Friday, March 31, 2006

The greatest enemy to the movement of Jesus Christ is Christianity

I love this quote because I believe it to be true ::
The greatest enemy to the movement of Jesus Christ is Christianity
Erwin McManus :: The Barbarian Way

I used it when I was speaking about faith with the Soos. It is just such a powerful and meaningful quote. It speaks of all that's wrong with corporate, right-wing, Western Christianity today. Its as if the Church has become the Pharisees that opposed Jesus all those years ago.

I have a lot of time for Erwin McManus and plan to read the Barbarian Way as soon as I get through some of the other books I have in my pile. I would heartly recommend the Mosaic Podcast to anyone who believes Erwin's quote above. He really has a grasp of what this person who was God called Jesus was all about.

Check it out...

Mosaic :: Link
Erwin McManus :: Link

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Wow :: Sanderson Hotel, London

Had a lovely conversation with the Soos this evening (actually it was yesterday...) We talked about many things... faith... Mac Minis and Front Row... His trip to London...

One of the places that caught his attention on his trip to the big smoke was the Long Bar of the Sanderson Hotel. I checked it out and WOW! what a place... All done up in Philip Starck finery... A real sweet boutique hotel that I could only dream of staying in.

Anyway, one of this things that really caught my attention was the "soundtrack" section ::

Whoever picks/ mixes their tunage is one clued up person... Tunes are super sweet and chilled to perfection. Especially the Rockers Hi-Fi track which was a fav of mine when I did my (very short) stint as a DJ.

Here's their track list ::
* I Know a Bloke (Interlude) | Herbaliser
* En Focus | Quantic & Trinidad
* Sunshine of Your Love | Rockers Hi-Fi Meet Ella Fitzgerald
* Goin' Back to Smashed Potatoes | Tal M. Klein
* This Is Not a Love Song | Nouvelle Vague
* Soul Ecstasy (Instrumental Version) | Soul Ecstasy
* Keep It Real | Queen Aaminah
* Tic Tac | The Maxwell Implosion
* Stinger Stingray | Yoshinori Sunahara
* In the Black of Night (Jason Bentley Remix) | Slow Train Soul
* Danse Macabre | Kraak & Smaak
* L'Anamour | Ivy
* Don't You | Compendium
* Tie Me Down | Physics
* Hooded Hordes | Up Bustle & Out

A ton of top tunage... feelin' Nouvelle Vague & Yoshinori Sunahara!

Nice :: Link

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Arches cafe/ bar

arches cafe
Originally uploaded by Headphonaught.
Had a workshop today in another part of Glasgow today.

At lunchtime I went looking, with my new colleagues, for a cafe/ bar venue.

Chose the Arches cafe/ bar and wasn't disappointed. Beautiful decor... really classy... but not too trendy. It was pretty quiet and the music was my kind of tunage... eclectic, fresh and not too loud to boot.

The Arches is a Glasgow institution - built under the arches of Glasgow Central Station and hosting some of the town's best club nights :: Slam are the dons there.

The have a real cutting edge roster with some amazing live shows coming up :: Nightmares on Wax Soundsystem / Toots Maytal :: as well as some live theatre and art exhibitions. Elph has a show coming up soon which I will cover.

Great venue that I would love to go back to again with Olly... Check it out next you are in town! Link

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some thoughts on church...

I seem to be referencing others today but this is a meaningful post from Gordon Cotterill :: URBANarmy :: on his thoughts on taking a "partisan" view to church / reaching others.

Gordon references Dan Kimball who in turn reference's George Hunter, and his book The Celtic Way of Evangelism. Hunter contrasts between the Roman model and the Celtic model for reaching people ::
Simplified it looks like this:-

Roman model for reaching people:
* Present the Christian message;
* Invite them to decide to believe in Christ and become Christians;
* If they decide positively, welcome them into the church and its fellowship.

Celtic model for reaching people:
* You first establish community with people or bring them into the fellowship of your community of faith.
* Within fellowship, you engage in conversation, ministry, prayer, and worship.
* In time, as they discover what you believe, you invite them to commit.
Gordon's post is a great post which I commend you to read. The reason for referencing these two models is that I have never heard of them before but easily recognise both of them.

