Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some thoughts on prayer... and creating a GTD prayer journal

Prayer Journal... gotta be a moleskine

I've been thinking about prayer for a wee while now. I need to improve my prayer life... kind of get more organised and serious about talking to my Lord.

Asked Chris for some advice on prayer and he sent me this...
I've never really thought about "how to pray" so I just want to give you some ideas and see if any stick :)

* I assume you keep a prayer list, seeing as you asked Dawn and I to keep a journal ourselves? Writing down prayers is great - that's how I pray "formally" each day. You can either write down a list of items you want to pray for and just talk through them with God, or write your prayers as if writing a letter to God.

* Visualisation is useful, but I find this one hard to concentrate on for long. Someone once taught me to imagine that you're in a place you love... somewhere peaceful and where you feel comfortable. Imagine you see someone walking towards you and realise it's Jesus. You strike up a conversation just as you would with any friend... you talk about whatever's on your mind. Continue the conversation either out loud or in your head.

* Praying scripture :: look up passages that relate to whatever is on your mind, or whatever situation you are going through. Read them out loud. As you remind yourself what God has said in his word, affirm it and pray "let it be so".

* Praying with feelings :: This one's a bit weird, I guess, and some people don't like it at all. Sometimes words just aren't enough for what you're thinking and it becomes necessary to pray with your feelings. I don't really know how to explain this one other than, say, bringing to the surface how you FEEL about situations and asking God to work in them.

* Art :: You've seen the art used as worship at Roots - but you can draw/paint/mould/arrange things as an aid to prayer as well. As you think about what things symbolise, you can symbolically manipulate and move them as you ask God to take care of whatever it is you're thinking of.

Structure is useful, but don't feel that you have to have a structure all the time. Snatching bits and pieces of prayer here and there throughout the day is just as valid a way of praying as spending a concentrated time. It is, however, good to spend longer times talking and listening to God. Sometimes just sitting in silence can be helpful. Sometimes putting on a favourite or meaningful piece of music works... basically you have to find your own preference.
Thanks Chris for the advice.

So what do you think? How do you pray?

I tend to use my walk to the station in the morning as meditative time. Kind of like the feelings point mentioned above. Just let my mind wander... quietly trying to listen. Trying feebly to communicate my awe when I witness a sunrise... or my gratitude for where I am and what I have.

But I want to take it forward... move on...

As you know... I'm a big fan of moleskine notebooks... and I really like the super thin cahier (3 in a pack for about £4 something) - they make a great gift too... Gave one to Kenny last night for a prayer journal... and I have given ones to Olly... Chris & Dawn in the past ::

Kenny with his new cahier

I've been thinking about how to organise the cahier to make the best use of the limited space... and make my limited prayer time as productive as possible.

I was inspired by the hyalineskies way of getting things done and have been considering ways of incorporating some of the learnings from his post into my prayer journal. I suppose I should have hacked an info book but thought that to be a wee bit extravagant... for now.

First off... I am using the A*C*T*S mnemonic - Adoration... Confession... Thanksgiving... and Supplication - to annotate any prayers. Consider it a reason code for the thought.

After that I am seeking to use some of the tags hyalineskies' uses - inbox and next tasks remains as the first tag... and projects remains too... Basically, I split the notebook in two... first half is dedicated to my inbox and the second half is dedicated to projects in the sense of specific activities that need considered. Pretty simple, really.

Taking this further...
For example, in the INBOX / NEXT PROCESSED section, the first two lines (pictured at left) are written as such:


The legend may seem fairly cryptic at first, but here’s what it stands for:

* DATE: The short date (e.g., 05/31) of the time the task was entered. If you don’t process tasks daily, this gives you an idea of the age of the task at hand.

* TASK: The actual task. This can span multiple lines if need be, but leave at least a half-centimetre margin on the right side for the WAIT? boolean (which I’ll explain in a second.)

* (REF): A reference number. If this task was moved forward in the list and not dumped into a project, you can then reference the page of the original task here. If you’re really obsessive-compulsive, you could do something like page:line where the page number and line number correspond to the task.

* (ITERATION): An iteration number for tasks pushed forward. This gives you an at-a-glance look at how many times the task was moved forward; it also gives an idea to the degree of “stubbornness” of the task. You increment this value every time you process tasks and push them forward.

