Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Geez mag... Still going strong!

Way back in March I posted about a fab new magazine called ((Geez))... well its still going strong and is now on its third issue (link).

On the site they link to an article on the mag... its motivations... and its volunteers. Well worth a read...
While the editors and many of the writers at Geez are Christians, readers need not be. As Braun suggests: “We’re writing for people who have some kind of love-hate relationship with religion, as many of us do.” According to the magazine’s mission statement, Geez is for “the over-churched, out-churched, un-churched and maybe even the un-churchable.” This far-flung constituency likes to respond in the magazine’s lively letters page, denouncing Geez as “post-modern drivel” put out by “pretentious bohos” or praising it as “a great joy and comfort.”.../
/...Geez recognizes that it holds a certain appeal for “the disgruntled children of hook-line-sinker conservative Christians,” but the editors carefully dodge any attempts to label the mag “cool.”
Check out the interview here and give the mag some of your time... if you can get your hands on a copy.

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I like this :: Sony's MYLO

I like this... It's Sony's new toy :: ((MYLO)) aka My Life Online - its full of cool web toys for when you find an open wi-fi hotspot. Stuff like Skype... GoogleTalk... Yahoo IM... Windows Media Player (boo hiss)... Web browser (withut flash)... It looks like a fab wee toy.

Sony have made a bold entry into a new, emerging market... the whole wi-fi doohickey market. Way I see it... wi-fi is going to be all over soon enough... kind of like mobile phone coverage. And we'll pay something a month... if anything... to use it.

MYLO will capture the we'ans attention just now... they will use it at home on ma & pa's home wi-fi set up. They won't need a laptop or a costly mobile to keep connected... with their myspace posse. Just this wee toy... and wi-fi.

As the we'ans grow older... wi-fi will have better coverage... they will take their MYLO with them... out and about in the big, bad world.

Suddenly this becomes a huge toy. Its like a new blackberry... but with the potential to be way more addictive. Truly mobile blogging... IM'ing... and Skype'ing... Like it.

Watch for it... Thanks to Joi Ito for the heads up.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I love this tee

Originally uploaded by doc18.

One of my Flickr pals... Doc18... has posted a pic with him wearing a sweet tee. Like it.

delirious? & Tim Hughes... 20th Oct...

delirious? are playing Glasgow Carling Academy on Friday, 20th October... supported by Tim Hughes

Who wants to go? Tickets are £13.50 for this standing only gig. Going to be great.

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New Music :: ((I'm doin' fine now)) by [New York City]

Loving this... SuperOlly found this album on vinyl while diggin' in the charity crates. Its a wonderful slab of early 70's vocal soul music... with the title song : "I'm doin' fine now" : being a classic of the genre. Tight, four-part vocal harmonies... with funky backbeats. Supersweet! Thanks honey!

((more info))

Olly found others that I will post about... depending on how good they are.

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New Balance Centenary

I like New Balance trainers... I respect their design ethic and their approach to their product... product I don't own but like.

Anyway, thought this was superfab... To celebrate 100 years in the game... they've created 3 signature models for their longest serving employees. How cool is that? Its so anti sponsorship and endorsement and megamoney deals. Love it.

Here's the details...Three models are available in the collection::
* M577 Audrey, M670 Victor and M1500 Ian.
* 1906 pairs of each style worldwide.
* Certificate of Authenticity included.
* Assembled solely in the UK Flimby Factory situated in the Lake District.
* Footwear detailing includes a centenary woven tongue label with an illustration of the coastal view from the factory.
* Customised illustrated Centenary insole signed off by Victor, Audrey and Ian for each individual model.
They drop at ((Hanon-Shop)) on Saturday, 30th September @ 1230hrs... Set your iCal accordingly.

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Travel Guides... 2006 style

I like this... Sony have developed with ((lonely planet)) some sweet travel guides for the PSP. Check out ((psp passport)) for full details but here's the gist...
Passport to... Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague.

* Uniquely interactive travel guides exclusively available on PSP (PlayStation Portable).
* Get the low-down on over 250 of the hottest restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, shops and sights.
* Discover the city with easy-to-use maps, scene-setting movies, essential info and audio phrasebook in 5 languages.
* Plan your perfect trip on-the-go, create your own itinerary, or choose from a selection ready-made.
* Split from the beaten track with inspirational audio tours and download updates online.
I really do like this... interactive travel guides of some of the fabbest places on the planet... all on the PSP.