Taking this off on a tangent :: The question I would ask, with regards to them, is not which I am or which is the most effective in putting "bums on seats"... but which is more beneficial to the ones we reach?

Two points of reference ::
1) The comments made by Bill Finley aka Postmodern Salvationist regarding crap evangelism - Link - Futhermore, the comment on the post made by my good friend, Paul aka DJ Haggis. Both lead away from the Roman approach and towards the Celtic approach.

2) The end of our first session of Alpha in 2006.

I have experienced both approaches and I have to say from my most recent experience that the Celtic approach works for me.

Faith for me is about community... being church not going to or doing... Its about whole-of-life. Alpha worked because it was genuine - the feelings I have for the people on the course will stay regardless of whether or not they "join"... For me it's about loving people and treating them like adults. If I followed the Roman approach then if the opportunity was presented then rejected... what would happen to the person who made the decision not to follow?

People make decisions at different times... not everyone is spontaneous nor are they at the point in their life where they believe they need God's grace. A whole-of-life community of faith accepts people for who they are now... and not what they could become.

Maybe I have answered my question... I believe the Celtic approach to be the most beneficial... but I would temper that with the need for focus. Living faith is one thing but we must still shine our light wherever we are. We need to be authentic and not salespeople... this isn't a sales pitch... but then again, the question of God's grace is of life changing importance.

Anyway... that's my ideas... What do you think?

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Check out :: Brodie's post on the fruit of the Spirit

Brodie over at view from the basement found this pic and I think it makes so much sense to where I am at just now... His article on the FRUIT not FRUITS of the Spirit is very good and worthy of your time ::
What has struck me for the first time is what we have in Galatians 5 in one fruit not nine! Paul does not write, "the fruits of the Spirit are", no he says, "the fruit of the Spirit is". Now am I being pedantic with this? I think not - the reason that I think it's important to recognise that the fruit is one is the it stops us from examining each aspect of the fruit in some reductionist way.
Check it out...

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The Trip :: Tom Middleton is doing another one

Thanks to Coolhunting for the heads-up on this. Tom Middleton is preparing a follow up to his amazing "Trip" compilation. Tom's first "Trip" is one mix that is regularly on in the house or car... ever since the Soos switched me on to it.

I can't wait to see the track listing for the second helping, considering some of the nuggets Tom dug up for the first one. Gems such as "Pasttime paradise" by Ray Barretto, "Ain't no sunshine" by Horace Andy, "If you've never been away" by Ulrich Schnauss, "Mony Mony" by the Mohawks, and my favourite :: "Creation du Monde" by Vangelis;

Its an eclectic mix but then that's the joy of it!

Coolhunting are reporting a June drop... Could be the soundtrack to Italy!!!

Check out the first one at Amazon :: Link

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Love this :: Pinpops

I am a sucker for Star Wars and I love the way Matt Pattison has captured the characteristics of Boba Fett (top) and the Stormtrooper in such a simple yet effective manner.

Part of a collection of 1 inch art from pinpops(dot)com :: check them out - they are super sweet.

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A couple of interesting shops...

Found out about a couple of interesting online shops today ::

First of is uncommongoods(dot)com with a selection of stuff that you will be hard pressed on your local high street. Stuff for the house... jewelry... stuff for kids and for the pets... My fav is this :: a six pack neoprene tote...

The next store is soul life(dot)co(dot)uk who are offering a collection of clothes, shoes and stuff from well known names like Howies and Camper alongside more underground heroes like SUCK & Loop NYC. Really dig this Tee by Cody Hudson for Fifty24SF

Soullife is run by Jonathan and Sarah Tutte, and I respect their desire to break the mediocrity of the multiple chain store by offering a fresh and different flavour to the high street. They are fighting the fight for independence and for the individual - you have to respect that.

Check out their blog too :: :: some sweet visuals/ ideas.

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New Music :: Kleptones - "24hrs"

Love this :: Free to download "mash-up" album by the Kleptones entitled 24hrs - some great samples including the Clash and Minnie Ripperton's classic "Les Fleur". Check it out.

Thanks to Boingboing for the heads up and the Kleptones for their generousity.

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Love this :: the Robot Hill

Love this painting :: the Robot Hill :: by Richelle Nontell. Unfortunately its sold but it is a sweet, poignant image.


