Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stu Dapples

Feeling out of the game here! My wee cousin, Studgie has the exclusive on the new location for Scotland's first proper Apple Store... Its where the Pier is presently on Buchanan St... across from the Starbucks and at the other side of the block from Urban Outfitters. Sweet. Can't wait for that.

Studgie will now be forever known as Stu Dapples for this...


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The Soos' pics

My man... The Soos... is safely back from his wee trip to Barcelona... He had a fab time - saw the sights and managed to hook up with an old colleague who helped him live like a local for the time he was there. Well a local who takes loads of photos and walks about with Wallpaper's guidebook.

Anyway, the Soos has an amazing eye for a photo... and I would well recommend you check out his pics on flickr.

The above photo is taken from his Barcelona set... a set he is slowly building up from the millions of pics he took while away.

While there... I would heartly recommend his Tokyo set - truly some amazing pics. He hooked up with some Japanese nationals while in Barcelona and he showed them his pics... they were blown away with the Tokyo he had captured. Well recommended.

One of my dreams is to help the Soos change career and explore this passion. I want to be involved in him exhibiting his work... and maybe get a book published.

Check them out... and make the Soos a contact. There is more goodness to come!

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Moleskine Planner & Notebook

I have the Moleskine bug and really fancy the new design - planner and notebook combo - diary on the left... notebook on the right... for both sides of my brain.

Nice! Link

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Alpha / a life worth living :: wk5

Tonight was the 5th week of Alpha and a life worth living... and it was great.

It was fab to see Liz with her new hairstyle - Yes... that is purple! and to hang with Ashley. It was also good to welcome Ross and Angela to the gathering... its weird but they are likeminded people... we kind of clicked and talked about the band Broadcast and I gave them some links to netlabels... Ross gave me a link to his band's myspace page (will blog on them later). Sweet.

For some reason... I felt the band were on fire tonight. Simple yet effective songs :: Shout to the Lord / There is a Redeemer / How deep the Father's love interspersed with some visuals and scripture on love from Olly.

The discussion was great with the group feeling more comfortable to share... and, as the topic was on why / how should I read my bible? I challenged them to read Matthew's Gospel and get inspired with some of the counter-cultural teaching of a true revolutionary ::
"You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.

"You're blessed when you feel you've lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you.

"You're blessed when you're content with just who you are—no more, no less. That's the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can't be bought.

"You're blessed when you've worked up a good appetite for God. He's food and drink in the best meal you'll ever eat.

"You're blessed when you care. At the moment of being 'care-full,' you find yourselves cared for.

"You're blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.

"You're blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight. That's when you discover who you really are, and your place in God's family.

"You're blessed when your commitment to God provokes persecution. The persecution drives you even deeper into God's kingdom.
Matthew 5: 3-10 (The Message)

Wow! Good times.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006


I like Starbucks but get really... really... nervous when I hear about their infilling policy. Check this article out :: link :: and feel the worry too...
The coffee chain's aggressive growth also hinges on what the company calls "infill" — adding stores in cities where its mermaid logo is already commonplace. In some cases, that means putting a Starbucks within a block of an existing store, if not closer.../

/...Despite such saturation — and plans for much more — Starbucks insists that it sees very little cannibalization of its existing business when a new store opens. In fact, the company says, one reason would-be customers don't end up buying a Starbucks drink is because the line is too long. One solution is to open up another store nearby.
This is going to affect the indies... and that concerns me. What do you think?

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Sally Ann :: Fair Trade from the Salvation Army

I am reading a fab book just now... got it off our officers in Bellshill. Sally Ann - Poverty to hope by Bo Brekke with wonderful photos by Knut Bry. What's it all about? Basically Sally Ann is a wonderful fair trade concept from the Salvation Army. Bo and his wife Brigitte served in Bangladesh for 7 years from 1995 to 2002... and this story is more than just an account of how they put the Sally Ann dream into reality... it is their story... it is the story of my brothers and sisters in the Salvation Army in Bangladesh... but, most of all, this is a story of a gospel-response to the poor! Its about putting bread on people's tables as the blurb on the back of the book goes.

