Monday, July 14, 2008

This is cool ::

Heading off to bed... shattered but otherwise glad to be back home. Nice to see my folks (thanks for dropping the car off)... my dog Pippin... and my trusty MacBook (which doesn't have a name... hmm?)

Tried to tackle the 300+ legit emails in my and found a couple relating to the Derek Webb album "the ringing bell" (thanks to JD and Rob for hooking me up) - I checked it out... followed the instructions (gave the emails of 3 close friends) and downloaded the album. Haven't listened to it yet... but I like Derek Webb and am stoked to add it to the 6 CDs I picked up in Jesolo for listening (all the way there with only an iPod and no way to listen to music on CD... how terribly 00's of me).

Basically... nosietrade works on the premise of word of mouth - you'll check something out and recommend 3 close friends to do so too... or you will be prepared to Radiohead the album and pay what you want (am I allowed to transform one of my fave bands into a "verb"?) between $1 and $25 for it (90% goes to the artist...)

I love the concept... getting new music directly to the fans... and hope to check out other bands on the site (please continue to love me if you get emails from noisetrade).

Check it out... and hook me up with music you think I'll dig.

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