Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Seven questions with ... Ricky Fabulous, the man behind Keenya

I wrote some thoughts on Keenya's new album last week:
"Drones, samples and found-sounds find purpose as they form the melodic underscore for disjointed and glitchy polyrhythmic loops. Together these disparate elements work to create wonderfully engaging, multi-layered aural tapestries that I cannot help being drawn to. This is music to get lost in, music that envelopes me, as the listener, in a new and decidedly hypnotic world."

I'm delighted to say that Ricky Fabulous (love that name), the man behind Keenya, has answered the ol' nanolog's seven questions. I, for one, really wanted to know a wee bit more about the man behind the music ... I'm glad I can:


1) Who are you and what do you do?
I'm Ricky aka Ricky Fabulous aka Keenya. I'm a guy who makes day dream music.

2) What are you working on at the moment?
I'm just working on new songs at the moment. I'm in quite a good place to work at the moment which is cool.

3) Who inspires you?

- Name an artist who has inspired you.
I'm really inspired by Theolonius Monk. From the first time I heard him I was really blown away with how he immediately sounds like him. All his rhythm and harmony sound a bit like a kid playing the piano and it's really fun to listen to.

- Name place that has inspired you.
Weirdly I find Dubai really inspiring. I've been there a couple of times to play gigs and find it a really fascinating place. I really like man made stuff and you don't get much more man made than Dubai. Almost feels like you're another planet which has been made to look and feel like a city on Earth.

- Name some "thing" that has inspired you.
Being alone in places I've never been before. I quite like feeling lost inside somewhere and just observing things which are going on. Kind of using a place as a back drop to my own thoughts

4) What drives you to do what you do?
I think the music I make is the way I hear things. Sometimes you hear music being played but everything else around plays a weird percussion to the music you're hearing. But I think it's also the kind of music I want to hear and be alone with. I guess making music which becomes a backdrop to me thinking about things, but also helps me think about different things

5) What values do you wish your creativity to express?
I'd not really thought about my music having values before, but I guess I'd say that I want people to feel ok to be alone and listen to it. I find my music quite meditative and it would be nice if people found the same peace with it.

6) What role does community play in what you do?
The music I make is pretty introverted. I'd like to think it gave people an outlet for being introverted. I like it when people 'get it' and I suppose in that way there's a communal feeling to feeling and thinking a certain way.

7) What is next for what you do?
Reckon I'm going to keep writing a whole lot of tunes and then start putting another album together!


Thanks Ricky! I really enjoyed "Gone Home" and would agree with the meditative quality of it ... it is rather beautiful in that regard.

If you haven't had a chance to listen to it ... please take the time to do so, you will not regret it.


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