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Great website :: Geneva Tourism

Love this... My mum and dad are going to Geneva for a short break and my dad showed me this website last night :: geneve tourisme(dot)ch :: I was bowled over by the content, design and accessibility of the site. All the brochures are downloadable and in .pdf format... you can download content to your Pocket PC... you can view train times and transport links... and get a real flavour for the culture and vibe of the place.

This is tourism done right! All it needs is for you to be able to download content to your iPod ^_____^

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New Tech :: Numark iDJ2

Picked this up on iLounge :: the next generation Numark iDJ. Love the idea of being able to "DJ" using the iPod or, at least, incorporate the iPod into a set. Numark have taken all the criticism that they received with the iDJ (no pitch control etc) and built what looks on paper to be a strong product. Here's what iLounge are saying on it ::
Numark this week will introduce the iDJ2, a new version of the company’s professional iPod mixing console. Unlike the original iDJ, the new iDJ2 features only one iPod dock, but can play two songs simultaneously from a single iPod. The mixer provides real-time scratch, pitch control, looping, and full cueing of music from the docked iPod.

Numark said iDJ2 owners can also use USB devices such as hard drives for music playback via rear panel USB ports. Other features include an LCD screen that offers waveform display and visual track-profiling, line inputs for any audio source, and the ability to record musical performances to a docked iPod or any connected USB drive.
No pricing yet but its on my wish list. I really want to improve my multimedia offering, individually and for BLOC - I see the iDJ2 as being one element to this. Just need an secret benefactor to buy one for me ^______^

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Tangerine Dream :: Rubycon

When I am ill or restless or restlessly ill... there are precious few things that settle me... My mind dances to so many things that I need something to focus on. Rubycon by Tangerine Dream paints pictures in my mind and allows me to settle down and relax.

It is an amazing album that I really can't do justice in describing - it goes beyond genres - it is a stream of electronic consciousness that I find fresh and fascinating. Created in the '70s on analogue synths and is so futuristic and otherworldly. No set rhythm or distinct is an electronic soundscape.

My friend, Roberto, introduced me to Tangerine Dream and I will always be grateful! Not everyone will get it but...then again...when did I walk down the common path?

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Result :: Abdul Rahman is freed

Image from Reuters TV

The BBC have reported that Abdul Rahman has been freed from jail and is presently in talks with the UN regarding asylum. Thank God that his life was spared.

BBC :: Link

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Check out :: Postmodern Salvationist

The whole point of the Technorati tags below each of my posts is to let folk follow the theme (say Apple) and see who is blogging on this topic. Found this blog while playing in Technorati :: postmodern salvationist :: this is the blog of Bill Finley, a Salvation Army Officer (minister) on LA's Skid Row aka The Nickel. His experience is really refreshing and challenging for me - here is someone being what our founder wanted us to be :: with the poor and unfortunate. Thought his post on Sat, 18th March was switched on ::
Most of my experience with evangelism has been programmatic war-like evangelical crap. You know ask the person "if you died tomorrow where would you go?" Lead them down the Roman road. Ask them to say a prayer and go on your way. Crap like I said. Or worse it was "friendship evangelism." Make a friend so you can bring them to church. If you did not you were guilt tripped. But what if you friend refused? Move on to another friend. This was the height of Crap. So I stopped. I was in positions where people would ask me about God and such but for the most part I stopped all forms of evangelism. I would only talk about God if they brought it up. I am still there. I teach but I never, never, steer a conversation to talk about God. Does that make me a bad chaplain? Maybe. But many who have seen Crap Evangelism are attracted to God because of it.

/...I think the most refreshing is that evangelism starts with, and ends with, being real. If the real you is a jerk then I guess continue to use crap evangelism. But if we are called to love then the fist thing is to really love others. And so what, (see I'm doing good at not swearing) if their relationship with God or their doctrine does not match yours.
Worthy read. Check it out.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Hope :: Abdul Rhaman reported to be released

The BBC are reporting that the case against Abdul Rahman is to be dismissed. This is great news but we must continue to remember Abdul because his life won't be easy after his release.

