Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking pics on my trip to Leeds


Yesterday I took a wee business trip to Leeds... It was a real whistlestop trip - left Motherwell at 0704hrs and arrived back at 2000hrs. 8 hours on the train... 4 hours in the office... but it was worth it... I got what I needed out of the trip.

Anyway... I took a load of pics while I was travelling... (you can view them here) I was able to play with a couple of fab wee apps for the iPhone :: toycamera and quadcamera. I have post pics from them before but it was fun to have the time to play with them.

In Merrion Way #3

I love the randomness of the toycamera app... you use it like a camera (rather than as a post-pic filter) and a random filter is applied. Its just your Donald Duck as to which one is used and sometimes you need to take the pic a few times to ensure you get the effect you are after... but most times the randomness works and a fab image is captured.

On the train (quad) #1

The quadcamera takes multiple pics in one go... I prefer a fourshot and was pleased with the results... they help to capture the view from a moving train.

Both apps are made by a chap called Takayuki Fukatsu... who was recently interviewed in Michael Surtees' blog design notes (via ::
Takayuki Fukatsu: …When I got an iPhone, I wanted to make something that is both product and interactive thing. The first thing I was interested in is camera. Yes so I thought, there is something, that I can make it more fun. The first concept of ToyCamera is that, make iPhone’s camera more cheap. I don't think cheap is bad. Sometime cheap is very attractive. That’s why I decided to make ToyCamera. ToyCamera like lomo or holga is very cheap.

Michael Surtees [DesignNotes]: ToyCamera and the QuadCamera have made it easy to take great pictures in NYC…

TF: Thanks. So as a first step I want to suggest that “cheap and uncontrollable is fun”. That’s why ToyCamera only has random effect. I wanted to pick up the essence of uncontrollable fun of actual ToyCameras. Also I want to make my ToyCamera as Camera not application. That's why there is no Undo, Redo, and import taken photo from album.
I like the idea that he is making the iPhone's camera "more cheap" - this is strange in the current technological climate but is something I can get behind. The iPhone's camera is what it is... its a 2mp camera with no zoom (unless you get the 4x zoom app). Its an OK camera but its not brilliant... and is downright shameful if you believe the tech geek critic journos whose life it is to compare, contrast & sweat the details. There are better cameras out there on mobile phones... in fact I believe there is an 8mp camera out there somewhere...

York Station #1

But for me... that's not the point. I was disappointed with "vanilla" camera... but absolutely love the apps that allow me to manipulate the images captured. I love the way the apps (including another fave of mine :: camerabag) "cheapens" the image in a way that makes it more valuable... in a polaroid / lomo kind of way, if you know what I mean.

There is an old adage... that the best camera you have is the one you have with you... and I completely agree. Sure I have a Nikon D60 dSLR that I am still learning to use... but, by far, my fave is the iPhone... because I always have it with me... and with the filters, I honestly love the pics I get from it.

Its almost like the iPhone is filling the void left by the withdrawal of the polaroid. Now... if there was a portable printer that enabled a polaroid-like experience... that would be cool.

At the end of the day... its not what you have but what you produce with it that counts... and these apps help me create some nice imagery, imho.

My response to the Aporkalypse...

Red Nose Day 2009 (72/365), originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

My Maharishi jacket has this awesome snow shield built in... and I thought walking about with it up would help me cope with the current Spamdemic.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some photos from this evening...

A trip into Glasgow is always a pleasure & tonight was doubly so... Church at the Spoon was happening & I had the opportunity to hang with some dear friends.

This evening we focussed on Jesus... determining who He is and isn't... using whatever method we had ( or concordance etc) to back up what we thought with Bible verses. The challenge was to ensure our view of Jesus was based on Scripture & not our romantic idealism. Some of the thoughts presented afterwards were very challenging.

Afterwards I talked briefly about what Andrew Jones had said on the podcast about prayer, telling stories, building community then evangelizing based on Luke 10. Hopefully I made sense. We have a great opportunity to connect with the community at the Tron but need a "person of peace" to aid us.

What is apparent is the community that is being built within the participation of those involved. There is a real desire to be together... with the focus on Jesus.