Sony are really pushing the boat out on making the PSP more than just a games / multimedia console... this takes it to a new level and should open up them up to new markets. Throw in the Talkman and you are going places.

Although, the skeptic in me thinks the first place you'll be going if you whip your PSP out in a strange land is to the Police to report it nicked!!!

Scmap do dynamic travel guides for loads of places around the world. They give you a wee app, the ((Schmap Player)) that enables you to do dynamic browsing which integrates maps, reviews and online content with virtual tours and search capability. Sounds great... but I have to wait until they get their boffins to create a Mac version of the player.

...or I suppose you could just buy a book... like the ((Moleskin City Guide))... Basically, you create your own city guide for places like Rome, London, Vienna and Dublin... recording your travels and memories in the spaces provided in the sweet little Moleskin notebook. Would make a fab wee gift for someone... adds an extra dimension. Nice idea.

Check them out.

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Funny... but true!

Thanks to Joel for this funny... but true cartoon.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Headphonaught's Music Store

Part 1 of a two-parter for JD... that I want to share to my community. Its a sweet wee 30-odd mix... weighing in at approx 39mb. It is pretty eclectic and goes off in a few tangents... feeling reggae / ska / dub just now which is represented in all its glory... also likin' quirky beats.

Hope you like... Leave some feedback, please!!!


1) St. Tropez by Brigitte Bardot taken from "In Flight Entertainment"
2) Battle Without Honor Or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei taken from "Electric Samurai"
3) Tokyo Ghost Stories by Arovane taken from "Lilies"
4) eyen by Plaid taken from "Double Figure"
5) silently bad minded by Pressure Drop taken from "Elusive"
6) No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley & The Wailers taken from "Natty Dread"
7) Liquidator by Harry J Allstars taken from "The Trojan Records Sampler 2002"
8) Israelites by Desmond Dekker & The Aces taken from "The Trojan Records Sampler 2002"
9) Samba De Verao by Deodato taken from "O Som Dos CatedrĂ¡ticos"
10) so nice (summer samba) by Bebel Gilberto taken from "Tanto Tempo"
11) barbarabatiri by The Quantic Soul Orchestra taken from "Essential Latin Flavas"

I use for my online storage... Follow this link to get a 1gb online account for free...

Tom's Trip 2... Droppin' in October!

There was talk about the follow up to Tom Middleton's The Trip a while back ((link)) and then it all kind of went quiet.

Well those fab bleedin'-edgers at Cool Hunting ((thank you!!!)) have the exclusive on the artwork (see above) and the tracklisting for Tom's latest trip... which is due to drop on the 23rd October.

Two sides :: Vertical party tunes and horizontal chillin' tunes... which include Boards of Canada, Recloose, Kool and the Gang, Breakestra, Air, Goldfrapp, Quantic and Thievery Corp to name a few... It looks like a fab set list and is getting folk like the Soos very excited already. Can't wait.

Family Recordings

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Monday, September 25, 2006

The graying of the Record Store

Copyright 2006: New York Times
The neighborhood record store was once a clubhouse for teenagers, a place to escape parents, burn allowances and absorb the latest trends in fashion as well as music. But these days it is fast becoming a temple of nostalgia for shoppers old enough to remember “Frampton Comes Alive!’
It seems the neighbourhood record store is under threat from iTunes & downloading...according to the NYT.

It looks like they haven't been to Fopp recently... but I do appreciate the sentiment of the article.

Another bastion of the community... the 'hood... is at risk from the infosupahiway. It is now time to specialise and diversify... or die:
Around the country, he (Eric Levin) said, shops like Grimey’s in Nashville, Shake It Records in Cincinnati and Other Music in New York are hanging on to young customers by evolving into one-stop hipster emporiums. Besides selling obscure CD’s and even vinyl records, many have diversified into comic books, Japanese robot toys and clothing. Some have opened adjoining nightclubs or, in Mr. Levin’s case, coffee shops.
Don't you just love it when coffee comes to the rescue!

The lesson here is to adapt or die... its a sad lesson... I've lost Our Price and Impulse in Hamilton... and apart from Woolworths and ASDA there isn't anywhere to by music in Motherwell. I have to go to one of the 2 Fopps in Glasgow... or HMV... or one of the Virgins (no laughing... but there are at least 2 Virgins in Glasgow).

This got me thinking about the parallels between church and record shops...