BBC :: Link

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Feelin' Nasty :: and I ain't talkin' Janet Jackson

This is me... In fact, its my whole family except Olly (for now)

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Alpha :: Week 10

Last Alpha tomorrow night - Will leave it Bobby to explain why it has been a great event ::
I look forward to tomorrow night, but it also with sadness as it will be the last night of Alpha. I always said I was desperate to do Alpha , well it has certainly lived up to my expectations - in fact it has surpassed everything I had hoped for. Although we never attracted a great number of non-churched people I feel we attracted the right kind of people, people who have opened up during our fellowship and shared very intimate feelings within the group. I think you have sparked a light in many people in the group and you should be greatly encouraged by this.
Tomorrow night :: 1900hrs :: Gladstone St, Bellshill.

One thing I will miss from Alpha is the meal - I am a member of the Salvation Army and only have one hang up with the church :: we don't break bread. We do, however, socialise a lot - we are a ceilidh church!

Anyway, my pal Brodie makes a good case for sharing regular meals together :: Link :: Some well constructed thoughts with a quote from Andrew Jones aka tallskinnykiwi ::
The church began with a meal. The Church needs to come back to the kitchen and get itself sorted again.
I will miss Alpha because the kitchen was such a big part of the event.

Can't wait until October!!!

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Greenock 260306

Originally uploaded by jonnybaker.
Boy am I glad that's over?!?

Olly is fast asleep and I will be joining her very soon.

The meetings at Greenock Salvation Army went down a treat! Olly spoke to the Young People in the morning about heroes - talking about superheroes, our mothers, real life heroes like Rev Dr Martin Luther King jr and Mother Theresa; and Jesus as the ultimate hero :: Link to her thoughts on Box(dot)net

I spoke at night on some pointers to help live faith 24-7. :: Link to my thoughts on Box(dot)net

Check it out - Its worth it to see how I managed to use Guy Kawasaki's famous quote :: "Eat like a bird and poop like an elephant!".

It was great to spend time with Janey and meet up with some good pals like Alistair, who drummed for BLOC due to Colin being unable to attend; and the Logan family. Al's sis - Lauren - and Mum - Lesley - were both unwell :: get well soon.

It was also a pleasure to hear BLOC and to spend time with Bobby and to see Laura. BLOC is really gelling and hopefully, Barry (Bobby's son) will help out for a wee while on drums until we sort out the drummer situation :: Cheers, Barry! It was also great to see Bobby's wife, Diane, but... it is always a pleasure to see Diane!

All in... it went well and hopefully challenged and inspired the folk there.

Lastly, the graphic above is from Jonny Baker and was the main slide I used in my thought - cheers again JB! Check out his slide set for some cool visuals :: Link

elph :: The forest you live in need not become a jungle"

elph/dist flyer
Originally uploaded by analoguebooks.
Got the heads-up to ELPH's art from my man, Paul T aka DJ Haggis aka weebeautifulpict... They have worked together in the past.

Loving the artwork - its fresh and extra juicy due to its home grown (Ediburgh) quality.

Check out Analogue book's FLICKR page for some more imagery... and check out ELPH's stuff too (FLICKR + The kind chap is even giving away a nice font on akaelph and will, hopefully soon, have some wallpaper for the ol' iBook.


Hope :: Abdul Rhaman

According to the BBC, Abdul Rahman's case is to be reviewed. This comes after the Pope has personally called for clemancy and the Afghan President Hamid Karsai has gotten involved.

Please keep Abdul front of your mind... its not over yet.

BBC :: link

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

At Janey's...

Over in Greenock at Janey's... made sense to stay over at her flat for tomorrow. Leading church at the Greenock Salvation Army. Theme is about living/ being church 24-7.

Had a number of knocks this week... Our soloist called off tonight at 2230hrs... Colin, the drummer in BLOC, has called off too. Oppostion is real. Keep us in your thoughts.

Will link our thoughts tomorrow.

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Paris Bike :: Studgie on Flickr

Paris Bike
Originally uploaded by mcgeownstuart.
My fav cousin-in-law (everytime I say that he takes me to starbucks) has posted some fab pics on Flickr.

Love this bike!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Stussy :: Love

Loving this Stussy tee... Hanon-shop have the freshest stuff.

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This Sunday...

Three things happening on Sunday...