Check out their site :: Sally Ann :: and take time to understand the motivation behind their story... and their wonderful fair trade products.
Values and principles
1. Sally Ann will be run according to the values of The Salvation Army. This will be reflected in giving care and showing respect for all the needs of a person.

2. The business activities of Sally Ann will be distinguished by emphasis on solidarity, equality and fairness.

3. Products traded by Sally Ann will whenever possible be acquired by means of using third world enterprises or programs controlled by The Salvation Army

4. All employees working for Sally Ann in third world countries shall receive fair compensation for their work and help to improve their living conditions. They will be supported in developing an independent life and livelihood, including pursuit of safe and wholesome opportunities outside of the Sally Ann organization.

5. Sally Ann will seek to choose to work with companies that are best suited to maintain the vision and goals of the Sally Ann project. Sally Ann will influence its partner companies and contacts to help promote and develop fair trade.

6. Sally Ann will base its activities on profitability. Revenues are absolutely necessary to ensure that we have access to the resources needed, to uphold the development desired and to reach the goals established. All profits made from the operation of Sally Ann will be used to develop the Sally Ann project further.

7. Sally Ann will be distinguished by maintaining openness and complete honesty in all activities.
Wow! This is the Salvation Army I am proud of!

Check it out.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Water... I love it. Big fan! Except when I am gorgewalking... freezing cold... scared out my mind... and being helped by the oldest woman in my team (look I am not ageist or sexist... but I was meant to be the tough... skateboarder... radical dude! I was embarrassed!)

Anyway... a couple of things caught my eye today and it kind of demonstrates the duality of our society.

On the one hand you have Fred with its great design (I love the shape of the bottles!) and its fab marketing - it has a trendy lifestyle website :: www.fredspot.com with some fab lifestyle content... and a myspace page :: www.myspace.com/fredwater which is way beyond ironic... and very funny : "I'm from the catskills..."

And on the other hand you have One with its quirky design and its message in its bottle. All profits from One water go to building unique roundabouts that pump water as the kiddies play on them. How cool is that?
Instead of having traditional ‘hand pumps' over boreholes, the team at PlayPump™ install unique children's roundabout powered PlayPumps™. As the children play on a roundabout, it drives a pump which extracts the water which is then pumped into massive storage tanks.

Each PlayPump™ is built near a school or crèche so there is never a shortage of willing volunteers to help power the pumps!

So far over 650 have been installed, and because they are proving to be the ‘way forward' we're sure that we'll be funding many more in the years to come.

So that's it – you buy One here – you're changing lives in a very unique way there. And if you ever want to go and see one, or help install one, just let us know and we'll try to arrange it for you.
Watch the video here :: link

They were selling bottles in Morrisons today for £0.35 each which is pretty good pricing... especially when it is meaningful.

Photo: xuxule_x from Flickr

Personally, I like tapwater in my reusable bottle from Starbucks - its orange and looks like a huge bottle of aftershave... Two of them and I have my water quota for the day... but I will be buying more water from One... truly a winner in the substance over style battle.

Check out :: Electro East

Been listening to Electro East on the BBC's Asian Network... and loving it. I love most music from around the world and especially love electronica with asian flavours. This is a fab radio show that showcases a variety of bleeding edge music which encompasses left-field electronica and drum & bass. Great. Makes paying my license fee worthwhile.

Gonna record it using iRecordMusic when the show is over.

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New Music :: Brian Littrell & Mark Calder

I recently got given a copy of Welcome Home by Brian Littrell and I completely forgot about it. I've had loads of music to listen to recently and it just... kind of... fell through the cracks.

Well today, I put it on in the car and really enjoyed it. Its upbeat, jangly guitar driven Christian music. Nothing controversial or pushing boundaries or anything... just nice, coffeehouse music for the car. I really like it.

You see... the thing is... I left the sleeve in the house and had no point of reference for who this CD was by. I kind of got a hint when I said to Olly that one of the songs reminded me of the Backstreet Boys. Well... to my surprise... it turns out Brian is/was a member of the boy band in question.

Everything about this record should be wrong for me... I really am allergic to anything labeled Christian... All music is worship music to our Creator... and the sacred / secular divide is just 5 shades of wrong (Thanks Lard). I have been reading Relevant Magazine and have an insight into the industry that Christian music has become (although I rate Relevant for being far more than this ghetto and for pushing the boundaries). I shop in Wesley Owen and am not always inspired. I think Christian music has become a cynical genre... and I am careful with what I buy.

