Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Loving the Facebook v2 App for the iPhone...

...albeit the timing is all screwed up and out of sync. Looks nice and works intuitively. Great app for the iPhone... that will hopefully get better soon... so its full potential can be experienced.

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Hospitality IS Action

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Monday, September 29, 2008

This is cool :: Panolab for the iPhone


Been playing with a cool web free app called :: Panolab (link opens iTunes Store)... its raison detre is to create panoramas and picture collages using the iPhone's camera.

Whilst the pics are limited by the iPhone's camera itself... I see real potential for this app.

Check it out.


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Bob on the button once again...

The above quote was taken from one of Bob Lefsetz recent letters :: We can't make it here. Once again he is on the button with his social commentary. This whole bail out of the financial industry has me unsettled. It seems like the world's governments are bailing out the rich to protect the fallacy that is trickle down economics - protect the rich and, in doing so, you protect the poor.

Thing that got me is almost a throw away line in the paragraph above...
They've just got a better lobby than the poor.
I don't know about you but I think this is a terrible indictment to the failure of the Church (singular) to effectively stand up for the poor. We are the lobbyists for the poor. Why? because the poor will be with us always... they are us... we are them... and we need to stand up for those who can not defend themselves.

We are part of a better way. A way that puts loving our neighbour AS OURSELF in the centre of our faith. If social action isn't on your agenda then you better get your head back in Scripture. Jesus didn't command you to preach the Gospel to the detriment of action... He commanded you to LIVE the Gospel to the INCLUSION of everything and everyone. Where can we bring healing to this world if we can not stand up against the practices that allow the rich to get richer at the expense of everyone else?

Doctors and Nurses heal... sure they do... and they do a mighty fine job! But we can bring healing too... by seaking to stop the things that cause the illness in the first place. By calling out and confronting all the pimps and hustlers in their bling and tailored pinestripe suits. By standing up for and with the poor.

Let's use the example of William Booth who changed the face of matchmaking and in turn British industrial health and safety practice. He didn't just campaign against the practices that were killing the workers... he proved a viable alternative was possible. With nimble ju jitsu he used the capitalist economy's weight against it... and brought it down.

We are the poor!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sometimes the best days are when everything just clicks...

This pic was taken today when the family popped down the Clydeside for a walk. More pics are available here. Thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. Spending time with Olly and the girls. No agenda... nowhere to be... except here. Celebrating life by living it... instead of just reading about it or watching it on the TV... even if this means getting stuck in football traffic.

Even after a really bad night last night... with trapped wind that cut me in two (and I am usually so free with my wind :-) ) and made me violently sick. I feel rested.

My thanks to my Creator for giving me this insight and this time with those I love.

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Walk towards the light...

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Who remembers Dr Snuggles???

I love Poundland... the shop where everything is £1... not because I am cheap... but because I love the randomness of the shop. When it comes to their "entertainment" section you really don't know what you'll find. I've picked up a cable that connects my iPhone/iPod to my hifi... and few interesting books over the years.

My latest "find" is a DVD with 4 episodes from a cartoon I remember vaguely from my youth :: Dr Snuggles :: featuring...
a cuddly little man, an incurable optimist who longs to make the world a better place. He lives in his quaint house at the edge of the wood. It could be anywhere in the whole wide world. Doctor Snuggles is an inventor. He invents a variety of wondrous contraptions in his shed at the bottom of the garden. Each invention is specially designed to help children, animals and all living things everywhere. His aims and dreams lead him in and out of many delightful adventures. Mostly things do not transpire exactly the way Doctor Snuggles has planned, but along the way he gets caught up in a world of new friends and happy happenings; brimful of magic, laughter and fantasy.
Maybe that's why I connect with him? The animation by Nick Price is an awesome mix of psychedelic kiddievision and happy-go-lucky steampunk pragmatism... with some fab voice talent including Peter Ustinov. It ran from 1979 to 1980... prime time for me as a bairn.

It was a fab find. I hope to use the visuals at ((deep)) or something sometime. Well worth checking out... all for £1.

This is cool :: Shephard Fairey on current_tv

Thought this was pod cool too... Shephard Fairey is a great artist.

Having a bit of a current_tv fest. Check it out.

This is cool :: I like drawing

I thought this was really sweet when I saw it on current_tv... good stuff.

183 on Sky... if you have sky.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is cool :: "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" animated by Seth Brau

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from Seth Brau on Vimeo.