* [PROJ.]: Put a page number in square brackets when processing a task to denote that you’ve spawned a project off of the task. In this case, you get a reference number to a page in the notebook’s PROJECTS section, so you can track where the Project was created and why that might’ve been the case.

* WAIT?: If you’re waiting for a response from somebody, simply put an X in this “column” of the page. If you followed the above rules, this is a constant margin down the side of your page. This way, on processing tasks for the day, you have a quick visual cue to all of the tasks you’re waiting for someone or something else before you can take action.
Taken from

If you change tasks to prayers... and swap wait? for answered you start to see where I am coming from.

Reference the prayers and give them an iteration number... such as [1.0] - if the prayer develops... alter the iteration [1.1] (this amalgamates [ref] and [iteration])

I also intend to add a further column ((between [reference/iteration] and [project]) for A*C*T*S and actually quantify my prayers - this makes me think about the why of the prayer and also lets me see the types of prayers I pray. Object of this exercise is to see if I balance my prayers.

Projects are groupings of prayers on a specific topic... such as ((deep)) and following hyalineskies' advice... I need to:
format the PROJECTS section like the INBOX session, but devote a whole page to a project when a project is started.
Makes sense. Will pull it all together and let you see it.

Any feedback? Any ideas? Leave a comment.

My gratitude to Chris and hyalineskies for their inspiration.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Brooke Fraser :: Deciphering Me

Thanks to PS for his recommendation - Olly and I are loving Brooke Fraser!!! Will blog about her album soon. Soaking it in. Enjoy the video - thanks to The Soos for the link.

New Music :: haan (emp027) by emvelope nine

I have said this before and will say it again... when "Simian" Shaun gives you the heads-up with regard to a new release from his netlabel :: Earth Monkey Productions :: I pay attention.

The latest from EMP is a 6 track ep called Haan by Birmingham born Alan Daly aka Emvelope Nine ::
Alan's knowledge and passion for electronic music pushed him to create his own sounds under the moniker 'Emvelope Nine', a subtle homage to the late Budd Dwyer. His sounds are focused around image and colour, forming rich aural representation reminiscent of Fennesz and Vladislav Delay'
I tend to agree with the reference to Fennesz but would be bold enough to say his work here reminds me of the mighty Boards of Canada - beautiful soundscapes full of sparse synths and ambience. Truly lovely and wonderfully meditative... especially Calvaire which is just wonderful.

They've done it again. Fab. Check out the ep here and while you are there... check out Alan's other ep on EMP :: Receiver

Well done Shaun! Another top dollar release!

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Studio Ghibli films... from Uncle Soos

Studio Ghibli from the Soos

The Soos gave the we'ans (along with Olly and myself) 5 Studio Ghibli DVDs for their Christmas. They were totally ecstatic - they love Miyazaki and his work... and really appreciate anime of this calibre.

I have to say the whole package is fantastic... characterisation... scenery... transportation... all wonderfully detailed and imagined.

We watched Laputa - Castle in the sky on Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is captivating and the setting is just amazing... although not good if you are scared of heights. Height is a major factor in the story... and very well captured. The characterisation is strong with this release boasting Anna Paquin as Sheeta and James van der Beek (aka Dawson) as Pazu. There is a thoughtful eco theme running through the story and the ending is awesome. I won't spoil it for you... but the morality is inspiring!

Grateful thanks go to The Soos for his generousity... and his willingness to open my we'ans up to other cultures and places... especially Japan.

I would recommend you check Studio Ghibli out... better than Disney by a long way!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

There is nothing like an Army cup of tea

Capt. Alec with some mugs
Capt. Alec with some cups

There is nothing quite like a cup of tea from the Salvation Army... a lot of people hold the Army in high regard because of a steaming hot mug of cha at a time of personal need.

Well... our division ((West of Scotland)) have come up with an initiative to get people to share a cup of tea with a friend... family member... or neighbour... in an attempt to connect people, include people and build caring communities.

Nothing like an Army cup of tea

In the pack that we all received this morning at Bellshill were 2 Salvation Army mugs each with a Tunnocks caramel wafer (my fav biscuit) and a fair trade teabag.

