Saturday, November 30, 2013

The search for the perfect Record Bag continues ...

I'm still looking for the perfect Record Bag ... and these two bags do appeal to me.

First up ... we have the Essential Designs X Porter Record Bag. Dressed in duck hunting camouflage, this bag can store up to 40 LPs at one time and there are several zipped compartments for small goods.

I like it a lot ... but can't find any more details on it ... and don't know how much it will cost ... Porter isn't cheap but it certainly is quality!


Next up ... and continuing with the camp theme ... we have another collaboration, this time between UDG and Carhatt.

The 'sling' bag stores 45 LPs and has an integrated 15 Inch Laptop Pocket ... It comes with 2 large CD wallets that hold 24 CDs each ... and is rather shapely at 16.5W x 15.3H x 8.3D inches.

It also comes in Carhatt's duck brown ... which I really dig.

It can be sourced at Chemical Records for £86 (brown) and £90 (camo) ... money well spent, if you ask me.


Any other Record Bag ideas? Let me know.


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