Sunday, June 14, 2009

Charityshop find :: Polaroid 600 extreme

Polaroid 600 Extreme #5

I now have a vested interest in The Impossible Project :: I am now the proud owner of a Polaroid 600 extreme camera... purchased for £4.75 and in full working order (as far as I can see without film).

Polaroid 600 Extreme #4

I found it... fully boxed with instructions... in my local British Heart Foundation shop. It took a wee bit of persuading / pouting / whining to convince Olly that it was a good idea (she thinks its a backwards step)... but once I got her onboard and convinced of the merits of getting (read - begged) I purchased it.

My new toy

I am totally chuffed to find a Polaroid camera in perfect nick... and am now on the hunt for film. It looks more and more likely that I will have to join the maelstrom that is eBay to get film... and I do (unfortunately) expect to pay £1 - £1.20 per picture... which is ridiculous... hence my interest in The Impossible Project and my willing them on to success.

I will post on my progress... as and when.

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Angus Mathie said...

It looks in really good order. There is no greater fun than producing a photo quickly so let's hope that film will be available. You thought differently about the racing bike, so why not enjoy the polaroid?


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