Sunday, October 30, 2005


One of my close friends... Jon... put me in touch with a blog by a chap called Johnny Baker who appears to be in tune with where I want to go with my expression of Faith & Worship.

Anyway... in his blog, Johnny refers to a event in London called "Grace". It looks fascinating... Check it out:

This is inspiring... the next stage is to see if we can develop something like this in the West of Scotland.

When the music fades...

all is stripped away... and I simply come.

I love this song and our YP Band played it today at church today. It makes sense in my life just now. Music is such an important part of my life - I don't do golf and although I love the mighty 'Well, I don't get to see them play to often. Music is my thing... whether its on the iPod or on internet radio or its live... music is my hobby.

But when the music fades and there is nothing but silence... everything stripped away... all that I am left with is my relationships. My relationship with my wife... with my kids... with my great friends and family. I am blessed to have some great people in my life - I have come to realise this even more with my wife's illness - the support was tremendous!

But when these relationships are stripped away and I am on my own (metaphorically speaking - I know my people are only a call/text/email away) all I have is my relationship with my Lord.

The thing is I invest in my relationships - through spending time on them through conversation - but I don't invest in my relationship with my Lord.

The sermon today at church was on Exodus 16:9-12 - God gave to the Israelites food while they were in the Wilderness. Bread in morning and Quail in the evening. The Israelites were instructed to take only what they needed for the day (except on the day before the Sabbath). They were not to take any more than they needed or it went "wormy" (Message translation).

This got me thinking - Do I base my relationship with the Lord with what He gives me today? or what He gave yesterday? Do I regularly come to Him for a blether? I go for coffees with my pals... I go through to Edinburgh or Cowdenbiza or Gourock and hang out... or call or email or text.

Do I spend enough time in conversation with the Lord? No... I don't. How will I recitfy this? Well I'll invest in Podcasts and find a daily reading that works for me... and I'll make time.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Bible on your iPod...

Interesting article on "The Unofficial Apple Website" (one of my fav blogs) about a version of the Bible that is planned for release as an audio file. Its interesting and something I will check out.

However, there are other options...

Personally I subscribe to "God's iPod" which I enjoy... I dislike the summary before and after the reading from the host - an Aussie called Shane. I'm not anti him in anyway... just feel its not necessary. I tend to binge listen and it gets annoying after awhile. I don't like the "previously on 24" recap before every episode of 24 either. Personal taste, I suppose...

I have also found this podcast - the bible podcast - and am interesting in finding out more. I am also interested in getting involved. I feel my Scots brogue is ideal for reading passages from the Bible.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ignition vs. Indifference

Had a coffee today with a very close friend. He is Motherwell's no. 1 supporter and should be on commission for all the business he's drummed up for the mighty 'Well from the folk in our church.

We were talking about the lack of support we sometimes feel when we try new things in the church. I had this observation - the majority of people in our church are indifferent to new ideas. What this means is that they will not allow any harm to come to us - they won't deliberately block, hinder or harm the idea but they won't tacitly support it either. They will stand on the edge of the playing field and watch indifferently as other "early-adopters" (to use geek-speak) get involved. They will not get involved or invest their passion until they believe the idea is a "goer".

What we need is for ignition - for more people to be on fire and ignited for God and for new ideas. We need to shorten the time for indifference. We can only do this by bringing more people with us - by creating and maintaining a greater critical mass of people. This can only happen, in turn, if we focus on the gifts God has given us and give people the opportunity to try new things with the freedom to make mistakes.

We need to realise that although the message stays the same, the medium can and will change.

Oh and the coffee was lovely in Costa in the Virgin Megastore at the top of Buchanan St. It is a great, kind of out of the way, place for a chat. They don't do Gingerbread Lattes though...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks RIP

Rosa Parks died yesterday... aged 92. She was the catalyst that started the Civil Rights movement in the 50s and 60s in American - she broke an unjust law and in doing so changed her world.

She was and is our history - A history that I don't know too much about. I want my girls to know who she was and what her refusal to give up her seat on a bus to a white man meant.

It only takes one small candle to light up the darkness - As Apple's ad says "Think Different" Thank God for you, Rosa Parks, and your defiance!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Back to work...

Back to work... I have a "to do" list longer than my youngest's arm. Oh, joy.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A lovely day in Gourock...

