Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bad Gateway

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One of my friends at work suggested I check out "Conservapedia" (I wont link to it). I have never read so much right-wing biased, hate-filled nonsense in my life. This is the kind of crap that gives Christianity a bad name.

The only truth I found there was this 502 error... it is a BAD GATEWAY indeed.


OK... so I was ranting about this website. Read Paul's comment... he caught me out. I believe in the Jesus he quotes in his comment that he quoted from the website... so yes the BAD GATEWAY isn't the only truth in this website. It was a rant!

Thing is... I think my rant is justified. This website gives belief in Jesus such a bad rap... it makes me furious! All its nonsense just distracts people from gems of truth... like its statement on who Jesus is/was.

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Lornalim said...

Hi Thomas,

Just had a quick look at the website. What do you make of this statement:

"Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and prophesied Messiah?"


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