Beautiful! Thanks to notcot for the heads up.

Differing Opinions...

Slept through the first Presidential debate... but I caught up with it... kind of... via Twitter. What got me was the differing opinions. The same event... with the Obama faithful saying he won... and the McCain faithful saying he won and, in the same breath, claiming the media will spin it to show Obama winning.

The way I read it... its down to experienced status quo or hopeful change.

When you consider the bail out of the American financial industry... I think America... and the world... needs change!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Back to Church Sunday 2008

This Sunday is back to Church Sunday here in the UK. Churches up and down the country, my Corps included, will be making an extra effort to invite people to church.

The folks behind the initiative are making a serious effort... with t-shirts, posters, feedback cards, balloons and postcards. There is even a couple of prayers specifically for the event... one of which goes like this:
Heavenly Father, thank you for this day.
We remember that we are created and loved by you.
We welcome you now as you have already welcomed us.
We pray that we may know the power of your personal invitation in our own lives.
Give us confidence to offer a friend (Your friend's name here) your personal invitation.
We pray for Back To Church Sunday and thank you for the gift of church as community.
Make us aware of you.
We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen
It is not my intention to be negative here. I commend the folk involved for their efforts and for all the marketing nous they have poured into it.

But the thing is this... why should folk come back to church? Why should they come to us? Why should they leave the spaces and places that they feel comfortable... and come into our space... come into our place... a building that may be alien to them! Why should they make the first move?

The organisers of this event have made it all about relationships and invitation... and that's the way it should be! As I said I am not trying to be awkward or negative here.

Its just that we are expecting an awful lot from folks... and as I get older and grow in my understanding of church and its mission... the more I come to realise that its us that need to get out of our church buildings... get off our comfy chairs and out of our cars... and get into our the communities that we live/play in proximity with.

We need to reject this destructive idea that church is where God is found and for people to find God... they need to come to church. God isn't lost... He's in world! He's in the places we are too scared to go! He's with the poor... the hungry... the lost... the bankrupt... and He's waiting for us to join Him. We don't need a sacred building to meet with God. We don't have the monopoly on His presence. He is everywhere and we can meet with Him at any time... in any place.

We also don't need people to help us connect with God. We don't need priests or pastors or elders or sweet wee grannies with pots of tea to help us connect with God. There is no barrier between us and Him... thanks to Jesus who sorted all that out for us.

Maybe... just maybe... this weekend could become more than "Back to Church Sunday"... it could also be the start of us, the church, getting back into the world... if we aren't there already?

So yeah... take courage and invite a friend to church this Sunday... but please, in doing so, be prepared to leave the comfort of your own wee Christian bubble and enter their world! A beautiful but broken world with all its ups and downs... its highs and lows... its loves and losses. Enter their world and be prepared to get all messed up. In doing so... can guarantee you'll find the fingerprints of God... who has been there before us... already!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

French Fancy + Custard = Yum!

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Inspiration via Twitter...

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Today's Lunch...

I picked up a couple of Dave Gorman's books today from a chap in my work for £1.50 each... bargain!

Can't wait to devour them as I devoured the turkey and pickle sandwich at lunch time. I'm not sure if you are meant to bring-your-own-lunch into St.Arbucks but figure the patron saint of coffee won't mind, will she?

I love sitting in Borders and reading / watching the world go by (or buy... it is a shop) / listening to music on my iPod whilst Twittering away inanely on my iPhone.

Been reading about hallowing the everyday in the shaping of things to come by Frost and Hirsch. Not hollowing... thanks very much... that could be considered vandalism but hallowing... the making holy... the offering up of everything we do as an act of revealing God's glory.

God's glory is to be found in everything everyday by everyone... and we have to intentionally seek out His glory. Holiness is not about being set apart, per se, nor is it about what we don't do... it is all about what we do... in that we direct everything we do... everything we have towards God... the ultimate creator.

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Loving... "Consolers Of The Lonely" by The Raconteurs

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Monday, September 22, 2008

This is cool :: Radiohead Remixed

Always pushing the envelop when it comes to creating great music, fan interaction and web nous... Radiohead's remix site for "Reckoner" is pretty awesome. Listen to some fab remixes and vote for your fave. The entries are pretty diverse... from ambient hip hop to string quartets... but the quality is high.

Check it out... and hope, as I do, that a remix album is made available.

Janey and Nathan... Feeling Better!

