Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today was a good day.

Let me explain in words... I don't have any pics... so I am going to use bullets:
  • Porridge for breakfast
  • Went to the Motherwell Library and borrowed a book of speeches from Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr and some CDs - Hail to the Thief / Airbag / Blue Album & Tutto Mozart from Radiohead / Orbital and Bryn Terfel respectively.
  • Olly made a fab cooked breakfast for lunch.
  • Olly dropped me off near the station and I fought through an Orange Walk parade to get to my train.
  • While on the train, a neighbouring passenger who heard my complaining to Olly on the phone said "empty vessels make the loudest noise" and we had a chat about marching. I believe in the right to march - as a celebration and as a protest - but I don't believe in the Orange Walks and would ban them as a celebration of hatred.
  • While on the train, I read Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr's first speech... regarding the Montgomery bus boycott and was inspired.
  • I got to Glasgow and walked from Argyle Street station to the Apple Store... where I spoke to a Concierge and booked my appointment with a Genius.
  • I then walked (listening to WOLFMOTHER on my iPod) to the Centre for Contemporary Arts to see the Catherine Yass installation "High Wire" which was interesting but left me wanting more.
  • I popped into TKMaxx on the way back but nothing inspired me - I am too fat for a "Members Only" jacket.
  • I walked down Sauchiehall Street (listening to LCD SOUND SYSTEM) and then onto Buchanan Street marveling at the diversity of people ::
    • guys with skinny jeans and ironic tee-shirts
    • girls with fab tattoos
    • girls with spikey hair and piercings
    • guys with Guy Fawlkes masks
    • Communists with a stall beside Muslims with a stall... both giving away their truth
    • Big Issues salespeople alongside Socialist Worker salespeople
    • Preachers alongside Falun Gong anti-Chinese protesters
    • Buskers with guitars beside "chuggers" looking for donations
  • I then grabbed a Chai Latte in the Starbucks next to American Apparel (where the cool wee bar Room used to be). I read "No Logo" (listening to a AEROTONE compilation)
  • At 4pm I met with the Genius who tested my power cable and found it to be working. Felt embarrassed.
  • I headed home (listening to SIMON AND GARFUNKEL)... reading more from "No Logo" on the train... enduring folks awful ringtones and claustrophobic seating preferences.
  • Got picked up by Olly, Janey and Dayna. Headed over to Janey's where Olly was doing some gardening.
  • Sat out of the way and read from my RSS feeds.
  • Got fish and chips for everyone with Janey.
  • Watched Doctor Who and loved every minute of it. Classic!
  • Headed home with Olly, Dayna and Miriam.
  • Panicked as my laptop powercable wouldn't work in the house. Eventually "rebooted" our mains electricity to get it working - weird.
  • Had a bath. Read more from "No Logo".
  • Pottered about. Uploading music to iTunes and emailing/twittering/reading etc.
I'm off to bed now. The house is quiet. Everyone is sleeping and I am tired. Just thought I'd share my day.

I love the following:
  • My wife, Olly.
  • My family (esp. Dayna and Miriam) and friends
  • Glasgow - its amazingly vibrant!
  • Apple - Service was great, although I had to wait.
  • Reading.
  • Listening to music.
  • Chai Lattes.
  • Sunny days.
  • Fish and chips / cooked breakfasts / cups of tea!
I don't love the following:
  • Celebrations of hate.
  • Cramped seating arrangements.
  • Standard ringtones.
That's enough bullets for one day.
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