So here's to the future in the Spoon. I celebrated with a spoon of my own... in a "Copa Fragola" courtesy of Olly... thanks honey!

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Yesterday's good hunting

Plunder from yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for many reasons... but I thought I'd focus on some of the fab things I found.

I picked up this awesome harrington style jacket in the Salvation Army charity shop for £3.99 - its reversable and unique in its own wee way.

I also picked up the books there too - a Star Wars novel for 59p and the Harry Potter book for 79p - a steal, to be honest. I should start reverse haggling one of these days... once I am able to overcome / short circuit my Scottishness I'll give that a go.

Yesterday saw me come into possession some fab music too:
  1. "Before the dawn will heal us" by M83 (£1.79) - a wonderfully euphoric electronic album with some "shoegaze" guitar expression... it is a really uplifting album.
  2. "Prophesy" by Nitin Sawney (£2) - this was a mistake... nothing to do with this stunning album that brings traditional Indian orchestration together with classical guitar and electronic soundscapes to make something wonderfully powerful. Its just that I boobed because I ALREADY HAVE THIS ALBUM. I check on my iPod before I bought it but mentally spelt "Prophesy" with a "PH"... d'oh!!! That said, I was glad to contribute to the wee second hand record shop down the wee lane off Byers Road where the Bothy is... its an awesome treasure trove of old vinyl. Note to self: get new needle for record deck.
  3. "Donkey" by CSS (£3) - I can't resist FOPP and to pick up CSS' sophmore album for £3 is a prime example why. A beguiling listen... an upfront clash of electro and punky elements makes this Brazilian group a worthy addition to my collection.
So yeah... that was what I picked up. I don't want to talk all about stuff... all the time... but I think its important to acknowledge/celebrate the sort of goodies that can be found off the beaten track with some patience and good hunting.

I hope this piece can inspire you to look beyond the mainstream shops and a scavenger's eye.

New Tunes :: [Shovels And Cava] by Amish82

The 24th release on the mighty sutemos netlabel is from a duo who go by the name Amish82. Here's what sutemos have to say:
Amish 82 is an unpretentious elektro/house duo based in Trondheim, Norway. Percussionist/programmer Jørgen Meyer and keyboardist/programmer Snorre Valen is the core of the project-based group, and they often hire guest artists to contribute with vocals, guitars and other instruments, both for recordings and their regular live gigs.

"Shovels And Cava" is the result of one year of experimenting. The mini-album combines layers of genres, and showcases the contrasts between minimalist and dry house beats on one hand, and baroque arrangements on the other. It is Amish 82's first regular release"
From what I've heard... this is an exemplary release.

Basically the release consists of five original tracks and ten remixes... all of which add to make a fab album. Remixers include familiar names from previous sutemos releases... Tammetõru... Sabi... Leon Somov... and Maps & Diagrams... along with some new names including one - Sky Barstow - whose production is a highlight for me.

I would recommend this release (its on my iPhone already)... because it is filled to the brim with promise and potential. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is WAY cool :: "Heaven" UNKLE x Spike Jonze

Simply stunning! Spike Jonze is a genius... and this video for UNKLE's song Heaven is jawdroppingly wonderful.

According to we heart stuff from where I caught wind of the video... it was shot with zero CGI. Yes... zero! zip... nadda... nowt... now that's why its wonderful!

Photos from our afternoon on Byers Road & the Dr Who exhibit at Kelvingrove

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

I still need to upload the pics from my iPhone... until then... here are my pics from my Nikon D60.

We had a fantastic day: beautiful "t-shirt" weather... plenty of time to wander around the various charity shops and vintage shops... looking for interesting threads, books and CDs... then off to the best museum in the world, Kelvingrove, for the Dr Who exhibit. Afterwards we grabbed a beverage in Beanscene then a curry at the Ashoka Shak. That's my definition of fantastic!

Enjoy the pics... they can be viewed here too.

I've added the pics from my iPhone too. Delighted with them.

Today's bag + contents

Heading over to the Kelvingrove soon to see the Dr Who exhibit & I thought it apt to bring a suitably geeky bag. It's a fab Star Wars bag with Asian script & a big DV head. Nice for $5!
It's a smaller bag than my usual so I've stripped the contents down to the bear minimum for a trip to Glasgow: wallet, camera, iPhone, iPod etc.
What's in your bag today?
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out with the Soup Van in Glasgow...