But... the problem I have here is that I didn't have this baggage before I heard the CD and I have judged it according to its merits rather than my preconceived notions and prejudice... and I really like it. To be fair, its more Olly than me... but, that said, it makes for good times in the car. The opening song :: My answer to you :: is fab and reminds me of the best of Tim Hughes... it is a strong track musically.

I recommend you check out this CD...

Photo pinched from Mark's blog profile

While on the subject of surprises in Christian music... I recently got to hear a demo track by a chap called Mark Calder who came well recommended by Paul "Haggis" Thomson. His rendition / version of Psalm 13 is tremendous in a lo-fi, rootsy, opposite-of-Brian-Littrell kind of way... Just a man with a great voice and his guitar... no production... no pizazz... Just passion for his Saviour. I hope to hear more from him and have asked if I can link to his demo... I am even prepared to host it on my box.net account to let y'all hear it...

Will keep you posted!

All in... there is some great music about just now... and that makes me a happy man.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Prayer for Human Trafficking

Bellshill Salvation Army are hosting a Prayer Brunch tomorrow between 1000 and 1400hrs to pray for human trafficking victims and to raise awareness of the situation in our civilised world.

Trafficking is an evil and unjust industry that makes slaves of more than 2 million people every single year. 50% of the victims are children. People are lured with false promises of a better life into horrendous labour conditions, domestic slavery and sexual exploitation. We want to pray fervently for an end to this slave trade and to see God's justice and freedom become a reality for it's victims and a redeeming grace and God's lawful justice for the oppressors.
The main hall will have prayer stations to focus our mind on the world and the millions of people falsely imprisoned in this way.

I have created a mix for the prayer time... its just over 1hr and weighs in at about 60-odd meg :: link :: I like this mix... I think it works well... and will pass it to JD for one of my sets. Included in the mix are Iona, Vangelis, Craig Armstrong, Global Communication and a couple of special vocal tracks that get me in a prayerful mood. Enjoy.

If you can... come along and pray. If you can't come... no worries... get on your knees wherever you are and take time out to make a difference.

Human Trafficking
Call to Pray

How do you define success? If it is with quantity then you will fail... there is always disappointment in this work in numbers... never enough!

If it is based on quality then you we always be successful... and today was one of those days.

The kids who were there got stuck in and involved. They learned about the subject matter and were genuinely engaged. Great to see.

The prayer stations were thought provoking and stirred action. The cross, for example, was where we prayed for those trapped and imprisoned as slaves... with the chains representing the oppression and emotional and physical weight of being held against your will.

The brunch was also good fun with Mr and Mrs 'phonaught and monkeys... tucking in to a great breakfast. Unhealthy for the gut but good for the soul!

Prayer works... It is effective... and it is definitive action. Changes happen when people pray... and have the faith to believe.

Pray for the victims of human trafficking... Pray for your community... and have the faith to believe!

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There was this guy...

Let me tell you a story... one that needs no pictures... or at least there are no pictures to show.

I have, or at least I thought I had IBS :: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Basically, I eat certain foods or get up tight then I experience the Columbian Rush Hour.

My mother, being my mother and the good Scottish.Italian.Jewish mother she is (she is only Scottish but displays an acute appreciation for Italian and Jewish mothers) forced me to go to the doctors to get it looked into. Seriously, I have cancer and colitis in my family and I want to get it check out early.

So anyway... long story short... I went to Wishaw Hospital for a check up. I took the train because Olly had the girls to pick up from school. 5 mins from the station I was told... yeah, buddy, if you are an Olympic bum-waggling power walker.

But it was all good because I had my iPod and it wasn't raining... Argghh!!! It started to rain... not light rain or decent common-or-garden rain... this was straight-off-the-North-Sea HORIZONTAL rain. My jacket claims to have goretex... yeah right and I play for the Knicks.

I eventually arrived at the hospital to be given the run-around about where I was to report in. I finally reported in and was taken straight away... first time being 15 mins late has benefited me.

