Thursday, April 24, 2008

A time for reflection...

In the sunshine

As mentioned in the previous post... Olly and I are heading down towards the Borders for a period of retreat/reflection.

The retreat is the brainchild/vision of my good friend Jon Godfrey... and I am personally delighted to be part of the realisation of this dream.

I don't know what to expect... but am looking forward to spending time with friends like Jon and Lorna... Gordy... Chris and Lorraine... and Kev.

The intention is to go with open hands and an open heart... and see where that takes us. So from Friday night until sometime on Sunday... I'll be offline :: no posts... no tweets... no moby...

Keep Olly and I in your thoughts/prayers... and the other participants.


Anonymous said...

Prayers that your hearts and minds WILL be open to God's voice and what he says and guides you in will be with clarity in your hearing, understanding and application to each of your lives

May you be blessed

Matthew & Debbie xx

julie said...

am thinking good thoughts for you both - the God of surprises will make reveal His love and purpose for you both xxj


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