Monday, March 02, 2015

Loving ... “Different Streams” by EUS, Postdrome, and Saåad

“Different Streams” by EUS, Postdrome, and Saåad is a very interesting proposition: three unique talents in collaboration, developing and then presenting something rather wonderful for wider consumption.

To my absolute delight I can confirm that the creative synergy displayed on this SOFT Recordings release is one so tight, so together that it is impossible to know where one artist starts and the other stops. There are no seams on show, no means of differentiating between the artists, just exquisite experimental soundscapes.

What is presented on this album is an utter delight to me - music of such depth and emotion that it was hard not to be moved when immersed within the tracks. This is music of cinematic proportions: the rasping synths that give a vastness of scale to the track “wait”, for example ... or multiple layers of sound on “the only path” ... could easily provide backing to a cult celluloid masterpiece. I found myself delightfully lost in the various soundscapes on more than one occasion.

There is a real risk with this kind of ambient expression that ideas can be overplayed to the point of monotony. Repetition is a useful technique but it can be overused but by adding additional layers of sound, the artist can keep the overall sound fresh and ensure the continued attention of the listener. “Different Streams” is set apart because, quite simply - EUS, Postdrome & Saåad know this, they get it and they do it ... they keep their music alive and fresh using elements like birdsong and other found-sounds, or percussive elements such as the skittering sound in “Snowfall”. These additions keep the wolves of monotony from their door and, as such, I consider “Different Streams” to be an exemplary album, a 52 minute masterclass in ambient sound-sculpture, one that I would highly recommend.

As for the highlights, other than those mentioned above, “Deaf Implodes” is haunting in a John Carpenter kind of way, disconcerting yet highly addictive ... and the penultimate track “Fractus” is an utterly compelling soundscape with rain pattering down, waves of sound crashing and an unshakable feeling of Blade Runner. In fact, Roy Batty’s monologue at the end of the film would not be out of place layered into this track.

From beginning to end, “Different Streams” by EUS, Postdrome, and Saåad is a belter of a release. It is next level innovative and a real joy to consume. If you like atmospheric sound-sculptures, this is a “must have” release.


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