Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Tunes :: "Harp Fragments" by Nic Bommarito

Every-so-often an album comes along that knocks me off my feet... because it is so "now"... so exactly what I want to listen to right now.

This is what I feel when I consider Nic Bommarito's album Harp Fragments (released on It has post-rock soundscapes interspersed with glitchy ambient electronic moments... which combine to create a vivid atmosphere of now. There is a real vitality to this album... its something almost tangible... so refreshingly alive.

As the blurb on the website says...
Tender and fragile parts change with fuzz-soaked, shoegazing noise passages that never let miss melody and bliss. Everything is tight and dense, and although the production is not always hi-fi Nic found the perfect form for his beautiful, emotional music.
It is truly beautiful and emotional music... just right for now. Thing is... I have a feeling it will sound just right tomorrow too.

Check it out for free... and support netaudio.

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Gurdonark said...

Thanks for letting me know about his music. I've got one of his tracks on now, and it's really good.


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