Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thank you Steve...

230910_ my Apple kit (266/365)

These are my current companions...

a tale of two iBooks

and here are Olly and my sister with theirs in 2005.

Dayna watching video podcasts

Here's Dayna watching Podcasts on my iPod in 2005...

010310_ Dayna & her MacBook (060/365)

and again in 2010... this time on her own MacBook.

Queuing in Glasgow

I've queued in the rain...

Been there... got the tee-shirt

and have proudly worn the t-shirt.

The we'ans playing on 'tinterweb

My daughters only know Apple...

211209_ Hipstamatic_ Miriam with Olly's iPhone & my headphones (355/365)

and their first phones were iPhones.

120111_ I love music

I can carry my whole record collection in my bag...

Keeping sane! (22/365)

and Apple products have accompanied me to hospital.

150911_Apple Store_003

I have spoken in my local Apple Store about my involvement in a new school of photography...

130910_ my daily "stack" unstacked

and I even used to have an Apple sticker on my work's Thinkpad before it blue-screened and died.

So when you ask me why I am sad today... maybe you'll understand.

This isn't a consumption thing... or a materialism thing... its a design thing... its a quality thing... its about wanting the best and being able to have the best.

Thank you Steve... your drive for the very best... your ability to think differently and make 'things' that mattered to me and to my family... 'things' that, I'm not ashamed to say, have changed my life... 'things' that have helped me... my wife... my we'ans... communicate, consume and create.

I never knew you but I have felt your influence... the tangibility of your pursuit of excellence in the 'things' you put your name on... ever since I got my Bondi Blue iMac back in the late nineties.

Thank you!



Damien O'Keeffe said...

Thomas, another great post. You never fail to capture the imagination, get to the heart of things, and provide wonderful imagery. Thanks. Dx

Alex Waddell said...

A wonderful, very personal and fitting tribute to Steve

Angus Mathie said...

Well said and I fully agree with you. There are good articles and tributes in the Scotsman and I will hold them for you. Apple products are delightful to use and have made a big impact in my life. Thank you for introducing them to us and keeping us up-to-date in their use.

weareallghosts said...

Thank you all for your kind comments... Tx


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