Firstly, at 0600hrs, smoking in public places in Scotland such as bars and clubs becomes illegal. Although this is unfair on will benefit the whole population...

Secondly, the Hiroshi Fujiwara x MadHectic x Nike Court Force go live at Hanon-shop

Thirdly, Olly and I are leading the Young People's meeting at the Greenock Salvation Army. Scarey to lead meetings but a rush too... Think about us.

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Some new tunes...

I received a "goodbye" card and gift from my colleagues that really touched me...

Comments like "you are truly unique & a bit of a geek", "the place will certainly be a lot quieter", "thanks for just being you" & "your work and humour have been very you - unique and valued" are super sweet and make me feel good...

The gift was vouchers for my fav record shop :: FOPP :: and I ran out like a giddy school girl and picked up the following...

This is truly an amazing album and deserves the recognition it is getting. Beautiful soundscapes married to wonderful collaborative vocalists like house don Robert Owens, Saul Williams, and UK rapper, Roots Manuva; The variety is wonderful making this an early entry into the Headphonaught's top ten on 2006.

Devo are one of these bands that I have heard of but never really heard... I like weird envelope-pushing music and Devo are well within this category. It is accessible - "Peak-a-boo" is a fab track for the gym, for example...

Mark Mothersbaugh has become a prolific composer - I came to know his work through (don't laugh) the Rugrats cartoon... Good fun!

"Tourist" by St Germain brings me back to my love for nu-jazz... Its a seminal classic that I never heard or owned...until now. Ludovic Navarre is an excellent producer who creates amazing nu-jazz from samples and a live band. Supersweet!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sentenced to death :: for being a Christian

Image from Reuters TV

This man :: Abdul Rahman :: is sentenced to death in Afghanistan for being a Christian. According to the Prosecutors, Mr. Rahman is a "microbe" and his conversion is illegal under Islamic law.

For once, George Dubya is doing something right and is fighting for this man's life...

Please remember Abdul Rahman... and think of his stand. And then consider how easy we have it here! Spread the word! Make Abdul's name a household name.

More info here :: Link

THe BBC have an article on their website (apologies, thought they didn't) :: Link

Here's what Abdul has to say ::
"They want to sentence me to death and I accept it, but I am not a deserter and not an infidel. I am a Christian which means I believe in the Trinity."
Make it an issue!

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Web 2.0 :: "The List"

Someone has gone to the trouble of listing all the "web 2.0" offerings out there ::

Makes for some interesting reading... in fact, that's where I got the link to "People2pray"...

The usual suspects are there :: Flickr / along with some Nanolog favs like LastFM / HipCal and Box(dot)net Check it out...

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Powered by Qumana

Great Idea :: People2Pray

THis looks very interesting :: People2Pray :: Its an online prayer request/ sharing tool. Here is what they say ::
* Organize...
Store and categorize your prayer requests online, access them from any Web browser.

* Share...
Allow friends and communities access to view your requests, leave comments, and be notified when your requests are updated.

* Remember...
Store old request in the archive and later reflect on how God has worked in your life.
Sounds good to me... Its like FLICKR but for prayer and it really makes sense to me. They are in beta just now and will be launching a public beta on the 23rd May. Sign up on their page for details of the launch and also to show them support :: Link

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thought for today :: shine as children do

“Your playing small does not serve the world, there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were all meant to shine as children do. It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others.”
Nelson Mandela in ‘A Long Walk To Freedom’ (Paraphrased)

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Thank You!!!

Thank you God for the safe release of Norman Kember (pictured), James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden! We sorrow for the family of Tom Fox... but delight in the others' freedom.

BBC News :: Link
CPT :: Link

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Testing Qumana

Downloaded Qumana and am feelin' it... Its so easy to use and very practical. Super sweet! Sorry ecto but you gone!

Can't get pics to work properly... and you know how I like my pics!!! Hmmm?!?

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Powered by Qumana

Qumana Blog Editor :: Beta includes Macs

Been playing about with Ecto and it isn't floating my boat - a few quirks that I don't get.

Saw an add from Qumana and it looks interesting... Going to check it out to compare it to Ecto. One thing it has over Ecto is its FREE and Olly and I are pretty strapped - well actually, Olly is pretty and strapped for cash... I'm just broke ^___^

I'll check it out and let you know...