The Soup Van in situ with the team

Last night I joined John, Carolyn, Marrion & Tom out in Glasgow for a couple of hours to serve the homeless and needy... and what a rewarding experience it was.

The van has the facilities to serve soup, tea, coffee and water to those in need... with rolls (plain & filled), crisps & chocolate thrown in for good measure. We also had a selection of male and female clothes, and sleeping bags available for folks to take away.

Its an awesome van... an old Defender thats been modified to include a kitchen... that is so slow and cumbersome when on the move and yet so sturdy when in situ.

The Soup Van in situ (112/365)

Our pitch was outside Borders on Buchanan Street. It was really meaningful for me because this is my space through the day... Borders being where I browse the magazines and consume way too much coffee. It felt special to be on the outside... giving back to Glasgow and to the people of Glasgow.

The folk... and indeed they were folk like you and me... ordinary folk with their problems, issues and addictions like you and me... not a broad categorisation as "the homeless" and a subsequent write off. These folk are real people... Theresa... Duncan... Paul... real people with needs and preferences and dreams.

Thats what struck me about being out. I cant take pics of the folks... its not fair on them... I wish I could convey the happiness on their faces as they had something to eat. It meant the world to be able to give some soup out... give some bread... and help someone out.

Someone like Duncan, who John & I met on our rounds on Queen St. Duncan loved Isabel's soup... he spoke of it "sticking to his ribs" which is a true compliment. The chap must of had five cups of soup in the time we were there. Thing is... he was so grateful... and acknowledged the work done in God's name.

The folks knew who we were and trusted us accordingly... which was truly humbling.

The experience has changed my views of homeless folk... for one thing I no longer see them as a collective entity but as a group of individual human beings who were made in the likeness of their creator. Not bums... but people of worth. It has also made me realise that I can do something to help the situation... that the darkness isn't that dark... that we can shine light and show an alternative to, not only the folks we serve, but those passersby who have seen what we have done.

This is the Salvation Army I am proud to be part of and I thank God for the opportunity to serve the people of Glasgow and, ultimately, Him in this way. This is what its all about, in my humble opinion.

More pics are available here on Flickr.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love coffee. I love spending time in coffeehouses. That's what I love... it's my thing.
That said... what makes this time & activity more precious is when I spend it with dear friends.
On Monday I had the pleasure of Paul Clement's company... today I spent my time with Stewart Cutler then laterly Alistair Smith... then tomorrow I will have the company of Andrew Berry.
It only could be better if Olly was there!
Thanks for your company, chaps!
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Nitin Sawhney & Brian Eno :: Prophesy

Simply stunning!

((via culturenow with thanks))

On the edges...

Bellshill Salvation Army

Last night I was given the opportunity to talk about some of the bits and pieces I was involved within on the interwebs... this was part of 4 short talks by various folks from the Bellshill Salvation Army on things they did "outside the Corps" and "on the edge".

I was fourth after...
  1. Tom Mitchell... who spoke about the Homeless outreach with the Soup Van thats kicked off recently (more on that later in the week)
  2. Laurie Hope... who spoke about the Pub Ministry he's dedicated his Fridays to.
  3. Bobby Roberts... who spoke of the Street Pastor movement and its introduction to Glasgow
and then there was little ol' me... unnaturally nervous and way way waaaay over-prepared as you will find out. My five minutes on the stuff I get up to online lasted fifteen and, to be honest, I thought it was as if I was trying to commentate on a snooker game via the radio.

I did receive positive feedback afterwards... with some people very supportive although they admitted they didn't have a clue what I was twittering on about (pardon the pun).

So yeah... have a wee read of this pdf entitled online ministry thingies and then let me know what you think.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Record Store Day

Today is Record Store Day... a day specifically designed to remind people of the joys of independent record shops.

As this piece on the BBC News hightlights in the UK... there were 408 independent record shops in 2007, but only 305 remained by the end of 2008.

I love music... and whilst I can't play, I love to listen. Music is my joy... my hobby... my muse... and I love spending time digging through the racks of vinyl and CDs looking for something special. I need to replace my record player... so its predominately CDs just now that I hunt for. Ask Olly... she gets to experience the glint in my eye when I see CDs - whether they are in a store, a market stall or a charity shop - I love the hunt.