Both have had to shut up shop in places due to a lack of popularity... although the record stores have headed towards the urban centres and the malls... and the churches have moved towards the more middleclass areas. Congregations have become smaller... neighbourhoods / parishes are being left unrepresented.

Both offer tremendous "product" and potential for community (I use the word "product" carefully when talking about church - God's grace and love is not a commodity! nor is it for sale - its a freebie of infinite value!) but this is being lost amongst a myriad of instant choice and self-gratification.

Can church learn from Record Stores? Yes... vinyl is increasing in popularity... people are discovering the classics (like me and the Beatles)... there is a real yearning of the authentic... the real... the tangible... that is just as prevalent for the church as it is for Record Stores. The expression of quality over quantity can be heard, first hand, when you listen to a record (in my humble opinion)... or at least a CD. I am Apple's biggest fan... but even I acknowledge the fact that music is better uncompressed... and even better analogue (ohmygoodness... I sound old)

Anyway... where am I going with this? We need to diversify... adapt and grow... move away from nostalgia... without losing a sense of purpose or identity. This isn't about selling any old CD... like the junk you see in Poundstretcher or in the queue at the Post Office... this is all about the music. A Record Store is all about selling records / CDs... its about selling the latest... and possibly most obscure... and building community by hiring people who have the knowledge.

Think local... Support your local Record Shop... before you lose it too!

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Departure Lounge :: this Friday...

Can't wait to meet up with The Soos... and go check out some sweet, sweet music at Departure Lounge. Going to be good!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Spent the weekend in Gourock... hangin' at Janey's place. Roscoe was over and space was tight... 6 folk in a 1 bed flat... all in, it was good fun.

The weather on Saturday was glorious... warm, t-shirt warm... the sun was low and made you squint. Had a picnic on the front... porkpies... rolls... houmous... prawns... cheese... you know what I mean... the kind of food your folks would pull together for picnics... except maybe the houmous... unless your folks were really cool!

Checked out the shops. I have said this before and will say it again... I love unique boutiques... independent coffee houses and charity shops. Throw in a record shop and a TK Maxx and I'm in consumer heaven. Gourock doesn't have a record shop or a TK... but it does have some fab places.

They have a charity shop there which is just fab for records and CDs. Picked up the following for £1 each (yes... ONE QUID)

I love "Would I lie to you?" by Charles & Eddie and the rest of their first (and only???) album on Stateside, is top quality soul music... Lovely vocals... sexy... soulful... latenight grooves. Fab.

I am not a Beatles fan... or at least I wasn't... I picked up 1 for novelty value and a sense of exploration. I tend to be skeptical when folk rave on about stuff... kind of ironic, I know... The Beatles were always over hyped in my eyes... but I gave them a chance this weekend and I am sold. Complete 180... They were responsible for so many wonderful pieces of popular music... they deserve my respect! Yesterday has very special memories for me too... although it was the Boys2Men cover. Great to here the original. Fantastic CD for the car... They sang so much about LOVE - you can't help to be uplifted. Sweet.

The soundtrack to Good Morning Vietnam got me into soul music... that and a freebie tape I got once when I bought some jeans... I absolutely love Robin Williams as Adrian Croneur - I don't think Olly gets it... but I do... laughing like Jack Nicholson in the Shining... all the way home in the car. The selection of soul and 60's classics on this album is tremendous. Whoever pulled the OST together is one fab musical curator. You must have this album on your person at all times!!!

Grabbed a coffee in Flava and enjoyed the company... Great to kick back and just relax. Been a big week and next week is going to be tough.

On Sunday morning we visited the Salvation Army in Port Glasgow - this is Janey's home corps with loads of her family there. Great to see old friends and be part of a smaller corps, for a change. You get spoilt in Bellshill, numbers wise. I think people forget about the other corps in the area... there is a real mega church mentality going on that I'm not a big fan of. For me its all about quality... not quantity. Its about people being there for their love of Jesus... and giving their all. Its not about perfection... or hi-fidelity. Its about guts... and passion... and roots.

I was bowled away by their sections... small but full of passion and feeling and willingness... true quality.

The weather was rotten but the company... and the food was good... even though Roscoe's rules for Uno were suspect!

All in... its great to be home... and great to be home with one wonderful wife and two fab we'ans... oh and a sweet wee dog.

Good times!

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Pumas

New Pumas
Originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

Picked these babies up last week for £9.00... Yes... NINE quid!

TK Maxx rules!!! They are a premium leather upper... very shiny and soft... in the shape of the Clyde or States. I haven't actually seen these babies on the 'net... and don't even know what they are called. But they are lovely.