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What can church learn from WoW??? part 2

Remember a while back I posted some thoughts on what the church could learn from WoW (link) :: (inspired by a post from Joi Ito on WoW)... Well, a chap called AKMA has taken my comments and ran with them (link) - I am delighted that he picked up the comments and feel he has developed my thoughts into something more tangible and meaningful...

The first thought I had was that people enjoy being together - this is the fellowship part of Church: the sharing and belonging... AKMA highlights this by saying ::
"online applications thrive by providing the opportunity for social interaction while doing something else."
He then qualifies my thought by saying ::
"I’d just add that the durable, productive sort of fellowship emerges when shared activities evoke harmonious interaction — much more so than from settings in which an organizer sets up an event and expects people to fellowship."
This is so true... In my experience. the most meaningful fellowship has ocurred through the house groups and Alpha where we are all together for a reason and develop bonds through our mutual endeavours. The fellowship happens in Alpha, for example, at the meal or at the coffee break...and this spills over into the discussion.

The second thought I had was around the morale of the group and the role of Church leadership :: I see leadership as being more around facilitation than top-down authority... which goes against the grain in the Salvation Army. Again AKMA takes my thought and runs with it ::
Church life presents a dangerous temptation to “let the Spirit guide (so long as it happens my way).” I’m much more comfortable with honest authority structures, so long as they’re occupied by people who don’t particularly want the power. By the same token, one can’t eliminate manipulation and power games by eradicating the explicit lines of authority.
Two valuable points here... I think my comments can come over as being naive or utopian... Let's face it - when it comes to people, we need authority figures. I hate power games and have experienced too many in my time at work and at church... especially the Spirit guides me in this direction type. I know that these games will happen regardless of structure. My thought was around maturity and professionalism where everyone is motivated to get the task done... and the leadership act as enablers to make this happen.

It is so true that good leaders will act as enablers and facilitators to ensure the right people are in the right roles to make the action work... and it is also true that being a facilitator doesn't come the minute you get the title "facilitator".

I think where I am going with this is that, in my personal experience, everyone wants the benefit but few people want to get involved... but by being involved, their experience is so much deeper and more varied. We need to take more of a collective view and responsibility for moving the church forward, rather than leaving it to the Minister and the faithful few... This is where facilitation is a greater requirement.

AKMA makes a couple of other points that I believe are spot on...

Firstly, WoW highlights a desire from some people to believe in magic. There is a sense of re-enchantment in the West. Science isn't enough and new age ideas are filling the gap. This actually presents the church with an AKMA puts it ::
If we bracket the interminable discussion about “magic” vs. “miracle,” we can acknowledge that a sizable number of people are ready to deal with claims about worlds in which more is going on than meets the strictly scientific eye.
This is an opportunity that we need to explore.

Secondly, WoW creates strong team feelings ::
I observe that the game (as other team sports) evokes extremely strong feelings of solidarity, accomplishment, frustration, disaffection, and persistence.
You could argue that church is a team sport. I have these feelings through being part of something and participating in church. That for me is the key - you benefit twice through participation - you get the task done and you do it as part of a bigger collective whole.

Thank you AKMA for your comments - I look forward to reading more on your thoughts. You are onto something...

PS - Say "hi" to Joi for me... ^____^

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the fat man walking

Found out about Steve Vaught's quest to walk the breadth of America as a means to change his life and size via the BBC webspace (link) - His website :: thefatmanwalking :: is truly inspirational...and provides an effective critique by one of America's own.
Iwas walking with a reporter the other day and she pointed out a puddle of oddly green water and it occurred to me that there are chips that color that I love. I wouldn’t drink green water but I would happily devour green potato chips.

I am not sure when it happens but somewhere along the way we decided to stop eating food as it occurs naturally and opted for enhanced, modified food that is colored and flavored to taste better. After a while it all starts to taste the same but now we don’t notice. In fact apples with little brown spots somehow became bad and shiny ones covered in waxy, pesticide residue is good. My point here is that we all do this willingly and it seems with zealous conviction. We value ease and convenience over wholesomeness and patience, value over substance and we are doing it to ourselves.
This makes so much sense...

