Sunday, December 11, 2011


081211_ Tunnock's Caramel Log

111210_ Tunnock's Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream

051211_ awesomeness from Uddingston :: Tunnock's Coconut Meringue

010211_ Tunnock's

081211_ every tea break needs something Tunnock's

I think I am obsessed with the goodies that come from Uddingston bearing the name of Thomas Tunnock... but then I am not the only one.

081211_ Pippin loves a Tunnock's Caramel Log

Both Pippin and I would be happy to endorse Tunnock's confectionary... and yes, I know this is meant to be an "ad-free blog".

Tunnock's is a local, family-run business who do a tremendous amount for their local community... and they make awesomeness and wrap it in shiny wrappers.

I am happy to "advertise" them for that. Tx

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