Friday, January 04, 2013

Stylusboy's first 'screen gig' via Google+

I had the privilege to listen in to a wee mini-gig from Stylusboy tonight. This  'screen gig' - hosted via a Google+ hangout - was an utterly delightful way to wile away 30 minutes on a Friday night. The sound was fab and Stylusboy was on form ... playing his vibrant acoustic guitar-driven songs to a small group of friends and friendlies.

It was a fab way to interact with him too. He asked for a cover to play and "Creep" was the first guitar-led song I could think of. He refused, saying 'it was a family show'. You can see my response above ... I appreciated his gracious humour.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I hope he does more gigs like this ... it is an effective way for him to 'get his music out there'.


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Unknown said...

Thank you Sir! I will do more!



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