Sunday, October 16, 2011

Robert's response to my open letter of apology to my prog loving friend


My friend Robert (pictured) sent me this email in response to my "open letter of apology to my prog loving friend". Enjoy.



Hi Thomas

Read your "Open letter" on your blog and I'd just like to say welcome to the church of Prog :-). You are of course, right that there are only two types of music, that which you like and that which you don't. And even then it changes. I love Marillion's Brave or Pink Floyd's the Wall (two albums you much check out) but it isn't every day that I can sustain the concentration to listen to them properly. And as concept albums, they demand attention to the detail that goes in (when recording Brave, instead of just having electronic silence by pulling the faders down between songs, they went out and recorded the dawn breaking and things like that).

But anyway, on to stuff to check out. If you're having a King Crimson moment, then listen to the albums leading up to "Red", "Larks Tongues in Aspic" and "Starless and Bible Black". The Fripp/Bruford/Wetton/Muir line up was fantastic. And the modern Tool stuff is very good, I think I gave you "Lateralus". The rest of their output is worth a listen.

In the Yes/Genesis style, there's the up to date bands like Spock Beard who are worth a listen to and Dream Theater which is a bit heavier. And the people who followed them in the 80s like Marillion, IQ and Pallas.

But most of all, check out Prog radio.

Anyway, hope you're well and having fun. I'm currently listening to "Ten to Eleven" which you linked on your blog. It's pretty good. I like specific parts of ambient music and this is appealing. I'll give you a call at some point.

Take care, Robert

p.s. Entertainingly, I've actually seen Fugazi in concert. In France in 1995 or there about.

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J said...

+1 for Spock's Beard and Dream Theater. Try Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard) and Ajalon for some genuinely uplifting Christian Prog too.


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