Downloading will never replicate this hunt... and as a result, will never kill the record shop.

This makes me think of the retail model (can be physical, online or both):
  • Mass "super" markets :: general populist product lines for the masses - think ASDA or AMAZON.
  • Specialist boutique :: specific products tailored for a specific niche - think ROUGH TRADE or HANON SHOP.
You can further break down the specialist boutique into the following:
  • Handcrafted :: products made by hand... and sold direct to the consumer - think Farmers' Markets or ETSY.
  • Vintage/Charity/Second-hand :: products being redistributed with the end recipient either individuals or charities - think OXFAM or EBAY.
Music fits within all four categories:

You can buy "popular" music at a supermarket (I got U2's latest for £6 in Morrisons) or you can go to a specialist record shop - anything from HMV & FOPP to AVALANCHE (Glasgow) or JUMBO (Leeds). These shops are on a continuum of specialistness with HMV being more populist with a wider selection of product (eg games & DVDs) to the more specialist with JUMBO selling a wide selection of CDs and Vinyl only.

You can also get music directly from the producer or pick up tunes second-hand.

There is value in all four categories... but if the indie record shops focus on the second to fourth categories then they will continue to exist. Not everyone wants mainstream... not everyone watches X-Factor... not everyone is happy with the latest Music Industry pimped "thing".

Some people, myself included, want talent, experience and authenticity... they want to discover and appreciate music... regardless of whether its the latest thing or its something "classic". They want choice.

At the end of the day... music is a very broad church with something for everyone. As shown above... there is something for everyone... but this must be maintained... encouraged... supported... that is why I support Record Store Day... and would be out there in Glasgow digging through the racks, if it wasn't for the fact I'm not long back from a break whereby I managed to find some amazing albums.

This is cool :: Birdhouse app

I'm digging the birdhouse app for the iPhone - it is, quite simply, a notebook for Twitter... a separate space for you to develop your tweets... where you can mull them over, get them right then tweet them. It also lets you "unpublish" a tweet too... which is a nice feature.

Watch this vid for more... a nicely presented more may I add:

For some of you this will make sense... and for others it wont. It makes sense to me.

Thanks to Influx Insights for the heads-up.

Twitter... has become stifling to those in the middle of it.

The “ambient awareness” that Twitter promotes — the feeling of incessant online contact — is still intact. But the emotional force of all this contact may have changed in the context of the economic collapse. Where once it was “hypnotic” and “mesmerizing” (words often used to describe Twitter) to read about a friend’s fever or a cousin’s job complaints, today the same kind of posts, and from broader and broader audiences, seem . . . threatening. Encroaching. Suffocating. Twitter may now be like a jampacked, polluted city where the ambient awareness we all have of one another’s bodies might seem picturesque to sociologists (who coined “ambient awareness” to describe this sense of physical proximity) but has become stifling to those in the middle of it.

An interesting perspective, it has to be said...

Twitter still does it for me... but that's because at the crux... it is still an effective communication medium and a meaningful meeting place for my friends.

Thing is... how do you keep it effective and meaningful?

For example, do you follow everyone who follows you? Personally, I don't. I do, however, follow folks who don't follow me... but that because their twitter is an extension of their blog or web presence. It seems to me that if I were to follow anyone and everyone... my Twitter experience could easily become "like a jampacked, polluted city".

I heard someone say recently (I think it was JD... on Twitter) that Twitter was "micro-sharing" not just "micro-blogging". If you look at it in these terms then it makes far more sense.

For me... the most meaningful relationships on Twitter are with people who I either have an intentional mutual-sharing relationship with already or have developed one.

That said... there still remains this duality: people I have a deep connection with... that I converse with... who I share with... whose the tweets inform me... inspire me... entertain me.

and the people where no such relationship exists... but I still benefit from what they share for information, inspiration and entertainment.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What did you listen to this morning?

As I walked to the station, I listened to the first chapter of ERIC BRYANT's "Peppermint Pinatas" audiobook. He has a warm & engaging approach that is instantly accessible... and although what he discusses isn't new to me, he articulates it in a refreshing manner.