Yes... It is possible to have a lovely day in Gourock. We spent the day with our favourite nurse and her beau. Chilled all day and had fajitas and tacos at night. Great to spend time with them now that my wife is feeling more like herself. Good to get out and about too.

Found a nice wee coffee house on the main street called FLAVA (as in FLAY-VAH not FLAH-VAH) It was bursting and we couldn'y get a seat so I ordered a latte to go. It was nice, full flavoured and robust. Need to check out the place when it isn't as busy.

My Macs are sorted...

I reset my router and... bud-dah-bing... the Apple & eBay websites are back in their glory.

Live and learn.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Macs are driving me mad!!!

For some reason I can't get access to the Apple website. It is something to do with javascript... I think. However, all three of my macs (iMac G3 DV/iMac G4/iBook G4) can't access the site. In addition, any of my guests (my Dad/my Nurse friend etc) can't access the Mac site from their iBooks. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

My Salsa dancing friend has been a great help and has given me some ideas that I need to follow through on... but until then it will drive me mad.

It's Friday...

Been a great week... Went to Perth yesterday. We went with the kids to a cool indoor play centre called "Noah's Ark". Its huge and the girls love running around using all the slides and stuff. Its set out so that the adults can chill and read / chat / eat while the we'ans run around daft. Good fun. We normally go with our friends from Cowdenbiza but they were away... so it was just us. My wife did some pottery painting with the girls while I worked on the presentation for my old boss.

I think Noah's Ark needs three things to take it from good to great (for adults, anyway, my girls think its the best place ever...)

1) Better coffee - I'm not a big fan of coffee from a machine. Coffee needs the love of a skilled barista or, at the very least, someone with a spoon. Put a costa concession in there and business will grow!
2) Better furniture - Garden furniture is for, wait for it... gardens!!! Sure it is practical for the space and soft enough not to hurt a we'an if they run into it... but my back / bum were not comfy. Now the chairs at the Burrell Collection, they were fab! Wood and leather. A nice wooden chair would be better - classier/upmarket.
3) WiFi - two hours is a long time - I read my paper / chilled with my good lady / built a presentation. If I had WiFi (that didn't require me to sell a kidney to pay for...) I could use my time less productively and check the blogs.

My wife has pointed out that WiFi access may mean you spend more time on the net than watching your we'ans and maybe from a H&S point-of-view this may not be a good idea. She has a great head on her shoulders!

We then went into Perth itself... It's pretty samesy as all other city centres. It has a Costa but I didn't check it out. My wife found TK Maxx and found herself a lovely padded jacket/jumper thing that looks futuristic and trendy. I got nada in TK Maxx. It is a dry spell... I know... but I live in hope of finding another Supreme Tshirt or another pair of Nikes.

I did find a great sale in MVC and picked up 2 CDs for £7.49. "Miles_Gurtu" is a collaboration between the Italian DJ/Producer, Robert Miles (of Children fame (song not Michael Jackson-esque)) and the Asian percussionist Trilok Gurtu. It is amazing... the sound of suprise as the liner notes say. A true synergy of effort. Richly atmospheric with Nitin Sawhney adding to the mix.
I also picked up "Voices from the dust bowl" by Fragile State. This was on my "watch" list and is a truly rewarding CD. Downtempo and chilled with layered vocals and sounds. Brilliantly sculpted and very soulful. Another rewarding experience.

Anyway, that was yesterday... today we chilled - we got up just before noon which never happens normally... too much to do.
My wife worked on some video she is editing and I hit the books - I've been doing a course that was supposed to last 6 months for the last 15 months or so... I don't need it for my work and have been doing it because I am not a quitter... I really need to finish it.

My folks then came over and we all went to the Glasgow Fort. Picked up a pair of jeans that passed my wife's bum test (she could actually see mine) for £11 - I do love TK Maxx (sad I know). I then went to Starbucks in Borders with my dad for a coffee (had to finish my studying) while my mum, my wife and the girls had a look around the shops.

I am so chuffed (look I am sad - I know it! even the barista mentioned it...) but Starbucks have brought back their Gingerbread latte for the Christmas period. I love them with a passion... its up there in my top ten favourite things ever. I was so chuffed.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

What's on the iPod?

Been enjoying the following tunes...

