Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're back


We've been back for nearly a week and our break still doesn't feel like a distant memory. We had a great break... time at the beach... time at the pool... time walking & hunting in Venice and Jesolo itself.

I managed to read 2.5 books... I finished the irresistible revolution and a fun yarn called this present darkness [a fave book of Olly's and one I should have read a long time ago]... and got well into The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century Church... and have to say... I am inspired.

Inspired and confused!

The irresistible revolution suggests keeping things simple... but still remaining grounded in the local church...

whereas the Shaping of Things to Come highlights all that is flawed with Christendom model of church... it is attractional (you go to church), dualistic (splitting the world into sacred and secular) and hierarchical (clergy and laity)... the very things I have been arguing against but not had the words I have now. I agree fully with Frost & Hirsch in that the church that will rise up in today's post-Christendom era is incarnational (church goes into the world), messianic (everything is sacred) and apostolic (leadership based on spiritual gifts and not position).

I believe we need an approach to church that fits with the culture of our time... something in the world but not of it (unlike most churches that are separate (attract the extract) but act like the world (hierarchy)) but one that is grounded in the Word as well as the Word Made Flesh. Frost & Hirsch have given me hope that this is possible.

Otherwise... my tech detox was a worthy exercise... one I will repeat and one I recommend heartily. It help me to remember the joy of reading... and the pleasure of being with my family. My head was cleared... and I was able to see the pictures the Lord wanted me to see [more on that later].

Being back... I was able to meet with Paul C for coffee on Thursday to catch up and talk about new missional opportunities. I was also able to catch up with Innes J for a coffee on Friday to talk about his iPhone and discuss why he should get a Mac [his topic of conversation, not mine]. We talked about Frost & Hirsch too and I am grateful that he has allowed me to keep the book... I feel it will be an invaluable reference resource in the months and years to come.

Later on Friday... Olly and I were able [blessed] to pick up iPhones... and then headed over to Kenny & Sarah's for an indoor barbecue... with Janey & Roscoe too. Good times! Great to spend time with my family, if you know what I mean? A real blessing... with great food too!

So yeah... its great to be back... I will post some thoughts from Jesolo soon... and talk more on Frost & Hirsch... and my iPhone.

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darrin said...

Did you get onto Hydes' The Gift

I been reading on and off for two years...intersting but tough read


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