When I jumped on the train I switched to KEANE's new album "Perfect Symmetry". I have grown to love pop music & this album is a perfect example of good pop. Synthy soundscapes... rocky guitars... vibrant backbeat... lovely.

Then... when I jumped off the train & walked to the office... I swapped over to MATTHEW DEAR's wonderful "Asa Dear"... Bleeding edge electronic soundscapes underpinning deep, processed vocals... reminding me of THE KNIFE - something offkilter but engaging.

So yeah that's me up to now... what did you listen to this morning?

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For all the haters out there...

I think all the haters out there need to be reminded of some scripture...
If anyone boasts, "I love God," and goes right on hating his brother or sister, thinking nothing of it, he is a liar. If he won't love the person he can see, how can he love the God he can't see? The command we have from Christ is blunt: Loving God includes loving people. You've got to love both.
1 John 4:20-21 (The Message)
- - or - -
If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.
1 John 4:20-21 (New International Version)

You don't have to always agree with your brother or sister... but the least you can do is show love and give them the respect they deserve as your brother or sister.

I know God loves me... and through this love I give back to Him... and give out to my neighbours, including my enemies.

So yeah... to all the haters out there... so sure of your narrow interpretation of God and His word... I'll leave you with this: who is your brother or sister? who is your neighbour? who is your enemy? and what binds them all together..?

Love... YOUR love.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Tunes :: "Tree House Whispers" & "Foreign Tragedies" by ANOIS

This looks like another fantastic release from Aerotone :: Tree House Whispers by ANOIS aka Lars Kranholdt and Anne Baier from Germany...

In the north of Germany two young kids try to build their own interpretation of these feelings. Far from the world, settled right on the top floor, with two dormer windows where the rain drips on when it's unpleasant outside, the two kids record their fragile folk-electronica songs with simple instruments.

They play guitar, melodica, fan organ, glockenspiel and other acoustic things, while the floorboards creak and the chairs rumble. Everything around is going to be recorded, when they use their voices. And then the glitchy blips and bleeps join the songs to get the taste of electronica.

Lars Kranholdt and Anne Baier are Anois. Two voices that maybe remind you of your own lost heart or of your traces in the cold white snow, when it's winter outside. It looks simple, but it really takes some time to understand.

The music of Anois is complex though this few instruments because of these fragile elements, which sound also timid, but built this strong and great atmosphere, where you can hide if the days need to be muted.
From what I've heard... ANOIS continue Aerotone's fantastic run of intelligent and heartfelt folktronica releases.

What's more... if you sign up for their newsletter... you get a wee link to a further EP entitled "Foreign Tragedies".

Well worth checking out... this is another quality release from one of my fave netlabels.

Twitter is sooo old... the new thing is Flutter

Thanks to for the heads up to this video revealling the next big thing.


Rufus defines scavenging as "any way of legally acquiring stuff for cheap or for free -- any way that's not full price. That's anything from clipping coupons and getting discounts to picking something off the ground, to going to yard sales to the Dumpster." While the duo clearly revels in saving money on something other people pay top dollar for, like fancy bread, they also relish the constant sense of the unexpected that comes with scavenging. Instead of going out and getting what you want, like a regular shopper, you accept and even delight in whatever you happen to find.

Thanks to psfk for the link to this fab article in on the folks behind the book :: the Scavenger's Manifesto.