1) Freeness - Still digging the fresh sound of Britain - Will write my thoughts on the 2nd disk soon.
2) "Ray of light" by Madonna - When the moon and the sun converge, they create an eclipse - this album is my eclipse with Madonna. Not a big fan of her other work but love this album... Great memories from 1998... It has a spiritual element that I love - Frozen is an amazing track with Craig Armstrong responsible for the strings.
3) Some downloaded tracks from - love this magazine - it has its finger on the pulse, although with an American perspective. They do a weekly podcast and allow you to download the full tracks from the site. This is the second week where all the tracks have been first class. Loving ACS and Dr Israel as two great examples.
4) "Creating Patterns" by 4hero - love this album, especially their take on "Les Fleur" which sounds, dare I say, better than the Minnie Ripperton version. Lovely lush strings over big beats... Nice.
5) The American IV album by Johnny Cash - My dad once said that you listen to JC for the experience and not for his vocals. Never really got it until I listened to this album. "Hurt" sounds as if he wrote it in blood himself rather than being a cover of a NIN track. "Personal Jesus" takes all the venom from the Depeche Mode version and makes it real - JC is singing about his Personal Jesus. It is a phenomenal album and one I am glad to have on the iPod. Powerful stuff...
6) "Hunting high and low" by A-HA. The first album I owned as a we'an. Also a huge favourite of my wife. She fancies Morten, I don't. We both agree on our love for their music, especially this album. It sounds new and dated. I love the beats and the way Morten sings. "The sun always shines on TV" was the first single I ever bought (although my Dad bought it for me... cheers, Dad!) and it is still a favourite song of mine - it is so upbeat.
7) The Sound of Music - no further comment necessary.
8) "Music has the right to children" by Boards of Canada. This is one of the best electronica/ambient/whatever albums I have and it will never grow old. It has such an other-worldly feel about it. The beats are the right-side of chunky for my taste and the music has an atmospheric quality that has yet to be surpassed. Their follow up album "geogaddi" is darker but just as good. I can't wait to here their new album. This is a great chilling album - its on right now.

I love my tunes and grateful for friends suggestions - cheers!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today... oops, look at the time - yesterday 2

Had a great day at my folks in Livingston. Just kind of spent time with them - playing "Junior Scrabble" with the we'ans - that sort of thing.

Before we went, my wife and I got our hair cut. I am happy with mine... not too trendy. My wife, on the other hand, isn't happy with her hers. Not sure why... suppose if you've been growing your hair for 4 years and then decide to get it cut off... you are going to have the feeling of loss in not having what you had. Shame... although I miss the librarian look, I do dig the funky Japanese Anime character look.

I also made contact with my old boss who has asked me to do some presentation work for him - I'm not getting paid, just doing it for the kudos. He wanted some suitable background music and the mix CD I did for him is, in his opinion, ideal for the setting - he likes Doves, Coldplay and Snowpatrol and feels his team will too. One down! Now I just hope he likes the powerpoint slides I did for him too... We'll see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Although I had to blackmail my wife to go... we went to the Burrell Collection museum in Glasgow and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some amazing stuff in there, especially the Chinese pottery and the Persian rugs. Rodin's Thinker is such a cool piece of sculpture and the Degas paintings are special too.

After that we went to the Brewers Fayre in Springfield Quay... NEVER AGAIN!!! Had to wait 55mins for our starter then another 20mins for lukewarm food. Even the waiter, when challenged by another table about lack of choice, recommended Burger King. If my wife wasn't with me, it would have been the worst hour and a bit of my life.

We then went to the Vue cinema to see "Wallace and Grommit - The curse of the were-rabbit" BRILLIANT!!! It is such a funny film and is very inventive. It works in the same way as the Simpsons or Futurama in that it appeals to kids and adults on different levels. Very, very good... in fact, you forget you are watching a pasticine animation - it becomes a cartoon. Grommit is the star, by far...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Freeness Vol 1... CD 1

Finally got a copy of the FREENESS album and I am impressed!

FOPP were wonderful and reserved a copy for me - that's service! I love FOPP for their choice, their prices, and their service.

Listening to the first CD and am loving it - it is so graceful and accomplished...

"Slow motion" by Rosie Brown and Stuart McCallum is a delicate and soulful jazz song. Stuart's production atmospherics and acoustic instrumentation complements Rosie's restrained vocals so well. Beautiful.

