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For Harkive - what I listened to on 9th July, 2013

Last Tuesday I noted down all the music I listened to for the Harkive project. I marked the various albums with the time I started listening ... what I listened to it on ... and, if appropriate, the app I used - it turns out it was all on my iPhone. Where I can ... I've added the Bandcamp player to let you hear too.
Anyway ... here we go:


What a strange day the 9th of July 2013 was ...

(0733hrs - iPhone - Music)
I started the day with The Echelon Effect’s new EP “Cabrillo”. I put this on while I was in the shower and was so taken with it I played it twice. His post-rock sound and attention to detail is always welcomed by me.

(0757hrs - iPhone - Music)
I put on some deliciously deep ambient music after my shower - “Life Cycle” by John Puchiele Ensemble is my kind of atmosphere and makes for very pleasant ironing music.

(0840hrs - iPhone - Music)
As I walked to the train station to catch a train from Motherwell into Glasgow, I put on the latest “Fifty pence Friday” album from Jonny Trunk and Trunk Records - “Bossa Nova Bacchanal” by Charlie Rouse is a wonderfully upbeat and vibrant record that was so suited to the sunny day.

Unfortunately my mood changed dramatically when I discovered that there had been a suicide at the level-crossing near my house and, as a result of this shocking waste of life, the trains from Motherwell were cancelled. The last thing I wanted to do, at that point, was continue to listen to Charlie Rouse.

I called my wife who, thankfully, was near by and she came, picked up myself and a colleague, and drove us to Bellshill. At this point, the only thing I was listening to was the conversation from my colleague and the story of what happened from my wife - our next-door-neighbour had witnessed the tragedy and was rather shaken up about it.

I eventually got into work around 1015hrs and was so busy I was unable to listen to music while working. I was preparing for a system change overnight and had to ensure the final checks were made.

(1303hrs - iPhone - Music)
I nipped out to grab a coffee with a friend at the local Starbucks and, as I walked there from my work, I listened to tracks from “Lifenotes” from neoclassical composer Clem Leek. I'm a recent convert to his elegant compositions and “Lifenotes” perfectly reflected my melancholic mood.

(1350hrs - iPhone - Music)
It was to “Lifenotes” by Clem Leek that I reverted back to as I made my way to Argyle Street Station ... and then on to Motherwell. It is a piece of music I have become very fond of and am grateful to him for having a sale a couple of days earlier.

(1422hrs - iPhone - Rdio app)
After gorging myself on Clem Leek, I moved onto a recent release on Future Sequence by Tiny Leaves entitled “A Good Land, An Excellent Land”. His neoclassical expression fitted nicely with my mood and the vibrant movement of the music worked really well with the movement of the train.

(1543hrs - iPhone - Rdio app)
After arriving home and having a catch-up with my wife, I tried to grab some sleep. I was on for a night shift and needed to rest. As I tried to crash, I put on “Olias of Sunhollow” ... a classic progressive rock opus from the Yes frontman Jon Anderson. I love this piece of music like an old friend and find it paradoxically stimulating and relaxing. It helped me rest.

(1637hrs - iPhone - Music)
After “Olias of Sunhollow” and a period of silence ... I popped on “East” by Cousin Silas ... an album on my own netlabel - I love the work of Cousin Silas and am so proud of all he has put forth, especially on my wee netlabel. “East” is a tremendous example of his talent and a go-to album for me. It helped me switch off.

(1946hrs - iPhone - Music)
After dinner and conversation over the dinner table with my wife and two daughters ... I nipped out to walk our dog, Pippin, in the vain attempt to get tired. As I walked her I listened to “Rest” by Clem Leek. “Rest” is another wonderful example of Leek’s capabilities and a worthy companion as I walked the streets with my Cairn Terrier.

(2033hrs - iPhone - Music)
After walking the dog and grabbing a cup of tea, I headed back upstairs for more sleep. This time I put on the latest longform ambient drone from Earlyguard entitled “Pareidolia”. Earlyguard’s longform pieces are wonderful ... if you like, as I do, longform ambient ... and “Pareidolia” is a great example of the genre. I found his piece very relaxing and happily drifted as a result.

(2123hrs - iPhone - Music)
After “Pareidolia” I selected the first ever album I released on my netlabel - “The Path Between The Trees” by Cousin Silas. I can't express how much I love this piece of music and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of deep listening to it ... an experience I found very relaxing but one that didn’t send me to Nod.

(2213hrs - iPhone - Music)
The last piece of music I listened to on the 9th July was the sublimely beautiful post-rock ambience of Good Weather For An Airstrike and his recent EP “A Sense Of Uncertainty”. It really set me off for a bit more sleep before I was awoken at midnight to say the implementation was off.

What a day ... a day that was, at times, a very strange day ... but nonetheless one that was filled with great music.


Support independent music.

- Tx

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