Friday, January 04, 2013

Two more from Twice Removed: “The Pace Of Which” by Benjamin Dauer & “Highway” by Vitaly Beskrovny

We are only four days into 2013 and already there are a few releases in the open that are worthy of note. Two of these releases are from the consistently great microlabel Twice Removed Records.

First up we have “The Pace Of Which” by Benjamin Dauer ... a release I have been wanting to hear for a wee while now. I am a big fan of Dauer’s. I think the ambient music he creates is particularly special and the jazzy beat-poetry that he backs as part of The Dwindlers is outstanding.

I was looking forward to this release and I was not disappointed. “The Pace Of Which” delivers ... it is a varied collection of deeply immersive and engaging ambient soundscapes that make my soul smile.

The music presented is an utter delight ... bright in its outlook ... filled with hope and the promise of a new day, the dark having been defeated. It makes a wonderful soundtrack to the quieter moments and activities of life ... providing a period of momentary solace from the busyness that life brings. Having received this release before Christmas as a download and then as a CDr ... you can appreciate how welcome this solace was and continues to be.

Simply put ... I love this release and would rate it highly ... favourably comparing it to Dauer’s other work in the ambient realm. He should be very proud of this release ... as should Gavin Catling over at Twice Removed ... it really is a belter.

As is “Highway” by Vitaly Beskrovny ... which starts deceptively simply and then goes on to deliver a wondrously delightful album full of atmosphere derived from truly imaginative and creative neo-classical soundscapes.

I love the piano. It is one of my favourite instruments. I love the way Beskrovny builds such beauty using it as his foundation ... “Sunbeams” being a prime example of his dexterity in this regard.

Beskrovny’s use of found-sounds and guitars to create soundscapes like the title track - “highway” - is exemplary too. This track alone is worth the purchase price ... providing the listener with an evocative and engaging neo-classical expression ... an expression that builds and grows into something wonderfully and delightfully euphoric. It is the sound of sunrise, if ever I have heard it.

The remainder of the album builds up and contributes to the ambience set early ... making the release a very engaging one.

I have a feeling that both of these releases will feature in my end-of-2013 list.

Oh and before I go ... I must acknowledge the artwork of both releases. They are both based on brilliant photographs and look great as physical artefacts. Kudos to Catling for making them happen.

Please take the time to listen to the embedded players. If you like what you hear then please support the artists by buying their releases ... in doing so you will be supporting truly great independent music.

I think 2013 is going to be a great year for music.


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