"Peace of mine" by Bootis starts off with solo piano and vocals then breaks into a funky nu-jazz soul vibe with a wonderfully rich Fender Rhodes foundation. Andreya Triana's vocals are wonderful - full and vibrant - and the band's backing really make this track a burner.

"Die laughing" by Mellow Harmony is sparse and focussed on Mellow Harmony's vocals. The percussion and string bass make for a fantastic accompaniment - sparse yet enthralling. She has worked with Courtney Pine previously and I feel her take on roots music will be in great demand.

"Jaago wake up" by Samia Malik could have been recorded by Nitin Sawney and should be on Outcaste records. It uses traditional Asian instrumentation to full effect and, with Samia's Urdu lyrics, creates a fantastic musical experience.

"Gone" by Emeson is a fresh slice of bleeding edge electronica that reminds me of Spacek. His voice is soulful and new, and he has created a bittersweet vibe that the liner notes term "bittersoul". I think this term is fitting. I can't wait for his album.

"The truth is" by Lorraine Ayensu starts with 4hero like strings and moves to acoustic guitar and atmospheric percussive sounds to complement these strings. Lorraine's vocals are accomplished and remind me of Joan Armatrading. She has work out and I will check her out. Lovely.

"Bounce" by Nihiliss'sis is another fresh slice of modern soul music. It bounces and sways and swaggers along with her vocals fronting some lively beats.

"Brother Man" by Da Blues ft. B12 Rob is soulful, downtempo hip-hop. The vocal hook sung by B12 Rob is as sweet as the raps are crisp. Nice.

"Allez! Allez!" by Zuba is an afro-beat excursion to sunnier climes that is both traditional and modern... a wonderful mix of the old and the new.

"Davey" by Josephine Oniyama actually sounds Irish... sounds crazy but it has an amazing folk feel with brushed drums and acoustic guitars. It reminds me Bob Dylan and Josephine's vocal feel good. Its like an old song that you've never heard before that sounds new yet familar.

"Hondo" by Netsayi is the most challenging track on this disc so far... instrumentation works well with Netsayi's African vocals - the drums skitter along and the guitars sound bluesy and crisp. Music like this makes digging for new music a worthwhile experience. It is different from the majority of music I listen to by just as valid.

"Believe" by Teasha King has a Gospel feel and is very upbeat and positive. "Nothin's gonna keep us down" Beautiful.

"Black; other" by Bareknuckle Soul was one of the tracks I heard on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show. Very soulful and reminiscent of Omar and Galliano from the Talkin' Loud days. Downtempo and pretty raw but shining with light and energy. Good raps and harmonies make this a choice cut.

"Three Two One" by Corey Mwamba is a vibes freak out - expressive and funky at times, restrained and downbeat at others. Magical.

This is only CD 1... Wow!!! This CD alone has more talent than the whole of the mainstream find-a-star comps. This is the future of music and I am happy with what I am hearing.

My wife is getting there... x2

My wife is improving. She is a lot more upbeat and well within herself. I am so glad to see her up and about more. Had friends over for fajitas and a movie last night and it was great fun. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a great interpretation of the book. We had fun and I am pleased to see my wife smile and laugh again in company. She really lights up a room and its a pleasure to see.

What I’ve been listening to…

Haven't put a music update for a few days... Been listening to a wide variety of tuneage:
1) "Attention" by Gus Gus - I think Gus Gus are from Iceland and they make their own, unique version of electronica/house which is pretty brilliant at the right time. I found this album to be very good when grocery shopping for some reason. It is vivid and upbeat and joyful.
2) "The beyondness of things" by John Barry. I believe this album was written for the film "the horse whisperer" but was never used. John Barry quite rightly released the album anyway and I am so glad he did. It is a luscious piece of orchestration that is more that just background music. It is really chilled and the strings are magical - they remind me of James Bond films (which John Barry scored). I'm a bit iffy with the mouth organ... a wee bit too Americana for my taste but it is a great album to listen to while chilling. I love soudtrack music and am glad of the recommendation for the this album from Jim at my work - cheers Jim.
3) "Banned in DC" by Bad Brains - I love having an ecclectic taste and the polar opposite of John Barry's work is Bad Brains' work. They are hard and caustic and rough around the edges but their punk rock and reggae moves me. I had a chat recently with a Slayer fan (he was serving at the Asda checkout when I did the groceries) and he hadn't heard of Bad Brains. Imagine liking Slayer and not liking or even knowing about Bad Brains - the youth of today!!! They are the epitomy of hardcore and sound great when in a grumpy mood or driving.
4) "Future Ju Ju" by Black Jazz Orchestra - Had this album for a while... an old £1 bargain at Fopp. It is beautifully sculpted electronica / techno / afro jazz - some good tracks, some not so good... but it has soul and feeling, and can soothe as well as make you dance.
5) "Fi" by Bibio - Electronica in the Boards of Canada vein... subtle yet powerful. compelling to listen to and emerse yourself in. got a folk flavour with the use of guitars and instrumentation and this adds to the overall feeling of other-worldliness. I don't know why but it reminds me, at times, of Led Zepellin.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Salling Clicker v3... now for Windows too...