I took off my soaking wet jacket and was promptly weighed and measured. I am too heavy but, in my defense, I did have my shoes on and stuff in my pockets... which must have put on at least 2 stone! I didn't mind my shoes being on when my height was taken... and had to fight to get my height rounded UP. I am 5' 5" and proud of my bargaining skills with the lovely Janice... my nurse.

I then had to give a wee sample (sorry for the pun) - I tell you... it takes some dexterity to get it in the cup! Reminded me of Luke "bullseyeing wamprats back home in his T-610" - Next time there is a Death Star needing sorted... I'm yer man!!!

I had to wait on the nurse... so I calmly waited outside the toilet door... only to get some weird looks from the folk in the waiting room. It was at that point that I realised my khakis were soaking from my mid-thighs downwards... and I looked very sheepish as if I had pee'd myself. Nice.

I met with a lovely Indian doctor who was just so sweet! He was adorable... we need more docs with the care and compassion and obvious lack of smell like him.

He took some history and then asked to check my tummy. No worries with that. He then asked me to drop my trews and adopt a fetal position looking at the wall. Whoa..! er... what???

I wasn't emotionally prepared for this... I mean... Its a one way street. He was sweet... he warmed up the lube and told me in advance what he was doing. Did kind of kill the romance but... hey... I was new to this. All I can say is that I won't think about a passage of Scripture in the same light ever again.

Needless to say I shook his hand very firmly afterwards... I have, what appears to be, an inflamed colon... and need more tests. Wooohooo!!! That means a full scope... do you think they'll give me a copy of the video for use as a backdrop for ((deep))???

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... I walked out of the doc's room and bumped into my neighbour and pal... who works there as a nurse. I couldn't really get away with "I'm tremendous" when I was asked how I was. All I can say is I doubt I'll get any more long distance lifts with Phil (her hubby) in his taxi.

I took today off work... I have a terrible cold and all the prodding about has really affected things. I dare not cough... put it that way! I have been feeling bloated all night... It turns out that the doc had to push some air into the colon to allow him to see it. Like I need anymore air up there!!! I have been farting like a cow who has just eaten a whole Heinz beans factory. Yeah... Nice!

So... anyway... how was your day???

Love this :: [baracuda] by Miho Hatori

Loved Cibo Matto and their album Stereotype A

I love Miho Hatori's voice and am eager to hear her solo album - ecdysis. Sweet cheer-me-up!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Since the beginning, we’ve tried to do things in community. It’s not “God gave Pernell a vision and he manipulates people to follow it.” We lead in community, without the hierarchy or structure that you have in many Army corps. We want to encourage people to become missional followers of Jesus, rather than belonging to programs. It makes it messy and challenging to lead, but it’s always better when Jesus works and speaks through us as a community of faith.
Inspirational! Check out the full article here and then follow the link to my response on the Hardthought.

[Pernell]ton - you and your people are an inspiration! Keep doing what you do for Him!

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Inspiration :: The Freeway

The Freeway in Hamilton, Ontario; has been a source of great inspiration for me on my journey with ((deep)).

Way back in January of this year I got really excited when I found out about some people already putting my dreams into action :: Link

I got excited because I knew I wasn't alone and it could be done. ((deep)) is one answer... and I hope to follow up with other ideas at some point.

Anyway... where am I going with this? The Freeway appeared recently in www.salvationist.ca and I am buzzing with excitement all over again. Pernell (or Pernellton to his friends in the UK) is a true inspiration and I hope to meet up with him sometime for a latte.

Some important quotes from the article ::
Having grown up in The Salvation Army, I felt that the way we had traditionally done things wouldn’t connect with the demographic we wanted to reach. We interviewed people in our area and documented what they thought about God, spirituality and church. Using this method, we were able to identify the stumbling blocks that prevent people from participating in a community of faith. Personally, I wanted to be part of a church that I could bring people to and was living what it said about Jesus.../

/...As for our philosophy of ministry, we completely resonate with the Army’s holistic mandate of “heart to God, hand to man.” We don’t want to be labelled a corps or a social service, we don’t talk in a Salvation Army language, but we do consider ourselves Jesus-followers. We love Army history, but don’t want to be bound by it. Our people don’t resonate with the traditional Army culture of bands, uniforms and military structure. At the same time, we don’t feel the rest of the Army necessarily needs to become like us.../