The intention is for people to reach out... and make connections. Its about listening... and praying as well - each pack has some cards that can be completed to ask our Divisional HQ to pray for someone.

I think its a grand idea... and will be taking a pack to my work tomorrow. I support this idea because I have been doing it for ages... I make time for people over coffee for no other reason than I like to spend time with them over a good cup of joe.

Its all about making meaningful connections... and thats only going to happen when you leave your agenda at home and love people just because they are! We don't need anything to do this... well except for money for the coffee... and I find it the most rewarding thing to do.

Try it!

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Saturday night...

The Gang

What a night! Spent the evening in the company of this bunch of reprobates :: there had been a murder and I was a suspect.

Rev Al & Xena Spooner

He I am... The Rev. Al Spooner with my fabulous wife Xena ((I thought she looked amazing in her sari... hence my smile!)) I was an American missionary who met his Indian born wife in Nanking.

Lady Marmalade & Bruce Lie

Our hosts for the evening were Lady Marmalade... the French socialite, and Bruce Lie... a martial arts expert and dancer at the White Poppy Club ((where the murder took place)).

Peking Tom & Su Suki

Peking Tom was the Australian head of a rival gang (the MSG) and sworn enemy of the deceased... and Su Suki was the self-obsessed Japanese star of film and music.

Mousey Tung & Wan Ton Willy

Lastly, we had Wan Ton Willy, the 2nd in charge of the Foo Fighters gang... with Mousey Tung, the dead man's housekeeper.

What a laugh... I won't spoil the story... Just to say it was a great evening... Good food and wonderful company with some close friends. A very special evening indeed.

More photos here

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday to Saturday...

The Soos

Went through to see The Soos last night... Spend some time... Chew the fat... Catch up... You get the gist!

The Khukuri

Unfortunately... or maybe it was fortunately our wee fav Japanese place was booked solid... so we went somewhere different. We went to a lovely Nepalese place nearby called The Khukuri and had a fantastic meal. It was PS' birthday and it was nice to chill with The Soos, PS, and the Skillip!

We were talking about soundtracks... as you do... and I was recounting how Bladerunner and Sleepless in Seattle are both wonderful soundtracks that are pretty romantic... except for each have a track right bang in the middle that spoils the mood :: One more kiss dear for Bladerunner and Gene Autrey's Back in the saddle again for Sleepless in Seattle. Afterwards, a rather inebriated gent who was at a different table came over to our table to say he agreed with me re back in the saddle again and went so far as to comment on the track... using a wonderfully descriptive Scottish slang term that rhymes with fish. Was pretty funny!

Sultan Chicken & Garlic Naan @ The Khukuri

I had a fab dish called Sultan Chicken - which actually agreed with me. Must be the imbu, timbu & jimbu - whatever they are - in the dish. Lovely!

KISS (in the Soos' bathroom!!!)

After food... we chilled at the Soos' pad for a while... The chaps played Gears of War - which I have say was stunning and a million miles away from Sonic on the Megadrive.

I love the Soos' pad... and love seeing all his toys. KISS in the toilet was fun to see.

Mark de Clive-Lowe's Freesoul Sessions @ Departure Lounge

We headed over to The Caves for Departure Lounge. I love the venue and the resident DJ :: Astroboy :: is fab. He knows his stuff and should do compilations.

The main act was Mark de Clive-Lowe and his Freesoul Sessions including Taliah (I think) on vocals and Richard Spaven on drums. I was disappointed not to see Bembe Segue and thought there was going to be a saxophonist too. Never mind. It was a good set... as strong as his set at TrocaBrahma... but because it was basically an improve set... they kind of got into a groove and things got repetitive near the end.

Beanscene @ Haymarket

Got to my bed about 0440hrs... after catching up with the Soos and chilling to tunes.

In the morning... about 4 hours or so after we got to bed... we headed out to the nearby Beanscene for breakfast and some business - I want to help the Soos get a book published via Lulu.


It was nice to chill in the sun... and just catch up. Sweet!

View from the Motherwell Heritage Centre

I headed home for about 1300hrs... and took the girls to the Motherwell Heritage Centre... The views of our manor were stunning... although my knees went to jelly. Amazing view. Check it out if you can - its free!