Thanks to Olly for the photo... she popped over to see Nathan this morning. He's doing a lot better. The time in hospital has done them the world of good.

Thanks to everyone who threw up a prayer for wee Nathan. Much appreciated. Thanks go to God for His blessing.

Cool thing is... its Janey & Roscoe's 1 year wedding anniversary... so yeah... happy anniversary!!!

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Caption Time...

I typed too many characters into hellotxt... so in keeping with Adam's comment... let's have a caption competition.

What did I miss?

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kirsty, Fraser and Caleb...

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Our love affair with the train

From the station where you start your journey to your destination you know precisely in what direction you are going and how long it will take. You can make an excursion of it, choosing your route so that you admire the countryside and glimpse cathedral spires from your speeding train window../

My daily journey also reminded me how taking the train keeps you connected to your fellow human-beings. Everyone in Holland takes the train.

You mingle with people from all kinds of background, and everyone seems to look out for one another - helping with heavy bags, offering information, or simply chatting about the weather. The well-to-do and the hard-up travel side by side. It takes no time at all to feel at home with the Dutch as a people when you travel amongst them by train../
BBC News :: Our love affair with the train

Thanks to my dad for the heads-up to this fab article on the BBC's website. I travel to work everyday on the train and get, to a certain extent, the sense of community and mingling that Lisa Jardine speaks of.

I also know, to a certain extent, the alienation that comes from flying...
We feel isolated and at risk, anxiously scanning the faces of our fellow passengers in case any looks strange or suspect. This is the feeling that makes many of us today anxious and afraid of the faceless masses all around us, threatening our way of life.
Fly into Newark and you'll get it. Thankfully... I flew with colleagues. I'm not scared of flying... but I would choose the train over a plane any day. Unfortunately, you can't get the train to NY.

Good article. Check it out.

I'm a Christ Follower (Mac vs. PC Parody) Part 03

Following on from JD's comment on the last post... genius!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This isn't cool :: Gospelr

This world doesn't need another Christian sandbox where Christians can play safely with other Christians! What this world needs is followers of God in the Way of Jesus being salt and light... IN it... but not OF it! That's why I struggle with Gospelr... the purpose of which is...
to provide an effective communication medium for sharing thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement, prayer requests, daily scripture readings/devotionals, and more to friends, staff, ministries, family, and others.
Last time I checked... Twitter and the numerous other micro-blogging services did this already.

The site speaks of what a "gospelr" is...
someone who loves Jesus and who also enjoys using web technology to:
  • Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Encourage others through community and communication
  • Keep friends, staff, ministries, family, and others updated through microblogging
  • Innovate and collaborate with others to discuss and brainstorm how we can best use web technology effectively for His Kingdom.
This is what I do already... using Twitter and Plurk. I don't need another niche service.

They speak of Twitter integration and I commend them for that! I'll admit Gospelr isn't the typical Christian sandbox... but it is still a sandbox.

We need to be salt and light IN this world of ours! If all we do is play with people the same as us... how can we spread this good news? If everyone knows this redemption song... how can we teach new people the words?

Think about it like this:
I want a Christian-only iPhone... let's call it a cPhone. It will help me spread the Good News of Jesus Christ... encourage others through community and communication... keep friends, staff, ministries, family, and others updated... you get the gist.

Everyone on my cPhone contact list is a Christian. Everyone I speak to on the cPhone either through talking... SMS... microblogging via my obligatory Gospelr client... is a Christian. Safari will only open up cPhone certified-as-suitable websites.

If we meet in the flesh then we'll know each other by our cPhone FISH cases, WWJD headphones and worship song ringtones.

Only downside is that you need a cPhone to speak to other folk with a cPhone. Its a self-contained network... you know... a "safe place" for Christians to be.
Am I being ridiculous? Yeah... I am. Am I being extreme? Yeah... I am.

But I bet there are people out there who would love a cPhone... just as there will be people who will love Gospelr. Its just that... I am not one of them.

I am soooo sorry to human3rror but I just don't get it.

Cup O' Cha

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Beautiful :: 1.16 :: greg garrett pt.1

I am so bad at publicising the podcast I do with my pal JD but we are now at 1.16 with the first part of an interview with Greg Garrett...

Greg is an English professor at Baylor University and also a lay-pastor at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. He recently wrote a great book - “Stories from the Edge A Theology of Grief” based on the summer he spent as a chaplain in Austin, Texas.

