Saturday, December 31, 2011

January 2012's calendar / wallpaper

January 2012's Calendar :: 1920x1080 (left)

January 2012's calendar / wallpaper is of snow melting... a fitting reminder that as the seasons change so do our hardships... this is not Narnia under the rule of White Witch... Christmas has come and gone... and so too winter, darkness and any troubles we may have.

I've stripped back the flavours slightly... if you are looking for 1024x768 then go for 1600x1200 and if you are looking for 1280x800 then go for 1920x1200.

Enjoy and thanks for everyones willingness to have my photography on their devices... it is appreciated by me.


iPhone with calendar + iPhone without calendar
980x800 for Andrew Berry's mobile device

1 comment:

Angus Mathie said...

Thank you! That's it on the Mac. Will update others later. Lovely photograph.


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