Sunday, January 13, 2013

My review of "Helios Remixed" is up on

"/... I think this album works because it is consistently good. There are no ’bad’ remixes, nothing sticks out as being inconsistent from the rest. They are all good and all showcase the source material very well.

It is at this point where I fail as a reviewer: I am not familiar with the source material and can not pass judgement on the remixes as they stand in comparison with the originals. But then maybe this is a good thing, because I have approached these tracks as tracks in their own right rather than a reworking of something else, and as tracks in their own right they stand tall, very tall indeed.

This isn’t so much a remix album as a compilation of some really great music. In some ways I am actually loathe to hear the originals as I don’t want to spoil my appreciation for the work presented on this disc.../"

My review of Helios Remixed is now up on ... check it out then have a wee listen below...

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