View from the Motherwell Heritage Centre

We now need to get ready for a Murder Mystery meal at Bobbito & Diane's. Going to be good. Will keep you posted.

Here's a link to more photos :: Link :: its great when you look forward to something and it happens as you hoped.

Thanks to the Soos for his generosity and great company.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

when love comes to town...

Red sky in the morning...

Today I was blessed to witness a beautiful red sky. Truly glorious... as I walked to the train station contemplating the future of ((deep)) and other stuff.

when love comes to town

I was blessed in another way... My love came to town for a surprise visit... well, I wish it was a surprise... but I kind of begged her to come through... which I am glad to say she did. I was great to spend sometime with her... eating soup...

apple slice to share

...and sharing an apple slice at my fav coffeehouse :: The Coffee Merchant

Afterwards, we went charityshopping in and around the Argyle St station... where I picked up an old, mint condition, Philip K Dick novel called We can make you for 75p (which was, ironically, 5p more than the price on the back from 1977)

From Book Covers

Days like this make it wonderful to be alive... I got my weekly mix done for JD... and was able to watch Bill Odie in the USA... which was fun.

I am now prepared for the hecticness of the weekend to come!

Son of Ranbow

From Screendumps

Thanks to The Soos for the heads up on this :: son of ranbow :: written and directed by Garth Jennings (of Hammer & Tongs & HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY).

Here's the detail ::

From Screendumps

As it says above... they have created a Tony Hart style gallery and have started to fill it with some super sweet illustrations... Here are some of my favs:

From Screendumps

From Screendumps

From Screendumps

From Screendumps

They are looking for submissions... so I say to the talented folks in the ol' nanolog community to give it a go... especially Lard and the Soos himself.

I have to say... the film looks promising... a comedy about friendship, faith and the weird business of growing up! Nice. Check it out.

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The Sacred Council

From Screendumps

My mate Royzoner sent me a wee link to this total wacky ((yes!!! wacky)) video that he's made.
The Sacred Council is a fifteen minute comedy documentary on the lives of misfits that have been taken over by mysterious Sock Puppets. We've got a fantastic cast of improv actors, a great soundtrack from Albert Chon Carter. It all seems to flow really well, considering we devised and shot it over a weekend.
I personally love the music... and hope to collab with Roy in the future for videos for ((deep)). As for the film itself - it shows great promise and, although its a bit weird, it is pretty off-the-wall funny too.

Check it out :: here

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S*N*A*C :: February

From S*N*A*C flyers

S*N*A*C :: February

From S*N*A*C flyers

S*N*A*C :: February

From S*N*A*C flyers

S*N*A*C :: February

From S*N*A*C flyers

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I have a confession...

I've been real honest with my friends in the ol' nanolog community... and I just can't continue any longer with the pretense. You think of me as a coolhunter... always on the bleeding edge to bring you the latest and greatest.

Well I have a confession... and as much as it pains me... I have to come clean with you all.

I am loving BLUE GRASS!!!

It started off all innocent... I was recommended to listen to a track called The Lucky One by Alison Krauss & Union Station - they said it was just acoustic guitars and the like... nothing shameful... nothing addictive. So I tried a little bluegrass and that was it... I was hooked and loving...

From Album Covers


I need help. I have been listening to Lonely Runs Both Ways a lot in the car. For some reason... maybe its the weather... I have been really digging track 3 :: Rain please go away :: with its hardcore banjo-rocking. Wow!

From Album Covers

And at the end of last week... I picked up the first Be Good Tanyas album, Blue Horse. Its a tremendous first time effort... full of raw emotion... and banjos! The opening track, The Littlest Birds (sing the prettiest songs), is just awesome and so, so catchy.

So there you go... I feel so much better! We should never underestimate the cathartic power of blogging.

Please don't pity me... or look down on me... but join me in appreciating the last great unchartered music genre. Its like acoustic music... but with BANJOS!!!

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Paris DJs :: Sweet Podcast

As you know... I'm a big fan of the ol' Podcast! I make one... encourage others to make them... and regularly listen to sermons from Erwin McManus or wonderfully obscure electronica.