JD talked to Greg about how he dealt with his own personal “demons” and how he was led into the chaplaincy and some of what he learned in the process.

It is good stuff... if I am allowed to big it up. The archives are pretty good too.

Check it out here or subscribe via iTunes.

Dayna and Olly

Dayna got her hair cut!

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Definition Of Irony - Reading The Manifesto On An iPhone...

I saw this in Stanza and thought it was ironic... the ability to read the manifesto, for free, on what some people may call capitalism's trophy product... the iPhone.

Please note - I haven't downloaded it.

Picture posted with LifeCast while drinking a bourgeois chai latte in Caffe Nero... text updated later.

Loving Twitter's Facelift...

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Photos from the Allotments...

Yvonne with her fine headwear

Pics from Wednesday's trip to the Kennyhill Allotments are now uploaded and online here... check them out.

Oh and yes... that is a shower cap Yvonne is wearing to protect her hair. Sensible girl!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Olly and Nathan

Popped over to see wee Nathan tonight. He is so content and sleepy cute. Sweet to see him.

While we were there, however, Janey got word to take him back into hospital. His jaundice is causing some concern and he needs some phototherapy.

Please keep wee Nathan in your thoughts/prayers... we are all worried just now.

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Meditating on...

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Martin Clunes

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Shared Planet

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Is Cool :: Stanza

Stanza from Lexcycle is an app for the iPhone that works in conjunction with a desktop client... its designed for reading and supports
...HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format reading, as well as all the major eBook standards: unprotected Amazon Kindle and Mobipocket, Microsoft LIT, Palm doc, and the International Digital Publishing Forum's new epub Open eBook standard.
Why does it interest me?

It allows me to read pdf files like the one featured in the pic above (the first chapter from Reimagining Church) offline... without my MacBook. I like printing articles to keep as peedefs for reference down the line... and Stanza allows me to read them on the go.

Personally I would have thought having a peedef reader on the iPhone would have made sense... but there isn't one... so I have to reach out to a third party app... and in doing so... I get so much more.

Don''t get me wrong, however... I haven't thrown out all my books. This doesn't replace books... but enhances my on the go experience. I can't get my head around eReaders. They are not the same as iPods... because with an iPod I could digitise my CD collection and store it on the wee white box. eReaders don't allow you to digitise your collection... so you will be paying a second time for a book you already own... and you can't buy a used file in a second hand shop either.

Stanza is worth checking out whether or not you have an iPhone... it works with the Kindle too (hands up who has one of those???) and on your computer (Windows & Mac).

This is a piece of software worth keeping a watching brief on... Check it out.

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This is cool :: Martin Waters' art

Thanks to John1954Moi for the heads-up to Martin Waters' website - his art is simple and accessible... visually powerful with something for everyone.

Check his work out here and while you are at it... check out his blog too.

Mud And Snails

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Let's Hope It Stays Dry...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kennyhill Allotments...


A good majority of my engineering room are heading to the Kennyhill Allotments in Riddrie, Glasgow; to do some work for the Riddrie Adult Training Centre (a centre of adults with varying degrees of mental and physical disabilities).

I've been involved with the organisation of our team's part in the event... along with my colleagues Pauline and Rosie... as part of our employer's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility... and am really excited!

50 folk will make a real difference to the space they have... and I can't wait to get stuck in. We'll be creating a path, erecting fencing, creating a pond, building raised beds, painting their "summerhouse" and tidying up the space.

I'll post pics tomorrow. In the meantime, please pray for some sun.

This is cool :: "Jesus is my friend" by Sonseed

I'm not sure what to think of this other than its pretty flippin' cool. The band have done a fab pastiche of 70's televangelist programming to create something fun and totally ironic. Imaginative, inspiring and downright insidious... try NOT singing along!

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This looks cool :: The Vibe's tour to the Enchanted Forest

I thought this looked like a way cooler version of a David Urquhart tour :: The Vibe are advertising a 4 day tour of some sweet places in Scotland that culminates in an evening in the Enchanted Forest!
This end of year event will allow you to get fully embraced in Celtic culture with a music workshop laid on in a remote Isle of Skye Hotel, where you'll be encouraged to join in the session. Our tour departs Edinburgh and makes our way through the Highlands taking in all the famous sights such as Rannoch Moor and Glencoe, past Ben Nevis, Eilaan Donan Castle and over the bridge to Skye. A full day will be spent exploring the some of the hidden gems on the magical Isle of Skye. The final night we head to Pitlochry, via Loch Ness, Inverness and Culloden on our way south to the Enchanted Forest for a light and sound extravaganza in the Heart of Scotland, Perthshire. This years Enchanted Forest theme is A Jouney Through Space. You'll then have the chance to camp out under the stars in the Vibe's own bell tents.
All for £110 per person. Olly and I would have jumped at the chance to do this... we need a wee break just the two of us... but the school week is the previous week.