/...we’ve designed the Freeway as a safe place, a neutral ground. The non-religious surroundings make it easier for people to open up and be themselves. We believe that the relationships we are forming with our neighbours should be integrated with their normal day-to-day life. When the Christian Church got started 2,000 years ago, it existed seamlessly in the community—in people’s homes and in the marketplace—not because it was trying to be relevant, but because that’s where everyday life happened.../

/...Since the beginning, we’ve tried to do things in community. It’s not “God gave Pernell a vision and he manipulates people to follow it.” We lead in community, without the hierarchy or structure that you have in many Army corps. We want to encourage people to become missional followers of Jesus, rather than belonging to programs. It makes it messy and challenging to lead, but it’s always better when Jesus works and speaks through us as a community of faith.

Check it out... and hook up with Pernell and with The Freeway community.

Superhero... this Saturday in Glasgow

Superhero are playing in the Trades Hall in Glasgow this Saturday. Doors open at 1900hrs and tickets are a fiver.

If you haven't heard of them... here's the skinny:
Superhero share the same record label as Delirious? and play passionate, upbeat, indie-rock. This year they played at the Soul Survivor, New Wine, Imagine and Greenbelt festivals as well as touring extensively in Europe.

Superhero have one goal, to reach people with the gospel. Their music is intense and passionate, meaningful and full of truth. They have played in some of the coolest venues in the UK such as the Carling Academy, Manchester Apollo, King Tut's in Glasgow, the SECC, The Forum in London, performed live in the MTV studios; They have also had singles released in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and others.
Anyone fancy it?

Tickets available now £5 each - Contact chris@hopechurchglasgow.org

Thanks to Jon G for the heads-up.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Head Porter digigame case

Serious piece of product lust here... A brown monogram digigame case from Head Porter :: just the right case for my Japanese imported PSP (yes... I know you can get white ones over here... now)

Works out at about £21 + p&p... Nice!

Buy it at the hnyee.store

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Submitted the ol' Nanolog...

Normally I with Groucho Marx in that...
I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member
... but the 9rules.com network is different. My mate Andy White encouraged me to submit the ol' nanolog... and I have. Here's hoping.

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The Starbucks Aesthetic...

“With the assets Starbucks has in terms of number of stores, and the trust we have with the brand, and the profile of our customers, we’re in a unique position to partner with creators of unique content to create an entertainment platform and an audience that’s unparalleled.”
Howard Schultz :: chairman - Starbucks.

Thanks to Roy for the thoughtful email on one of my fav places to hang - Starbucks - sure it is Dr Evil's secret lair and they are obsessively global and you need to flavour your lattes to hide the bitterness... but... hey... I like them.

Loved this quote from the big boss of 'bucks from the NYTimes article :: The Starbucks Aesthetic :: and I would like to take him up on the idea. I want to partner with him... I have unique content...

What Starbucks lacks and desperately wants is community - they want the vibe of a local independent coffee house that's kind of different and out there... but they just don't quite make it. Sure the coffee is good and their fairtrade dark chocolate bars are heavenly... but they are a commuter space... and not a community space.

They remind me of church... desperately trying to bring people through the doors with the latest thing while the very essence of the place... the space... the loving community... the caring relationship was walking out the exit.

Starbucks is a coffeeshop... it is a space where the C's:
Culture & Counter-Culture
can grow...and it needs you. It is a house... it needs you to make it a home. Now that's where the heart is!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lovin'... Firefox 2.0

It RAWKS like Ozzy at Donnington!

Firefox 2.0

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Under the broomtree... RIP!!!

My mate up in Orkney... Matthew Bennett... has killed his fab blog :: Under the Broomtree

Sure... he was a rubbish poster... one or two posts a week... but they were quality insights.

My RSS reader is still coming to terms with the loss. Question... do SA blogs die or are the promoted to Blogglory?

Ah well... more time for you to spend with Debbie and... there is always Council of War!!! In fact, I want to see Al and Olly on there too!

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Clean up the neighbourhood... or leave it alone?

