Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show

I wrote yesterday of my love of the Lower Light Mixes podcast and thought I'd make mention of another podcast that I've only just gotten into but one that I'm really digging - Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show.

Unfortunately I don't get the opportunity to hear it live on a Wednesday evening from 8 - 10pm UK time over on ... but I do try to grab the podcast on or after the following Friday when it is released.

Now those of you that are familiar with the ambient electronic netlabel scene will recognised the name Bing Satellites ... He is a very prolific producer who has a considerable body of work out in the ether ... including some collaborations with Cousin Silas on my wee netlabel, weareallghosts.

He is so prolific I'm not sure how he manages to do a weekly show but I am glad he does. Glad for two reasons:
1) he plays my kind of music ... and opens my ears to new music in my fave genre, and ...
2) he supports small ambient labels like weareallghosts
His most recent show has tracks from emptywhale & Cousin Silas along with an excerpt from a piece Scott Lawlor did for Phil & Thomas' Complex Silence series.

I am grateful to Bing for this support ... so, in return, I want to point you to his show. Please check it out & support the folks who support truly independent music.

Note: you'll need to download it direct from as its not up on iTunes.

- Tx

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