One of my favourite little pieces of software is Salling Clicker - I have mentioned it before. I think it rocks... in fact it (texas horn salute...) R A W K S ! ! !

It has been updated to version 3 and now works with my K750i... which makes my phone even more valuable! It also shows the artwork of the song playing in iTunes which was the reason why I actually considered the P910 because it is such a cool feature.

Even better news is that Jonas has created the software to work for those people less fortunate than Mac users (smug Apple-ness alert) the poor individuals who have to deal with a lesser OS know as Windows. Look like it does everything it does for Mac but also allows you to control WMP.

Anyway, Jonas... well done!

New Apple goodies...

So the wait is over... Apple have released some great goodies to the world...

Firstly, we have the new iMacs... Faster / slimmer with a new OS - Front Row and a Remote Control - and an in-built iSight camera. Nice concept and do like the slimmer form.
Secondly, we have an iPod that can play video... Not a "Video iPod"...but an iPod Photo that can play video as well. I like the changes to form they have made and appreciate the additional functionality, especially considering you can output the video to a TV. Means you could carry content and watch it anywhere. Nice!
Thirdly, we have an updated version of iTunes and additional content on the iTMS - glad I can buy (eventually) episodes of Lost for example.

This is the start of things to come... This is just a toe in the water for Apple. Still think is comes short for full length movies (where the PSP rules just now) but it is proving the concept. Where I see the value is vodcasting - move from audio-only podcasting to video & audio podcasting. Will take off! I subscribe to 4 podcasts and 2 are really audio only - Chris Moyles show is radio anyway... but I can see the value in Dev4Gamers being a vodcast - that would be cool!

I am glad for Apple - I want them to build upon their 6.6% PC market share and to maintain their 74% DAP market share. Just wish I had some of their shares!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yes... Starbucks-isation is a word... it was used today by an MSP regarding the whole Watersons/Ottakers take-over malarky. Seemingly Starbucks is a baddie and is the by-word for monopoly and zero-choice. I wonder where that MSP got his coffee from this morning..?

I like Starbucks - I don't think there should be a Starbucks everywhere... like Buchanan Street where there are about 5 in a 5min walking distance. but I like them. I have had great conversations over good coffees, especially the units in Borders on Buchanan St & the Fort, with great friends. For that they are special.

However, I do think there should be variety and I personally enjoy coffee from Caffe Nero & Costa as well as Starbucks. I am also big on wee independents... but haven't found a good one in Glasgow (although I am still looking)

I think to use Starbucks as the by-word for bad is wrong. What about McDonaldsation? or the Asda-fication of our towns?

Starbucks provide a decent product and a standard of quality that is identifiable. You see Starbucks and you know you'll get a good coffee... simple. You also get great service and a friendly ambience that is refreshingly rare in today's busy marketplace.

Maybe the MSP was watching Austin Powers or something? You know, the bit, I think in the second film, where Dr Evil has taken over Starbucks. Probably did that because McD's would have sued.

Monday, October 10, 2005

My wife is home...

My wife was discharged from Monklands today at 1230hrs-ish. I am so glad to have her back! My mother-in-law has informed me that she is to be treated like a Queen... ie I have to be my wife's butler. Personally I believe my wife to be more Authoritarian Meglomaniacal despot rather than Queen (not much difference really...) and I will serve her forever.

Hail to the Mother of the Universe... my Supreme Leader... My wife!

Glad you are back, honey!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My wife is in Monklands...