I've found another podcast of note :: Paris DJs :: and well recommend them. I love the way they provide a tracklist and go into detail about each track. I was particularly taken with African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.3 - it was a tremendous sampler for African funk.

If you like beats and funky tunes... I'd well recommend you check the Paris DJs out.


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Another gathering... in the offing!

I've called another gathering :: would love for you to come...

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Calling another gathering...

The sun was shining yesterday when I traveled to work... and I was thinking about how well the gathering went.

So much so that I'd like to call another one! Got a bit of time on this... because I would like to tie it in to a visit to these parts of Matthew Bennett (and possibly his good lady, Debbie) who are good friends of ours and the Corps officers in Kirkwall.

I'm thinking 1630hrs for 1700hrs on Wednesday, 21st February : It is Ash Wednesday and will be the start of Lent... and I can't think of a more fitting start to a time of sustained contemplation than to hang out with some sweet folk.

Still to decide on the venue. It will be in Glasgow... but we may look at the Nero near Central Station - it has a basement space which may be more suitable for our blether.

Leave me a comment or send me an email if you want to come... or if you have any other preferred locations.

Who knows... I might even make some badges.

Working from home

Working from home today... Need to get the head down (which I am doing! even though I am blogging right now)

Working from home has some fab benefits like zero commute, great company (Olly is around) and the food is fab:

Olly made her world famous tomato and brown rice soup for lunch... which is just right for a day like today... and I get a cup of tea whenever she's making one. Thanks honey!

Its a pleasure to just plug into Isan on my shuffle and just build spreadsheets - something you can't do when everyone wants to speak to you about something.

What are the downsides? The need to keep focussed. Too many distractions... like this blog!

Ah well... wish I could do this more often.

disrupt and confront

"I've come to start a fire on this earth—how I wish it were blazing right now! I've come to change everything, turn everything rightside up—how I long for it to be finished! Do you think I came to smooth things over and make everything nice? Not so. I've come to disrupt and confront!"
Luke 12:49-50 (The Message

What are we doing to disrupt and confront the areas of our lives that do not fit with what Jesus wants? In the community we live in... are we challenging the injustice... the inhumanity that has become commonplace? For example... what have learned from the recent Big Brother Racist row? What are we doing about the dawn raids that remove asylum seekers from our communities?

What did William Booth do? What did William Wilberforce do? Think of our world if they tried to "smooth things over and make everything nice".

Doing nothing is not an option. We must fight against the injustice of this world!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Departure Lounge :: Edinburgh - 26th Jan

From Flyers

Hoping to go and spend some quality time with the Soos... and possibly some of the gang from TrocaBrahma.

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With every heartache we've traveled so far
Every dark night has a day
For every tear's sake we follow a star
To the shelter of our lives.

Loneliness fades and happiness invades me
With you in my life, you're the way to my serenity

So undaunted you and I have mended
Our seams and plights no situation is gonna steer us away from our eternity

With every heartache we've traveled so far
Every dark night has a day
For every tear's sake we follow a star
To the shelter of our lives.

In a black room, you kissed my aging wound
And I saw without sight the true meaning of what real love can do
When you're with me I'm never feeling empty
I'm filled with your light I'm satisfied I never cease to be surprised with joy for you.

Finding peace in the shelter of your love.
Shelter by The Family Stand

I recently found the CD (Moon in Scorpio) from which this song is taken... and have been playing this song quite a bit.

It was a big song when Olly and I were courting - we even considered it as a dance at our wedding... but its not really that kind of song.

Why is it meaningful tonight? I mentioned in my previous post that I was pretty stupid yesterday... and, well... I regret being me.

Thing is... I am selfish.

The following contains content of a personal nature!

I am selfish. Its another of my demons that I have to confront. You see I honestly believe I am being broken so that I can be remade into someone worthy of my future. That sounds arrogant and I don't mean it to be... I just think there is something I have to do... and I am not equipped to do it in my current state.

How am I selfish? Because I put myself... and other people... in front of my most dearest loved ones. If I am not doing my own thing... I am doing stuff for others. Either way I am not in the here and now that Olly or my we'ans deserve.

Consider this...
Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn't want what it doesn't have.
Love doesn't strut,
Doesn't have a swelled head,
Doesn't force itself on others,
Isn't always "me first,"
Doesn't fly off the handle,
Doesn't keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn't revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.
From1 Corinthians 13 (The Message)

Love cares more for others than for self... Isn't always "me first"...

