Thursday, December 02, 2010

alight here vol.0005 celebration of cousin silas

alight here #0005 - 1hr47mins - 147mb - 192kbps

To celebrate the release of Cousin Silas' latest album :: Complex Silence vol.9 - Fresh Landscapes :: I have dedicated the whole of an extended alight here #0005 to his wonderful ambient electronic soundscapes.

My intention with this mix was twofold:
1) To showcase the music of Cousin Silas... who is an independent musician, and
2) Bring together my most favourite tracks into one continuous mix.

But... to up the coolness... when I ran this idea passed Cousin Silas, he offered me some previously unreleased tracks to include within the mix... which is beyond-belief awesome.

So what you'll hear (and hopefully keep returning to) is a continuous mix of unreleased tracks and my fave soundscapes.

I really hope you like it. Please download it and tell your friends. The more people who know about Cousin Silas the better, in my book.


  1. Warlock Hill (original version) *
  2. Engines Of Solitude *
  3. Abandoned Paddy Fields from Ballard Landscapes
  4. newscape5 from the snow imposed silence
  5. The Forest of Evil Cacti from Abominations of Yondo
  6. Moss from The Resting Bench Remix Project - Volume 1
  7. Burning Wreckage by Ballard Landscapes 2
  8. Olympus Mons from Portraits and Peelings
  9. Arriving Home from Canaveral Dreams
  10. M. R. James (The Ghost Of) *
  11. Three chimneys with ladder from Uncertainty
  12. Fresh Landscapes from Fresh Landscapes
  13. Humber Sea Fort from Geographics
  14. Golden Contrails from Fresh Landscapes
  15. Lizard Point from The Melting Static
  16. Soggy Toast from Relic Once Lost
  17. Sunrise Behind Strange Hills *
  18. Strathclyde Park Loch from Uncertainty
  19. Crane at Train Station from Canaveral Dreams
  20. Nightside *
  21. Cara Paints no3 *
  22. Room 50 Hotel Ereso from 50:50 An Earth Monkey Productions Compilation
* Exclusive Track
All tracks by Cousin Silas except "The Forest of Evil Cacti" by Abominations of Yondo

1 comment:

Angus Mathie said...

Am listening to it at the moment. Thanks for the work to compile. You are certainly doing a lot to help your mates!


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