Thursday, August 15, 2013

Loving ... "Undefined Shapes" by Earlyguard (@earlyguard)

Longform ambient drones are one of my life’s simple pleasures. The music of folks like Earlyguard, Scott Lawlor, and of course Cousin Silas are constants to me. I know I can count on their drones when I am in need of some mental escapism.

I recently received a preview copy of Earlyguard’s most recent release - "Undefined Shapes" - and was blown away by its grace and beauty. It is a vibrant and engaging piece ... a piece with real depth and substance ... a piece that gently sucks the listener into an alternate universe ... a vast open expanse of light and of opportunity.

Simply put ... this isn't music to be heard so much as it is music to be felt ... to be experienced. And I love it.

I particularly love the moments of melody near the beginning and the use of a sequencer in the later half of the track ... both elements working with the overall drone and the various other sounds employed to create a truly immersive audio experience.

But then it is Earlyguard and he is highly accomplished in this area ... the area of longform  drone-based ambient soundscapes. I wouldn't say this is a return to form but more a natural progression ... he is getting better in his pursuit of excellence & it shows on "Undefined Shapes".

I really love this piece and am grateful to Earlyguard for sharing it with me.

It is currently for sale over on iTunes ... with the intention to bring it to Bandcamp in a few weeks time.  If his music is ’your thing’ then please do what you can to support independent music.


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