Monday, September 14, 2009

Bellshill Salvation Army Band's new CD launch night

Olly's band are releasing their fourth CD... entitled "Diversity"... with a launch night at the Bellshill Academy.

Whilst I am not a huge bando I do commend their approach... as I have in the past. The CD is made up of a diverse selection of tunes... some Salvation Army... some hymns... some more cultural (for want of a better word). The choice of music is designed to inspire and provide something for everyone... even for me albeit when I hear "Colonel Bogey" I do sing the alternative words that involve the Albert Hall.

The band will be supported by guest vocalist Millie Caffull from Croydon... and the remaining sections from Bellshill... including the kids choir led by Olly.

If you are in the neighbourhood... please come along.... its a free night.

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