Personally, I need to get motivated... I am on a downward spiral, healthwise, and I can't put my finger on the reason. I am genetically wee and chubby... but I am not helping things with my behaviour - lack of exercise/ laziness/ overeating...

Vaught has challenged me to think about the unhappiness that is keeping me down...

Anyway, check it out - Vaught is an inspiration.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Headporter Nano Case

Loving this Nano case from the ultra-exclusive Headporter

It has a super-nice design... Loving the "Moleskin" band keeping it all snuggly.

Would be fab with a PSP case in the "black beauty monogram" too :: Sweet...

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Howies :: Camo Terra Firma Jacket

Loving this camo jacket from Howies... Its showerproof and has a removable hood, double layer shoulders and sleeves, adjustable cuffs, two handwarmer pockets, and... one zipped security pocket. oh and it looks super sweet...

Check it out: Link

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redlightrunner :: vintage Apple gear

redlightrunner do some super fab vintage Apple merchandise - Love the "student union" tee...

Check them out...

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How do I reconcile this ::

With this ::
Don't love the world's ways. Don't love the world's goods. Love of the world squeezes out love for the Father. Practically everything that goes on in the world--wanting your own way, wanting everything for yourself, wanting to appear important--has nothing to do with the Father. It just isolates you from him. The world and all its wanting, wanting, wanting is on the way out--but whoever does what God wants is set for eternity.
1st John 2: 15-17 (The Message)

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Today's thought :: Smile

Originally uploaded by Headphonaught.
For Janey

For the Soos :: for London...

London map from superfuture

My best bud and fellow thought leader, the Soos, is taking some time off...for some peace and quiet in LONDON!!!

To help him in his travels, I have compiled a list - nothing exhaustive or definitive - of tools to help him/ places & spaces to go etc...

* superfuture - the best online guide for the freshest stuff
* mycitymate - a great online city guide and community... Offers downloads for your iPod.
* wcities - another online city guide that offers downloadable content for your iPod and P900i
* Metro - blog this before - its a great wee freebie for your pda/ smartphone that details the public transport system. Put it on your P900i, dude...
* iPod Subway Maps - put the tube map on your iPod (4gen and above...)
* yellmobile - Its "" for your P900i - for locating places/ spaces - maps are 25p each straight to your phone!

Places & Spaces...
* stussy - always fresh :: 19, Earlham St, London, WC2H 9LL
* busy workshop - Be like Pharrell - 4 upper james street - london W1F 9DG (further links: 1 & 2)
* Dan Flavin at the Hayward - Amazing neon light art @ the South Bank Centre, SE1 8XZ
* big chill bar - the food and tunes are always fresh - Dray Walk off Brick Lane, E1 6QL
* Molton Brown in London - there are ELEVEN Molton Brown emporiums in London to cater for your boutique penthouse needs ^___^

These are my initial ideas... Probably a mad trek to get to all of them... More a wee reminder to check them out if you are in the area. Hope they help you, Soos?

Anybody got any suggestions for things to do in London for the Soos??? Leave a comment, please...

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Monday, March 20, 2006

coolhunting x

Cool Hunting have a fab option where you can submit things via for them to have a look at... If they like it, they'll add it to their reader contributions section.

I added the time promises power download album that I got the heads-up from the Soos about and promptly posted... and lo and behold... its there!!!

This is such a fab feature and allows for greater interaction.

If you don't know what is all about...then, no worries... Its another of these "web 2.0" apps where you can bookmark a site/ blog/ article centrally for future reference... and share these bookmarks with family/ friends/ people you don't know yet. Check my page out to see what I mean :: Headphonaught's

Added a link roll within "my world" - it will list the 10 most recent links I have added... Please check them out.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Poetry Archive

I loved a story a colleague told me about his time in a wee post-mining village in Ayrshire... The type of place you could only belong to if you were born there. He told me of the chaps he'd have a quiet drink with - real burly, hardy bears... who loved their poetry... I thought this was funny - the juxtaposition of being so hard and heavy, and yet being so into poetry that they performed their own!!!

Anyway, this is a pretty good resource if you are into poetry... regardless whether you are a bear or not ::
The Poetry Archive is the world's premier online collection of recordings of poets reading their work.

