Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Two little birdies and why I take photos

051210_ little tit #2

051210_ little tit #3

Two little birdies came to the birdfeeder next to my window on Sunday afternoon. The pics are grainy because I shot at 800 ISO (flash would scare them off and it was getting dark out) but otherwise pretty pleased with them.

They got me thinking about the reason why I take photographs. I want to record my surroundings... to document the everyday and the special in my life. As a result, I'm not after the best shot or seeking perfection... but I'm all about the moment.

If I get the best shot or that elusive perfect shot when documenting the moment then that's great... but the moment is what I am after.

I believe excellence is habitual... that if we do something enough we become (or have the potential to become) excellent at it. As such, I see my obsession with the moment having an additional benefit... as I seek out life, I will get better as a photographer. Think about it. The more moments I capture, if I have the humility to learn, the better I will get.

Every photographer I know has a different reasoning for what they do. I'm not saying my rationale is the right rationale... its just right for me... but I do believe each one of us should ask ourselves why we do what we do.


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