Sunday, October 19, 2014

circumambient 025 (guest mix by MAKE YOUR OWN TASTE) is now live

The latest episode of my podcast, circumambient, is now up on Mixcloud.

circumambient ... is an exploration into all-encompassing and immersive music ... and in this instalment we turn the controls over to Allister Thompson from Make Your Own Taste, a blog that covers an astonishingly wide variety of music;

His curated mix alternates between ambient instrumentals and songs, as he explains below:

“When I was younger I used to make mixed CDs like this, in which I interspersed beautiful songs with ambient pieces to create a nice experience for myself; this mix operates on the same principle. When a song has a truly beautiful, moving melody or lyric, the ruminative experience it creates is exactly the same as that provided by a piece of tranquil ambient music. Hopefully this mix provides you with a couple of hours of peace.”

Dive deep!



Please Note: This is a Mixcloud-only mix.


Tracklisting can be found on the Mixcloud page or over on

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