Proving you can look fresh on a budget... if you know what to pick.

one web day

Merchant City Festival - French Market
Originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

Yesterday was one web day :: a celebration of the web and all the good things it has brought.

Well I thought I'd share a wee bit about how this interweb thing has changed my life... and I mean changed!!!

Take the photo above... took it yesterday near my work in the Merchant City in Glasgow. There was a French street market on... and I love playing with the panorama function on my SE750i. Anyway, I posted it to my Flickr account and tagged it with onewebday as recommended on the Beeb. The photo has been view a number of times and was picked up by the NowPublic news site. Cool!

Flickr is a great tool for sharing with people, creating informal networks and developing visual awareness. I'm not a trained artist like the Soos or Olly and Flickr is an amazing tool to help me learn.

What else? Well think of this here Nanolog and the community that has evolved around it. I can keep my family uptodate with my goings on... Folk like my folks... the Soos and Janey & Roscoe... Bobbito & Diane... Jon G... Studgie & Wee Emma...

I can converse with really great people who I have never met... cool folks like EP / Andy / Paula / Roy / Laura Lou / JD / Nuno / [pernell*] / Johnny L / Matt / Joel

I have also met some wonderful people who I can keep in touch with over the web... folk like DJ Haggis / Stevie / Chris H / Al to name just a few.

Now you know why I call it a community... and I love it!

Blogging has really opened me up to God's love... and all that is happening in the world... especially concerning the wonderful new expressions of church that are emerging all over the world. It has also crystalised my feelings... my faith... you get the whole of me on the nanolog... not just one small part.

So what else has the ol' infosupahiway allowed me to do? Well I can podcast great sermons via iTunes and Chris' site :: I can realise a dream to DJ via JD's start up :: Lighthouse21 - going to be doing 90 min mixes soon that JD will stream... cool!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The net has revolutionised my life with some help from Apple and Belkin for the whole wi-fi... mobile thing.

Thanks to everyone who is journeying with me.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I do believe I am called to be involved in planting a new expression of church and community somewhere... sometime... This isn't a new thought. This is something that has been bubbling under the surface for a while and has developed over the last few days.

For those who don't know... I've been pretty focussed on the idea I have for a creative space in Glasgow codenamed ((deep)) and the meeting I had last night was very successful. However, I don't believe this is the complete fulfilment of my calling.

((deep)) will be huge... I don't doubt it. Huge in impact and presence... but I yearn for community. I want to do this whole new-expression-of-church thing in a place and time where I don't need to commute. Where I live and breathe church and community because my church and my community are together.

I have had a few conversations recently that have crystalised this thought... this desire.

On Tuesday, I met up with my close friend and fellow traveller on this ((deep)) journey, Jon G, to discuss the pitch on Wednesday. When I got to Starbucks (Jon's choice... I wanted to go to Coffee Merchant) I met up with a chap called Paul Ede :: Along with his wife Esther, Paul is the team leader in Glasgow for an organisation called urban expression. UE is urban mission agency that recruits, equips, deploys and networks self-financing teams pioneering creative and relevant expressions of the Christian church in under-churched areas of the inner city.
Their approach is very interesting... especially relating to self-financing. A concept that Innes J independently spoke about recently...and now something in place and working.

I have arranged to hook up with Paul and Esther to talk through their approach further and will post about them afterwards. I believe they have a direction that needs to be explored. They really challenged me about putting my financials in the Lord's hands... which is so hard for me to do. I am the provider and can not... will not... jeapordise my beautiful wife and we'ans. Is this idolatory? I don't think so. I believe I am honouring God by providing for my family... even though I am unhappy in my job.

After the pitch last night... Jon took me out to Nando's for some food... We were in the neighbourhood and are both big fans.

While in Nando's... Jon and I had a deep discussion about our church... the Salvation Army... and our connection with it as a church and as a movement. I challenged Jon to tell me what was Army that he wouldn't give up. He replied...
1) Social Action
2) Mission
3) Discipleship
4) Worship
This is my view too... The Army, as a movement, is very dear to me... but I get frustrated when people get mixed up and view our style of worship as being the most important.

Jon then further challenged me by saying that Jesus didn't come to make Christians but to change lives... to change communities and that this should be our focus. Our Founder focussed on soup... and soap... before he worried about salvation. His focus was on changing the physical realities of people. He wasn't obsessed with quantity... obsessed with bums (literally) on seats... Booth sought to make a difference in his world.

