Thursday, April 03, 2008

((deep)) -- no.4


Been really busy... sorry its taken a while to post on the fourth ((deep)) gathering... which was wonderful, by the way.

It was another of those amazing times where everything came together to create a thin place... where Heaven and Earth almost touch.

Kickin' off

The band were on form and led us in a rousing time of worship... bringing newer songs to those gathered in City Centre Corps. They brought us into the spirit of the time and kept us there... with thoughtful choruses such as blessed by your name.

I then read from the Bible - the Emmaus Road story - and set the scene for the evening.


Kirsty from Easterhouse created an awesome prayer path... throughout the main hall and into the other spaces. A journey mapped out in candles and stones that started at the cross and ended with the footprints of the famous poem. It was very well thought out and beautifully executed. She makes me proud! Her creativity is a gift... and she is so generous with it.

A number of people participated in this experience... and benefited from the time shared with others on the road laid out.


Afterwards, Ivor and Carol (our DCs) and Richard (our DCO) shared in a "conversation" - a mock blether in a Starbucks - where Ivor explained the Easter story. It worked really well. A tremendous recap of all the experiences of recent days... in the lead up to Easter Sunday.

I wasn't sure what to expect but then realised that was ((deep)) in a nutshell - new experiences of God... Jesus... the Spirit - unknown... scary... inspiring... exciting..! They spoke well and it worked because it was in keeping the experimental nature of ((deep)). Nice to see the DCs thinking out of the box...again!

All in... another fab night. My thanks to everyone involved... the band... Richard for the beverages... Carol and Ivor for their contribution... and Kirsty who stole the show with her prayer experience. Awesome!

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