I just love Kristan Lawson & Anneli Rufus's attitude to stuff... especially the idea that we should "delight in whatever you happen to find". This is an attitude I have held for a long while and am delighted that someone has put into words how I feel (again).
The black silk T-shirt that Rufus is wearing came from this very free box. The rest of her scavenged ensemble includes a pair of black Levi's jeans and white canvas shoes with polka dots from Goodwill and a purple cotton cardigan that she found in the restroom at the San Francisco Public Library. Her mother gives her bras and underwear as holiday gifts, and she doesn't wear socks. At a glance, Rufus' look is slightly offbeat and funky, but not radically different from lots of other Berkeley residents, which could also be said for Lawson, whose thrift and free-box ensemble today includes a pair of tan pants and a checkered button-up shirt. "This was a new shirt when someone else bought it," he says. "Just because it's scavenged doesn't mean it's inferior."
I find their approach inspirational... especially the last sentence : "Just because it's scavenged doesn't mean it's inferior" :: what a beautiful sentiment. Something enhanced by the compassion of giving stuff away...
"This shirt was bought at the Goodwill, never worn, and ended up in this free box. Sad, isn't it?" She decides to leave it behind for someone who looks good in green, since she says she does not. Rufus and Lawson stress that you shouldn't take something just because it might have some inherent value -- like, say, a used coffeemaker -- if it has no value to you. Leave it for the next person, who might really want it and use it. "It's like a way of being compassionate to strangers. Someone was compassionate in that they put it out on a curb for us to find, and we're being compassionate in that we're leaving it for the next person," says Rufus.
Read the article & be inspired. I'm going to get the book... although I may need to wait until its in the sale or in my local charity shop.






Holidays are precious... because they give you the opportunity to spend time with those most precious to us. I am a blessed man... not for the CDs or T-Shirts or games or DVDs that I was able to find with my attentive scavenging.... but for who I have in my life.

Project365: 67 - 102

Project365: 67 - 102, originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

Still loving Project365.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photos from our break to Leeds/Cambridge/London...

Double Exposure

I've uploaded 411 pics from our wee break to Leeds/Cambridge/London here. It'll take me a while to name them all... but I thought I'd share them nonetheless to let you get a flavour for the visual treat that we were blessed with.


Saggin', originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

I got caught out in this photo... jeans all saggin' like that. I pity the wife and we'ans who have to been seen in public with me :-)

New tunes...

I love the hunt... the rooting around of musical scavenger hunt. Not looking for anything specific with the assurance that I know what I like.

During my break I picked up the following:

  • The best of RADIOHEAD - 2 x CD + 1 x DVD - from their EMI days. Great to have the videos.
  • "Music Fiction" by RITHMA - awesome soulful nujazzy electronica from OM records.
  • "Asa breed" by MATTHEW DEAR - more awesome electronic goodness, this time from the genius that is Matthew Dear. Picked this album up for £2.25 - a steal in my books. Brilliant.
  • "Stay up forever" by CHUNGKING - soulful indie rock with a wee flavour of new wave pop that I picked up in "Jumbo Records" in Leeds for £2. Good follow up to "The hungry years".
  • "Trailer Park" by BETH ORTON - a classic album in some peoples' eyes. I picked it up for £2.25 to see for myself.
  • "Adventures in the underground journey to the stars" by SOUTH - fab indie rock from the band who used to be on Mo' Wax (where I first heard them).
  • The ost for INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL - loved the movie... love the ost... love the fact I picked it up in OXFAM for £2.
  • ORBITAL - classic timeless electronica.
  • "Protection" by MASSIVE ATTACK - the album that brought the wild bunch to my attention all those years ago.

I love music... and I'll be like a pig in poo listening to all these aural treats. Thanks to Olly & the we'ans for putting up with my CDOCD.


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The tomb is empty... as empty as a juice bottle... the contents gone, only the packaging remaining.

We can smile again... because of the empty tomb. The wait is over & our hope restored. We can smile again for death has been defeated... life has won... love has won!

We can live as original intended. Live free & abundant lives overloaded with blessing... overloaded like a child on a successful Easter Egg Hunt.

So this Easter... may you live full & abundant lives as the Lord originally intended. Death is defeated... we have no need to live in fear. Blessings to all. Celebrate life!


See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Friday, April 10, 2009

God is dead...

...and I am complicit in his murder.

An innocent man who went against the flow... who rejected the "just" violence of the current "peace"... who spoke of loving our neighbours AND our enemys... who was killed using the favoured capital punishment of the day.

God is dead!

...but is this the end? He spoke of tearing down the Temple & rebuilding it in three days. What does that mean? Guess I'll have to wait & see...

...for they may have killed my God... but they can never kill my hope in Him.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

What's on your iPhone / iPod / mp3 playing device?

57 albums... wide variety... from pop to punk to ambient electronica :: nice tunes for a roadtrip. So yeah... what's on your iPhone / iPod / Zune / Phone / CD player / Tape Walman / Gramaphone???

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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