This is my inspiration... my yearning... to make a difference. I want to make this difference through the Salvation Army... but I am not limited to them... nor will I be limited by them. As long as the big four above are evident... and in that order.

Its going to happen, dv, and I can't wait.

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New Music...

Got some new tunes... all in for a tenner!

First off... with a racy 60's style cover... is the soundtrack to Roman Coppola's CQ. Its a film set in 1969 about a film set in 2001... and the music fits right in. Haven't seen the film but do like Mellow - they remind me of Air circa Moon Safari... and this album doesn't disappoint. It is full of short sixties-esque psychedelica... and I love it. Atmospheric, soundscapes with futuristic (60's style) choirs and guitars and weird synths. Lovely.

Next up is the funky ska and soulful reggae of Toots Hibert and the Maytals - I love rhythm culture... and love ska's bounce and reggae's lilt. Toots and the Maytals are superstars and this compilation on Trojan captures the group's vibe. Makes me long for summer days in the garden. Pressure Drop is such a powerful song... Hmm, in fact, I'm inspired to create a mix for JD that will showcase the track. Not everyone likes reggae... but I do... and if you want something more than Bob Marley's Legend then check out the Maytals. Fab!

Lastly, been after this album for a wee while now... ever since I saw Mark de Clive-Lowe and Bembe Segue at the TrocaBrahma event. Fresh and new... lovely keyboards and great vocals... this is nujazz at its best. Vibrant. Upbeat. Happy. Vanessa Freeman guests on one track... and shines as always. Wonderful.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three Of Man's Closest Relationships With Brands

PASADENA, CA—Three of the five deepest emotional investments of local resident Ken Bowman are currently Apple, American Apparel, and Starbucks, sources close to the 27-year-old graphic designer said Monday. "American Apparel makes a strong debut this year, surging ahead of [Bowman's girlfriend] Missy [Levenson], Diesel and Tom's Of Maine," Bowman's roommate and marketing consultant Dean Childers said. "Ken's mother is still a solid number five, but Skechers is down to the seventh spot from number two last year, a drop which may spell wider implications." Missing from this year's list were Roomba, Bowman's cat Pepsi, and Childers himself.
Roy, you are so right! This is way too close to home.

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((deep)) & [ wide ]

OK... I deleted the previous post... worried that people might misinterpret the message... but I have had second thoughts!

Spread the word :: link

We are not looking to replace anything here... we are looking to widen the Army and help it's people, especially its younger people, to have a deeper love for Jesus and a greater knowledge of Him. Revival is no longer numbers but quality... and this helps one person then hey... its been worth it!

The gist of the meeting was that Ivor is fully behind this... totally, passionately behind this! It will happen!

I have been asked to take this to the Strategy Board for their review / approval... with Ivor's sponsorship... and have a proposal paper to write... in 3 weeks!!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this venture so far!

In no order... thanks to Pernell*... to Janey & Roscoe... to Chris... and Dan... and to Matt, the Orkney massive... to my pal, Alistair... and Humfer... and Mr Laird... Bobbito & Diane... Kenny & Sarahbell... to JD & EP in the States...

Special thanks to Olly and Jon for making it happen with me! Love you all. Its going to happen, God willing!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The podcast featured in "New and Notable"

The podcast is doing really well... The one from Sunday morning that includes Laura has been downloaded 119 times so far. Tremendous!

This is probably why the podcast appears in the "new and notable" section of the Religion & Spirituality podcast grouping.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed.

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Bonfire of the brands :: a blog (2)

A while back I posted about a chap who intended to exorcise all the branded stuff from his life and live without brands. He planned to burn all his stuff... and I was a wee bit annoyed that the gear couldn't be given a new, more deserving, home.

Well he went through with it. Check out the movie on his blog :: link

I don't agree with how he went about exorcising his demon... I do commend him for having the guts to do it.

I would encourage people to give away their stuff... if they believe it has an unhealthy hold on them. Give it to people who need the thing for its base element... a tee for warmth instead of as a statement, for example.

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[ wide ]

I really hope Ivor doesn't read my blog... because I am giving away the ending here. What was missing from ((deep))? The missional exhalation!

((deep)) is very much based on nurture... and development... and encouragement. It lacks the outward, missional, incarnational expression of Jesus' love in the community.

Enter [ wide ]... my initial view of how we can create this form of expression. Need to ratify it with Jon Godfrey later today (having coffee in just less than 11 hours time) but I believe it is the way to go.