I really like the idea of taking a tour before heading to a festival... its one of those "why didn't I think of that???" ideas.
The Vibe provide unique trips to music and other events in Scotland. You'll see all the Highlights of Scotland from Edinburgh to the Scottish Highlands before climaxing at a music festival where we provide transfers, tickets and even set up camp for you in luxurious tents allowing you to relax and enjoy the good times.

The Vibe are creating a new concept in organised travel. We have designed our tours to give you a real feel for Scotland in under a week.

The idea behind our tours is to create a trip with all the things you would love to do while in Scotland but may be constrained by time and money.

In doing so we are confident that our Vibe trips could not be arranged independently, for less money, not to mention the time and effort spent trying to make it happen.
I am impressed! Maybe one day... In fact, imagine a busload of all your pals... together... for a few days in the middle of nowhere. That would be sweet!

Oh and to stem an outcry from any silversurfers who read the ol' nanolog... please note... I am not saying Urquhart tours aren't cool... just not as cool as the Vibe's tours.

A new hope...

Awesome! ironicsans should sell these!

May the force be with Obama in '08

Woo Hoo!!!

God is good! I received notification today that I passed last week's oral exam and am now the proud recipient of a Diploma in Business Systems Development specialising in Business Analysis! In other words, I am now a qualified Business Analyst.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in some way or other. Thanks to Olly and the we'ans for putting up with my studying. Most importantly, thanks to God for taking me this far!


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Loving: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Loving me some classic rock..! Loving me some Creedence Clearwater Revival..!

Picked this album up recently at my local library... 70p isn't a lot of money to risk... and I certainly wasn't disappointed! Sure its 40 years old... but it sounds so fresh and lovely. I love John Fogerty's voice and guitar playing... over some fab beats and tight backing. This is classic in the proper sense of the word... eternal... timeless... and is well worth checking out.

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Monday, September 15, 2008


This is Verity and she needs your help...
Hi there my name is Verity Blunt, I have just been offered the position of Office Co-ordinator at Youth For Christ Head office in Halesowen in the UK.

One of the criteria before I can start my position is that I have to raise 50% of my total yearly salary. Would you be prepared to support me in anyway monthly or a one off gift, this payment would go straight to YFC to support my wage?

I can't wait to serve God in this position but I need some help in being able to get there, thank you for your time.

Every Blessing
A good friend asked if I could help Verity... and I thought of you all!

I figured we could maybe crowdsource her wage in someway... everyone do a wee bit with love... and, in turn, use the ol' nanolog for good.

If you can help... please go direct to Verity ( verityblunt [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk ) and she'll hook you up with more information.

Please check out www.yfc.co.uk for more info on what Youth for Christ are all about.

My photojojo timecapsule for September 9th to September 23rd, 2007

My latest photojojo timecapsule is live and in the wild... Check it out.

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Loving: "the sun" by Fridge

I picked up "the sun" (Fridge's 5th album) recently for £3 (God bless Fopp!!!) and have to say its growing on me.

Fridge comprises of Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, Adem Ilhan aka Adem and Sam Jeffers... and their music is very synergistic... with Hebden and Ilhan exploring music backed by some fab beats from Jeffers.

I am a big fan of Four Tet and Adem... as mentioned here before... and I have to say I didn't find this album as instantly accessible as their solo work. Its challenging in its soundscapes... which feel improvised and dissonant... and yet heartfelt and engaging.

Check it out.

Picture posted with LifeCast... text update later.

Meditating on...

Been thinking on these verses from Luke 4...

I see them as the guiding principle for the work we do. Its like the baseline to which we should compare our action/work/efforts... a benchmark, so to speak.

In what we do... do we seek to share the good news for the poor..? do we seek to free the oppressed..? help those burdened physically, mentally and spiritually..?

Do we seek to demonstrate another way... one based on unconditional love instead conditional acceptance..? one that doesn't perpetuate empty values and self interest..?