My wife had a serious bleed out this morning... just after midnight. We called NHS24 (who were good) and were referred to the GP at Wishaw A&E. Eventually got to see him and, thankfully, he took us seriously and referred my wife to Monklands Hospital in Airdrie. Although we got lost on the way (I so need GPS) we were taken straight in. All in, my wife has been kept in and will stay there while a course of antibiotics works through her system. She was taken by suprise by this so I have to take her iPod and stuff in today.

I am worried. Glad to have been there when it happened and grateful for my wife's folks being so near.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Morning...

For once the girls let me sleep in to about 1000hrs... I did have to get up before 0800hrs and prepare their breakfast AND a snack to buy me a couple more hours in my scratcher but... it was worth it.

My wife is feeling marginally better... Pain in head and throat is "bearable" which is a good sign. She has also suggested I go out for a coffee (on my own). She has also got dressed (her killer tight jeans are slack on her!!!) Things are possibly, maybe looking up!

Anyway, three albums to listen to when you want to really chill (ie doze):

1) The Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis (minus the silly song in the middle) It is an amazing work that I can not tire of... it is epescially good when you want to sleep - it drowns out background noise well... especially from noisey kids and even noiser neighbours!
2) The Impossible Thrill by Alpha. This is a very delicate album that I can only really listen to when I am chilling because it is so downtempo and relaxed. It feels lazy.
3) They died for beauty by Illya. A wee bit more uptempo than the other two albums but well crafted with exquiste female vocals and interesting production and arrangement. Feels "Cold War Russian" if that makes sense.

Its going to be a good day!

Friday, October 07, 2005

My new coffee obsession...

I don't know why but I have always fancied trying CAMP coffee - its chicory and coffee essense that you add to milk (hot or cold). I bought it on a whim yesterday and it is GREAT. I love chilled coffee fraps in Starbucks and Camp allows me to create coffee milkshakes with cold milk... not the same as a frap but something special nonetheless.

I'm going to start a campaign to get Camp coffee recognised as the latest must-have drink for the coffee-nostra... its the bomb!

Check out this website - - turns out I am not alone in my love for Camp! Although I am disturbed to see this on a dental website!!!

All my pals who read this... please buy Camp Coffee and enjoy with ice cold milk (Glass of milk + 3 teaspoons of camp = yum)

My wife is getting better... slowly x2

My wife is slowly recovering... She has been in bed pretty much all week. Head and earache... Feeling sick... I am not used to seeing my Queen so low. She is the strong one.

I have to say being mum is fun and stressful in equal measure... Did the groceries yesterday and overspent by £12. Grocery shopping is hard work. Trying to get the best deal without buying stuff you want rather than need all the time is hard... oh and trying to dodge the vicious old duffers with their moustaces and tweed hats and personal vendettas against baggy-jeaned iPod users (maybe I'm paranoid but at least one of them was gunning for me... clipped my heel a couple of times... glad I was wearing my Pro-Keds and not my Premium Air Trainer 1s... would have swung for him if that was the case :-) metaphorically speaking, of course...)

Anyway, the checkout girl was lovely - really nice and empathetic - kind of ideal for a checkout and yet probably a talent wasted... and I survived.

I worry about my wife but I have to say the support in visits, phonecalls, emails, cards and texts have been brilliant... Its nice to know when you are loved...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Video iPod...

Apple... my favourite corporate monster, has announced another media event on the 12th Oct. Going to watch the webcast of this. Last big announcement was the iPod Nano which is sweeter than honey and the Moto Rokr which isn't. There are a lot of rumours flying about that this could be for the "Video iPod". Engadget even has a possible picture of it (

Do I need a video iPod? No, not really - I bought the iBook (It doesn't have a name... I should name her... It is a her because it is beautiful!) for many things including watching movies when travelling - battery allows at least 1 DVD between charges although the we'ans have managed 2 once. The size of the iBook screen is ideal for watching movies socially (ie with the family) I am not sure if a screen the size of a PSP, for example, would allow for this. So for movies, not sure.
For other Apple loveliness... well, it would be cool to have more functionality and more space - my 40gb iPod has approx 35gb of music and photos on her... I am running out of space. I would also be great for it to show pictures on a better screen - the iPod photo is good for that but not great - My Rockstar buddy has an Epson photoviewer which is great for storing and viewing photos - he bought it for his trip to Tokyo and probably should have had it when he went to NY & LA.