Interesting post on ((Gridskipper)) about the opposition a lassie received for trying to smarten up her area ::
The WSJ carried an interesting story today about a woman whose quest to clean up the Tenderloin's streets raised the hackles of the seedy denizens of the neighborhood.../

The article includes a lot of quotes from ex-prostitutes and ex-drug addicts who want to preserve the character of their neighborhood but conspicuously absent are any quotes from current prostitutes and addicts. One can't help but wonder if perhaps the currently indigent wouldn't mind a sprucing up of their neighborhood.
I'm not big on the whole gentrification thing... Olly and I live in North Motherwell... we live in a nice house in a nice part of a pretty rough area. That's the draw of cheap houses. Thing is... I love the character of the neighbourhood and want to give back - I'm now (as of tonight) the secretary of our neighbourhood council... and do enjoy walking around albeit preferably in the daylight.

Point is... I moved into the neighbourhood and I want to be salt and light... but how do I do this without affecting my surroundings to their detriment?

In the article, Carolyn Abst, was criticised for trying to tidy up a bad area in SF by the very people she was helping out.

This got me thinking about work in deprived areas... are we making a difference without stripping the place... the people... of their uniqueness and identity?

Its the whole Derek Webb quote about the lie that Jesus is a white, middle-class, Republican and for us to get saved we need to be like him! Derek is right - this is nonsense! Are people who are introduced to God's wonderful life-changing grace expected to become just like us... like me?

Hmm... Gentrification isn't good if poor people lose out to the rich... but surely there is a new compromise that comes from positive change? especially with regards to spiritual matters? do we not learn and grow and benefit from the life experiences of the newcomer? or are we so closed that we expect them to come to us?

Be salt and light!

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This is NOT me..!

Strategy Board meets today!!!

The proposal doc :: ((link)) :: for ((deep)) and [wide] was on the agenda at today's West of Scotland Divisional Strategy Board.

Haven't heard anything yet... keep ((deep)) and [wide] in your prayers... and thoughts.

oh and have a read... let me know what you think.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

King Britt on Apple Pro

"As a kid, I listened to my walkman every day on the way to school,” he says. “I would stare out of the window of the train and everything was so visual, so coordinated with the music, like a music video. Since then I’ve approached all my records from a visual standpoint.”
King Britt

Fab article on the Apple Pro website on one of my fav artists / DJs / producers :: King Britt... it provides an insight into his creative process.

Check it out.

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Tim Hughes & Delirious?

Kenny, the 'phonaught (with Flumps hat) & Al from I'll Fight Club

What a night... first off it was fab to spend time with my good friends and cherised people :: my hottie was there looking... well... er... hot! Janey and Roscoe were there... as were Kenny & Sarahbell. Alistair aka Clinically Proven Human (he's a big commentator on the ol' nanolog) was out on the town. Wee Michelle was there too... and the officers' kids came along for the ride. Mixed group. Good times!

Al, my hot wife aka littlelaughalot, Roscoe, Kenny & Janey

I have never been to the Glasgow Carling Academy before... never really had the desire to see anyone big enough to fill a 2,500 standing venue. (I'm more of a King Tut's or ABC chap) but I couldn't resist seeing Tim Hughes or Delirious? play live. £13.50 is a small amount to pay to be part of such an amazing night. The crowd were wonderful... really responsive to the music... but peaceful and caring. Sweet to see and experience.

Tim Hughes kicked things off with a wonderful time of worship. This was participatory music with the words appearing on a vast screen. I wasn't familiar with a few of the songs but picked them up real quick. It was a real joy to hear everyone singing along to "beautiful one" and "here I am to worship"... the songs that really brought Tim's music to our attention. Truly wonderful!

His set was pretty low key... it wasn't about him... He was doing what he does best - leading worship and it was great to participate in.

Before his set I briefly caught up with a chap called Darren from my work... which was cool. I also saw some else from my work but couldn't get to him to say "hi". I saw Ken, and Kirsty and her mum (all from Cumbernauld) which was sweet.

After Tim's set there was a fire alarm... which was an inconvenience more than anything. However, managed to catch up with Innes J in the crowd... he's on form and it was cool to introduce him to my lady and our people.