I could make excuses... but I won't. I think about me... and put tasks I have to do for people before the simple things that keep families together. I also think about me when I consider my faith... and keep to a level of comfort... instead of taking the step of the faith... out into the unknown that I know I must... we must... take.

Its as if I have bought into the lie that says anything cool... anything new... is worth more than anything real... anything that I have! I want what I don't have... all the time missing the very thing I have.

I broke down today at church. Cried out at the Mercy Seat when a response was called... for the Lord to break me. I am infuriated by my selfishness... and acknowledge my need to change... and yet... I can't. Today was all about commitment and being broken ((we are a week behind at Bellshill - it was the same topic as last week in Hamilton)) and the last wee while finally caught up with me.

It comes back to the other demon I am fighting - procrastination. My avoidance of the difficult things I must do. It all falls into place.

Certain things might seem like a chore... but they are the glue that keeps a family working. You need to work at keeping it working. I am either in the moment or I am not.

Certain steps may also seem impossible... but they are steps of faith in which I do not go in my own strength. Again... I am either in the moment or I am not.

I choose to be in!

That's why I have been playing the song... because every dark night has a day! I have hope. I acknowledge the problem.

I have seen without sight the true meaning of what real love can do... I am satisfied when I am filled with the light of love that I have from my Lord and from my nearest & dearest. And you know something... I am always surprised with joy for what my Lord has done for me... and who my family are to me. I am surrounded by love... and I just need to take hold. Am I worthy of this love? Not on your life! There is no way I could ever be deserving of this kind of love... and that makes it all the more important to ensure I keep a tight grasp on it.

I am looking to the day... for this dark night will end soon. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shaping up to be a good weekend!!!

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty good. Just kind of what is needed really.

Chris and Dawn came over last night for some food... some fellowship... and some Cluedo!!!

It is always good to spend time with them... Dawn is glowing, which is lovely to see! Chris is glowing too... in his own way, I suppose.

Chris is kind of my mentor... its weird because we are guiding each other I think... but I need some spiritual guidance and he's a Salvation Army officer (Glenrothes Corps)... so things fell into place. Didn't really do much "mentoring" but it was great just to hang out and talk.

Today... after some stupidity on my part (will talk about that later) - we headed over to the Kelvingrove Museum with Janey & Roscoe. I love the space and always see something fresh and new there. Its wonderful to have something so rich and vibrant in the centre of Glasgow... and its even better when you consider its free to get in.

Afterwards... we headed to the Salvation Army's Charity Shop on Dumbarton Road. Its a great store with loads of interesting product. Nearly bought a brand new pair of Levi's... but they were a 40" waist... and I'm not that big. The saggy bum look is still cool in my world... but they may have been too saggy!

We did pick up this fab table for £20. Read more about it on Olly's blog - It looks fab in the living room. Sweet! I love charity-shopping... especially when I pick up some sweet vinyl too:

Lost Horizon by Burt Bacharach & Hal David... with the Shangri-La Orchestra & Chorus. Its a bit cheesy... but in a nice way. Its from 1973... and fun. Picked it up in the Barnados shop across the road from the Sally Army.

After Roscoe and I carried the table to my car... which was a sight to behold... kind of like a bizarre pantomime horse... We headed to the Beanscene across from the Kelvingrove and chilled out. Seriously. 90 minutes of bliss! The tunes are always good in there... and there were some gems on rotation. We drank coffee and tea... eat melts... and just relaxed. I doodled in my Moleskine... with Janey. Olly, Roscoe and the girls played with the Nintendogs on the two DS lites. Great fun. I also read a bit from the New Testament (The Message) I bought earlier in the day at the GLO in Motherwell. It was half price because it had a scratch on the front cover. I think it has character... and wanted a wee NT for my bag.

Speaking of my bag... here's the contents. I have an obsession with stuff. Go here if you want to know more.

Hmmm... I can smell pizza. Janey & Roscoe are back (they went away for a couple of hours to see Roscoe's dad - aye right - away for a winch!!!)

Been good so far... and I am so grateful for the people I have in my life!


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