What do you think?


Sorry for not posting on Monday... Been busy developing my slides for my meeting to discuss ((deep)) (See my Hardthought for more detail)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day for Darfur :: Never forget!

Today is the Global Day for Darfur where we are reminded that the horror in Darfur CONTINUES!
Thousands of people are still losing their lives...

Despite the signing of a Darfur peace agreement on 5 May 2006, the violence in western Sudan has not stopped; in fact, in some parts of Darfur, the violence has grown worse.

People are still being killed and raped and displaced - every single day.

On September 17 people around the world will take part in the Global Day for Darfur to show world-wide support for the Darfuri people and to put pressure on our Governments to protect the civilians.
I believe in action... we are told to act ::
Don't fool yourself into thinking that you are a listener when you are anything but, letting the Word go in one ear and out the other. Act on what you hear! Those who hear and don't act are like those who glance in the mirror, walk away, and two minutes later have no idea who they are, what they look like.
James 1: 22-24 (The Message)

I believe prayer is action... as important as writing to the Government and peacefully demonstrating. Take time out to pray for Darfur... you may wish to follow Archbishop Desmond Tutu's prayer:

Whether you pray or not... do something... whatever you can do... but, most of all, don't forget!

day for Darfur

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Please pray for...

Paula aka cowpunkmom - a member of the nanolog community and regular commentator here - Her dad has just died. I would ask you to keep Paula... and her family... in your thoughts and prayers.

Frog & Dog Hot Heads Oven Mitts

I think these oven mitts are pretty special...
Follow your animal instincts in the kitchen...put on one of these insulating mitts before touching anything hot! Their mega mouths will protect you from burns and put a smile on your face while they're at it! HOT HEADS are flexible, grippy, strong, safe...and charming. Handsome plastic display boxes. 100% virgin silicone is temperature-tolerant from -58 degrees to 446 degrees.
Check them out at Perpetual Kid

Thanks to ((Joel)) for the heads up.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

//Saviour// Clothing

God FM

Its hard being a cool-hunting maven on the bleeding edge everyday... sometimes stuff gets missed. Thankfully my people up in Orkney, Matt B, picked up on this fab wee label :: //Saviour//clothing :: who are doing some sweet thoughtful designs...
Saviour’s vision was born out of many years of prayer and desire to see people of all ages being confident about who they are and what they are about. At the same time we wanted to be cutting edge, bold, fresh and real because that’s what we believe Jesus is about.
Not a big fan of anything labelled "Christian"... I tend to reject ghettos... but I like this!

PS Only joking about the cool-hunting maven on the bleeding edge... I have a mullet and wear Wrangler jeans... Hardly stylish... Yeee-Haaa!!!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Headphonaught's Orange Mix

Another mix for my community... this is a biggie... 90mins of souljazzfunkybeats with gaps for JD's site every half hour or so.

Check it out here :: ((link)) :: but be warned... it weighs in at a super chubby 103mb.


New Music :: ((Computer Pop)) by [IJO]

Just downloaded ((Computer Pop))... an ep from the producer [IJO] on the mighty netlabel ((sutemos)). Its wonderful... fresh... vibrant... alive... its upbeat glitchy electronic goodness for new days and new adventures. Essential... it needs a home on your iPod.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

New York's New Wave Espresso

Thanks to my pal Roy for the link to this video in NY Times on one of my fav things... Coffee!

Check it out here

One day I'll be part of a coffeehouse... one day!

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Thought for today...

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Guerrilla Public Service

I like this... people making things happen. Kudos to you, Ankrom.

The podcasts now on iTunes

Thanks to Chris for making this happen... and sending a screendump of the podcasts on iTunes. For some reason I can't get it to work yet... but Chris can. Yeah!!!

Check it out here :: ((link)) :: subscribe and enjoy!

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New Music :: ((Mocking Bird)) by [Derek Webb]

Big thanks to ((Lard)) for sending some viral marketing email thingy that... eventually... resulted in me getting my grubby paws on a fab new album :: Mocking Bird :: by a chap called [Derek Webb]...

I haven't actually heard of him before but from what I have heard so far his blend of nu-folk with conscious, challenging lyrics is something I am going to cherish.

My fav lyric so far is from a kingdom a king where he sings that his first allegiance isn't to a or a land... or democracy... but to a king and a kingdom. Love it. Here's the link if you want to check it out.

Thanks for the nod, Lloyd!

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