Not long after we got back into the venue, Phil Wall from HopeHIV came on stage and spoke about his charity. He told us about Tim Jupp's 40th birthday where he got everyone to donate to HopeHIV's work in Durban... where he went with Delirious? and had his birthday party there with the street kids. Powerful! Phil asked everyone to donate £3 to the charity by texting HHIV to 84858 - it was cool to see all the screens light up in the crowd. HopeHIV do a great work - support them anyway you can.

Then on came Delirious? and all I can say is WOW!!! I didn't know what to expect from them... I have World Service and the collab they did with Hillsong :: Unified Praise (Its on the iPod as I type :-)) and thought I had the gist but wow... what a set. They played Rain Down to mass jumping and then took it down into truly beautiful contemplative soundscapes and songs like Majesty (here I am). Skilled. There's was another level of worship... sure it was entertaining but there was so much more. Martin Smith spoke to a 7 year old lassie at the front and told her she wasn't too young to be a woman of God. Inspirational. He spoke highly of Glasgow and in his tour diary you get a feel for why :: ((link)).

The visuals were awesome... leading worship... with a real professional edge that I haven't seen before. The visuals to History Maker were amazing... using newspaper frontpages (see above) to express the song.

Truly a great night... with only one annoyance... I got caught up in the atmosphere and missed the fact that Olly had moved away for a better view. I regret not being with her at the gig... sharing the experience together... need to make it up.

All in... what a fab evening... great music... great company and a God who is greater!

Check out my pics on FLICKR

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet-Up before Delirious? gig

Calling all Nanolog readers who are going to the Delirious? / Tim Hughes gig on Friday at the Carling Academy... Let's meet-up somewhere at 1800hrs and chew the cud before descending en masse to the concert.

I don't really know where the venue is... so any recommendations for a suitable venue would be welcomed. I was thinking about the Coffee Merchant in the Merchant City but that might be too far out. Whatcha think???


The venue is near the Bridge Street Underground station on the other side of the Clyde. Coffee Merchants is as good a venue as any... Its next to the City Halls in Candleriggs. See you there for sometime after 1730hrs-ish!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jon Burgerman (dot) com

Another artist whose Moleskine I would love to have a wee peek in is Jon Burgerman whose work should be familiar to you... especially if you love Wipeout Pure on the PSP.

Check out his site for some fab wallpapers for your Mac or PSP... and some quirky avatars and screen savers too. Excellent.

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New Bravia ad 2

The new Bravia Ad is now online... and all I can say is WOW!!!

The Behind-The-Scenes is pretty special too... Download them both and bang them on your PSP or iPod or MP4 player... and enjoy!

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Detour :: The Moleskine City Notebook Experience

I am a recent convert to Moleskine and am an eager evangelist of their product. I'm not the only one... Here's Jonny Laird is a big fan... the Soos has splashed out on a City Notebook for his trip to Barcelona and Lard has included one on his list to Santa.

This adds to their cool :: Detour is an exhibition in London that showcases 70 Moleskines by international artists, designers, architects, illustrators, and writers... from the 9th to the 22nd of October.

I would particularly love to see the Moleskine by James Jarvis.

I have said this before but personally I would love to see the Moleskines after the Soos and Lard had their way with them!

Check it out. Thanks again to PSFK who have received a lot of linking love from the 'phonaught today (3 links). I would recommend their blog - they have the finger on the pulse!

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BBC Languages

Aunty Beeb are doing some fab free language courses online... including SPANISH for the Soos... with Kevin from Blue's Clues!!!

Check out the full site here :: Languages :: for French, Spanish, German, Italian, Madarin, Portugese, Greek and some more.

They do Quick Fix guides as well with the basic phrases available as an MP3 download. Here's the Spanish one for the Soos.

Check it out.

Thanks to PSFK for the heads-up

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More on Barcelona

Over at my folks for a few days... Off to Edinburgh Zoo today... hoping Dayna and Miriam will not be stopped from leaving.

Anyway, those fab mavens of pop culture over at Cool Hunting have an article on BARCELONA - it is obviously the place to be... this time of year.

Check it out.

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Monday, October 16, 2006


Not sure what this is other than what it says ::
who: people like you.
what: an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation.
why: because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun.
I like the sentiment... Let's have more coffee mornings / afternoons / evenings!


Thanks to ((PSFK)) for the heads-up!


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