You can enjoy listening here, free of charge, to the voices of contemporary English-language poets and of poets from the past. The Archive is growing all the time. Please come back regularly to enjoy our latest recordings.
Check it out: Link

Hope we see Gerard Kelly on there sometime!?!

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Dot Tactics: 9 must reads before you launch a startup

Dot Tactics: 9 must reads before you launch a startup

Worthy read for folk like me - check it out

Dot Tactics: 9 must reads before you launch a startup

Dot Tactics: 9 must reads before you launch a startup

Worthy read for folk like me - check it out

Dot Tactics: 9 must reads before you launch a startup

Dot Tactics: 9 must reads before you launch a startup

Worthy read for folk like me - check it out

a free gift from JB

Originally uploaded by jonnybaker.
The illustrious and, by the looks of his Flickr a/c, industrious Jonny Baker has posted some superfab pics for the express use as backgrounds for tools like Powerpoint.

Check them out :: Link

Cheers JB!


Anyone who claims to live in God's light and hates a brother or sister is still in the dark. It's the person who loves brother and sister who dwells in God's light and doesn't block the light from others. But whoever hates is still in the dark, stumbles around in the dark, doesn't know which end is up, blinded by the darkness.
1 John 2: 9-11 (The Message)

When I was younger my maternal grandfather used to talk about us all being Jock Tamson's bairns... In essence, we were all brothers and sisters with one father. This has always stayed with me...

Relate this to the verse above and you get the gist... We can't be haters... We are guided by the light... God's light... and its explicit - we can't be haters if we live in His light.

Its too easy for us to be critical... to avoid engaging with people that we disagree with... The whole thing about same-sex marriage in the UK highlighted views from Godly people that are, in my opinion, not in sync with this love and light expressed in 1st John 2.

Don't get me wrong - this isn't some fascist liberal PC thing where we can only express the "tolerant" idea that the thought police want us to think... We have to love and express our views with love... and be in community with people we may disagree with.

Think of the Good Samaritan - we think about how the victim didn't agree with the Samaritan... what about the Samaritan..?

He wouldn't necessarily have agreed with the victim but, unlike the others, he still loved...and was prepared to love regardless of whether he agreed or not. He was in the light... not the victim's religious leaders who just walked passed him.

So today... tomorrow... love without question and without measure... Say what you need to say but with love and compassion... Don't be a hater!

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Douglas Copeland interviews Morrissey for OMM

I'm not a fan of the Smiths... and not a fan of Morrissey... I just don't quite get the music. I'm not saying never... I am saying just now.

The Soos digs him... or at least one album he suggested I listen too... I put it on my "to do" list... You know, the one with "run a marathon" and "write a symphony"...

However, I am a huge fan of Douglas Copeland... I just love his writing - he has a way with words that just captures the moment ::
Is the interview dead? Well, it's certainly not having triplets and running marathons.
Check it out his interview of Morrissey in today's OMM: Link

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No Pictures...

For some reason I can't upload pics to the nanolog... I'll keep it text only until Blogger sort the problem.


I can post pics via Flickr... I can't upload to Blogger.

U P D A T E x2

Photos are back...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book characters

Ever wondered what faith Superman was? or who Spiderman prayed to at night? Well wonder no more... Thanks to adherents(dot)com we now know. They have pulled together a comprehensive list of the religious affiliations of all the comic book heroes/ villians/ pals.

Personally, I'm not that big a comic fan... like to watch the movies, especially Batman Begins and I have been known to watch the Justice League of America cartoon with my eldest daughter. I do think it is cool to know that Batmam is a lapsed Catholic and Superman is a Methodist. My personal fav character is Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner (isn't he the lead singer of Lampchop???) who is, surprise, surprise, a devout Catholic.

What shocked me though was the vast number of heroes that have appeared in comic books... Check it out: Link

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overheard in new york

Teen girl #1: Yeah, it's totally true. I heard it on the olive branch.
Teen girl #2: "Olive branch"?
Teen girl #1: Yeah, you know. It's going around...It's a rumor. The olive branch.
Teen girl #2: You mean the grape branch?

Check this out... This is a quote from a blog called overheardinnewyork(dot)com - basically, its really daft and funny conversations/ snippets of chat that have been overheard in... well... New York.

Some people might find some of the conversations objectionable but there are some really funny ones there too...

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