Thursday, March 19, 2015

Loving ... Inside Life by Bruno Sanfilippo

"Inside Life" by Bruno Sanfilippo is abstract neo-classicism at it's very best: adventurous and inspiring, courageous and ’out there’ ... yet wonderfully introspective and bare, minimal and refined; I found it a joy to consume.

There is much to be said for this kind of abstract expression: the piano, strings and percussive found-sounds all playing their part to set "Inside Life" afloat and, in doing so, creating an abstract dreamlike state that I found mesmerising.

It is a remarkable album that could easily be the soundtrack to a slightly off-kilter character-driven movie with all it's intricacies and repeated themes. In places I was reminded me of Mica Levi's seminal soundtrack for "Under The Skin" and that is no bad thing.

Julián Kancepolski's expressive cello, under Sanfilippo's direction, both complements and juxtaposes the piano and electronics presented. Sanfilippo paints with sound and utilises all the elements at his disposal to create.

And create he has, moulding wonderfully expressive soundscapes such as "Camille", a tribute to Camille Saint-Saëns that features the voice of Mariel Aguilar, whose voice provides a haunting nature and makes the track an utter delight ... the sparse opener "Sudden Quietness", a track that really sets the tone for the whole album with it's periods of silence that complement the melancholic strings ... or "A Door Opens Forever", a track the piano masters of yesteryear would have been proud of. Sanfilippo is a talented individual, he even lends his voice to the final (and title) track, the eerie "Inside Life".

I would highly recommend "Inside Life" to anyone with a passing fancy for abstract neo-classical expressionism. Bruno Sanfilippo has done himself proud.


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