Monday, December 02, 2013

Three more releases on weareallghosts ...

First up ... we have 2 longer-form ambient pieces from Scott Lawlor ...

"...The Leaves" is a darker, noisier drone that almost overwhelms but ultimately rewards the listener with an immersive experience.

"Meadows In Summer" is a lighter longer-form piece with a haunting and rather surprising ending which I found an utter delight when I first heard it.


We then have a single release from Red Pools - the new project from Sean Cotterill aka Artificial Sun Project ...

Sean's description of his music - swaying, claustrophobic atmospheres - is apt and I welcome it, and him, to weareallghosts.


Lastly, we have a darker ambient piece from Kevin Lyons that is inspired by the ghost stories of Dr. M. R. James ...

Curious Warnings (waag_rel036) is a real treat ... one that captures the deliciously uncomfortable nature of James' writing ... and translates the unsettling atmospheres into sound.




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