Will I want a video iPod? Of course... Steve Jobs could poo in a white plastic container, seal it up, put an "i" infront of the "Poo" and sell it... And I'd want an iPoo!!! My weakness is covetesness and this will be something I will want. Just like I want a Nano and a Shuffle... even though I only need my iBook, my K750i and my iPod. However, I am big on the photo viewer thing and feel if I am to go into the media field with my wife then it may be a cool thing to use to demo work.



I don't walk enough. I should but I don't. I walk to the train station (Motherwell has a great station for commuters like me who travel into Glasgow...) and sometimes walk Pippin... but otherwise, I jump in the motor like everyone else.

My car went in for a service & MOT yesterday and it failed - £500 worth of failed... I have to wait until today to get it delivered (no courtesy car... even after I explained about my wife and the we'ans... best Parks could do for me is deliver my car) This has meant that I have had to walk. Pick my youngest up from nursery / pick my oldest up from Primary / walk them there this morning / collect them again today etc. It is also why I realise I don't walk enough - I am knackered!

I have my girls company which is sweet - really enjoying being with them. I also have my iPod - been listening the Engineers album - beautiful and atmospheric / almost chilled for a "rock" album. I may also benefit physically from the exercise - I hope my girls do to.

So... while I am off... caring for my wife who is still unwell and now on cocodemol (which makes her dizzy)... I am going to try to walk more with my girls.

Monday, October 03, 2005

What I’ve been listening to…

Been listening to "Feed the cat" by Agent K - had this album for a while - bought it in a Fopp sale a while ago and never really got it. It was mentioned in "Straight, No Chaser" and I remember picking it up because of the article. I felt it was a bit too disjointed and kind of gave up on it. However, I put it on last night after finding a pile of CDs that I felt needed a listen to and I have to say I am enjoying it now. Its a "Bugz in the Attic" production and I do enjoy their work when its showcased on Worldwide. I am feeling it - it has a vibrancy that is fun and upbeat without being to 4/4 housey - it is varied and lively... and Vanessa Freeman sings on it - I like her vocals.

I continue to enjoy "Hold Your Colour" by Pendulum... It is so good... and my youngest has nicknamed it "bouncy bumpy music" and asked for it when we were in the car earlier. My girls have a great ear for a good song... so if this album is in their consciousness then it must be pretty great.

My wife is getting better... slowly

I can tell when my wife is unwell - she listens to me. When I told her to leave the hoover (ie not to put it back in the cupboard) she listened to me and left it.

She is getting better... slowly. She is lying on the sofa sleeping at the moment - she's been drinking tea and water, chewing gum and eating food (toast / fried eggs and beans). She is also talking (not in her sleep).

Hard Work!!!

I'm not really used to hard work - I normally sit at a desk and use a computer, speak to folk on the phone, or present ideas in meetings or in larger groups. I'm not used to physical hard work - that's probably why I have a big, fat bum.

I'm Mum and Dad this week while my wife gets better. I have set 4 alarms on my phone - one to get me out my kip and the other three to remind me when to get the girls to/from nursery and school. Inbetween times, I cook and clean and hoover. I have also put 2 washings on, washed some dishes (rest are in the dish washer), walked the dog and dressed the we'ans (matching socks and hair done - proud of that). I have to say that I haven't done anything extra like my wife does - no garden or car or shopping - and I am knackered! Sweat-beads-on-my-brow knackered.

I have spoke before of how proud I am of my wife but I have to say it again... I am proud of her and now kind of appreciate the hassle I cause her when I dump my iPod and phones down and make a mess.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

My wife is getting there...

My wife got out of surgery on Friday and was pretty groggy... must be all the temazapan and morphine. I stayed with my wife until 2100hrs-ish.

I went home and spent some time with my friends - appears my girls had a ball, which I am glad of, and made cakes and played puppets.

The following day (Saturday) I slept in a bit and had to rush to pick my wife up - got there aboout 1000hrs-ish. The difference in my wife was noticable - she was bright and was actively trying to eat and drink. I am so proud of her - she is really going for it and won't let it beat her. In fact she did say "I've had worse tonscilitis" which is the fighting talk I love.

My parents took the girls for afternoon, which was great.

Today, however, things appear to have gotten worse again. She is in a lot of pain and hasn't slept particularly well. I am a heavy sleeper and am annoyed that I couldn't be woken.

My wife's folks are going to take the girls today so my wife can get some peace and I can get the place ship-shape.


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