Think about it... and while do so... check out Isaiah 61 - the passage the Lord read from.

Picture posted with LifeCast... thoughts added later...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Open Doors...

Olly and I took time out from our usual Sunday afternoon routine (eating... sleeping... waking up late and rushing to our gathering) to check out the Hamilton Firestation and the Hamilton Sheriff Court. Time well spent.

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the court... but it was interesting, to say the least. The main courts were beautiful in a creepy yet ornate way. The cells, on the other hand, were scary. I would not like to spend time in there.

At the Firestation we witnessed a chip pan fire and a couple of rescue dogs did a demo... which was fab to see.

All in... a good day out. This weekend its Glasgow's turn... check it out.

Picture posted with LifeCast... text updated later.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Tunes :: Tammetõru by Myrakaru

Loving the latest sutemos release :: Tammetõru by Myrakaru :: an album with a heritage that I have only picked up today...
...the album which made Myrakaru's name in Intelligent Dance Music back in 2000 after its release on British Label Expanding Records is available for download from the Sutemos servers... gratis, as always.
Its an awesome slice of electronica that sounds fresh and new today... if it sounds this good today, I can't imagine how forward-thinking it must have sounded back in the day.

Sonically engaging and vibrant. This is an album I am glad to have in my collection. I can't wait to here more from the producers involved...
...both Tamm and Tammik remain two of the most formidable producers of Electronica in Estonia, and can often be found center stage at some of the biggest music festivals in the Baltic States. To date, Joel Tammik has made several individual releases on Sutemos over the years, as well as having undertaken a number of solo albums released on Belgian Label U-Cover. Indrek Tamm currently features several of his own offerings on Intelligent Toys 05, due for release on Sutemos soon.
Good stuff! Check it out.

This looks cool :: Netaudio '08

This festival/conference looks interesting...
Netaudio’08 will play host to a broad range of live musical acts all the way from well established musicians through to undiscovered new talent – the only criteria is that they sound good and that they engage via the medium of the Internet. Musically Netaudio’08 will provide a programme spanning genres and cultural boundaries and embracing the widest possible selection of sounds humming through the Internet.

Within the conference side of the festival, Netaudio’08 will explore the creative practice and merit of digital networking tools. Workshops will share knowledge about music production and digital distribution whilst presentations will take a lead in the discussion of altered user behaviour in the networked society – both aiming to engage the thought provoking process of music production, distribution and consumption in an age of networked communication.
It takes place from 22nd to 25th October 2008 at Shunt Lounge, London SE1.

I would love to go... to hear the music and discuss "altered user behaviour in the networked society". Unfortunately the we'ans' "October Week" is the week before. Any of my peeps in London interested in checking it out and reporting for the ol' nanolog?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All you need is...

All you need is...
Originally uploaded by Headphonaught


Originally uploaded by Headphonaught

"You're familiar with the old written law, 'Love your friend,' and its unwritten companion, 'Hate your enemy.' I'm challenging that. I'm telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer, for then you are working out of your true selves, your God-created selves. This is what God does. He gives his best—the sun to warm and the rain to nourish—to everyone, regardless: the good and bad, the nice and nasty. If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that. If you simply say hello to those who greet you, do you expect a medal?

Matthew 5: 43-47 (The Message)

Think about it... as we reflect on that day... seven years ago... when the world changed.

Cathy's Homemade Rhubarb And Ginger Jam...

I have found myself, of late, posting random pics to the ol' nanolog using LifeCast - the intention is to remember to post a comment on later... to explain... add context... you get what I mean.

Olly gave me this jam yesterday. I'm more of a savoury rather than a sweet person... especially on bread... but I LOVE rhubarb and ginger jam. I am seriously OCD about it! My gran (Mum's side) used to make awesome jam and I have only recently found something similar.

Cathy is a member of the Bellshill Salvation Army and her gift is hospitality... and jam! Her home made rhubarb and ginger jam is unbelievable! It is to-die-for tasty.

So yeah thanks Cathy for the jam... and remember folks... when it comes to jam... grannymade is best!

Picture posted with LifeCast - glowing recommendation added later.

Meeting Nathan...

I am grateful to my work for some flexible working so that I could meet Nathan. He's a gorgeous wee man... content with a love of cuddles... who thankfully takes his looks from his mother!

Welcome to Planet Earth kiddo.

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