tunes you gave me the heads-up on soon but, suffice to say, the tunes RAWK!!!

We chilled in front of his fab media totem (above) - watching the wallpaper change on his Mac Mini on a 42" screen was awesome... but playing Table Tennis on the xbox 360 was amazing. It is such a great game - got beat but enjoyed the games. Need to play again soon.

Thanks bro for your generousity and company... Always good to see you.

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)::
""The character of a third place is determined most of all by its regular clientele and is marked by a playful mood, which contrasts with people's more serious involvement in other spheres. Though a radically different kind of setting for a home, the third place is remarkably similar to a good home in the psychological comfort and support that it extends…They are the heart of a community's social vitality, the grassroots of democracy, but sadly, they constitute a diminishing aspect of the American social landscape."

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)::
""The character of a third place is determined most of all by its regular clientele and is marked by a playful mood, which contrasts with people's more serious involvement in other spheres. Though a radically different kind of setting for a home, the third place is remarkably similar to a good home in the psychological comfort and support that it extends…They are the heart of a community's social vitality, the grassroots of democracy, but sadly, they constitute a diminishing aspect of the American social landscape."

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)::
""The character of a third place is determined most of all by its regular clientele and is marked by a playful mood, which contrasts with people's more serious involvement in other spheres. Though a radically different kind of setting for a home, the third place is remarkably similar to a good home in the psychological comfort and support that it extends…They are the heart of a community's social vitality, the grassroots of democracy, but sadly, they constitute a diminishing aspect of the American social landscape."

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)::
"What suburbia cries for are the means for people to gather easily, inexpensively, regularly, and pleasurably -- a "place on the corner", real life alternatives to television, easy escapes from the cabin fever of marriage and family life that do not necessitate getting into an automobile."

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)::
"What suburbia cries for are the means for people to gather easily, inexpensively, regularly, and pleasurably -- a "place on the corner", real life alternatives to television, easy escapes from the cabin fever of marriage and family life that do not necessitate getting into an automobile."

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

Ray Oldenburg | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)::
"What suburbia cries for are the means for people to gather easily, inexpensively, regularly, and pleasurably -- a "place on the corner", real life alternatives to television, easy escapes from the cabin fever of marriage and family life that do not necessitate getting into an automobile."

You are the DON JOHNSON!

A while back, the Soos coined a term of endearment that we use still today...
You are the DON JOHNSON!
This is why :

Thanks for the link, bro! Oh and Hall & Oates rock! You are the DON JOHNSON!

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Saturday :: Part 3 - Dreamin' ((an aside))

Emily's unique Vans

While chatting with Kirsty, prior to going to the Lot, I saw a lassie walk passed me with the coolest Vans on... I really didn't think I would get to speak to her... but I did - Emily was at the Dreamday and was one of the first on the couch.

Later on, I asked her about her Vans - they are a pair of Chinese samples that she found in a charity shop. She has customised and dyed them red. They are so cool and they got me thinking - creativity is the means by which we can support ourselves while we do the things that God wants us to do. Afterall, St Paul made tents for a living... so why can't we customise clothes and do graphic design and build sweet websites? Inspired.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Saturday :: Part 3 - Dreamin'

At the bottom of the Grassmarket in Ediburgh sits the Lot (on the right in the pic) - a converted church that houses a cafe/meeting space and a larger venue area upstairs. The venue hosts ceilidhs and jazz and functions... and ((Dreamday 3))

It was fab to be welcomed by Paul T and his good lady, Fee - Paul is doing so much to join the dots of the Saints in Edinburgh. The turn out was good.

Met up with a chap called Paul B - he plants new expressions of church in Edinburgh for the CofS. He was great company and someone I hope to catch up with again.

It was also great to hook up with Innes J and spend time discussing our past experiences and our future hopes.

There was a lot to take in... suffice to say the Lord is working in Edinburgh. If I didn't realise this with Destiny then I did now. He is working through individuals committed to their communities - people using their gifts and talents creatively... who are subtley proclaiming His name in the circles they are part of.

Anneleen, Emily and Hannah giving back with video (their video is being show in Taxis in Edinburgh) and creative fashion with a small group of younsters.

Vanda & Euan who are part of the team at the Lot. euan's testimony of taking the leap of faith into working for God as a sound engineer was really special.

Randy & Jan who work with young kids, teaching and developing their music and expression.

Tim & Fiona from City Life who are doing mighty work for God with youngsters in the West of Edinburgh.

Tremendous to hear them... It was also great to hear how Stewart and Doogs are getting on setting up a gothic music scene in my old manor of Livi... G'on yersel guys!

Check out the commentary on Paul T's blog :: ((link)) :: and keep Edinburgh in your thoughts and prayers. There is a mighty movement of God's spirit in the City...

A movement I hope to bring to Glasgow..!

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Podcast :: Week 6 :: Philadelphia ((Revelation 3))

The podcast of Alec's sermon from last night on the Church at Philadelphia is available here :: ((

Its just over 11mb and its an AAC file, so you'll need ((iTunes))


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Saturday :: Part 2 - Kirsty & her Destiny

Verita (left) and Kirsty (with her Lardmonkey Tee)

Met up with Kirsty for a coffee and a bleather... and am so glad I did. She is so on fire now! She left church scunnered (unfortunately my church) - she was sick of the pharisees who said one thing and did another. She moved to Edinburgh and, long story short, she hooked up with the ((Destiny Church)) in Edinburgh and is now A L I V E !!!

I am so delighted to be in her company.

We went to the top of the Prince's Mall to participate in some openair worship - their praise band were pretty amazing... and the thoughts were really captivating and engaging.

I was inspired by Billy who has turned his life around through faith and connecting with Destiny - he was a homeless alcoholic estranged from his family... no one would touch him with a barge poll until he met up with Destiny and he came face-to-face with God's love and grace. Fantastic!

We talked authentic faith as we walked to the Grassmarket with to-go coffees from Costa - it was a really special time. We talked about relevancy and discussed her church with Alpha and the film nights. She also talked about her baptism which was special.

A very valuable hour spent with a dear friend.

When we finished... we found the Lot and we met Paul T who welcomed us both a hug...


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