Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Tunes :: Twilight's score

I know TWILIGHT isn't everyones cup of tea... but for me & mine, it's a fab story & a well executed film.

Like all well executed films... the soundtrack is an essential synergistic element... it helps to create & build the atmosphere of the moment... think PSYCHO & you'll think of the shower scene with the shadowed knife & the screaching strings_ eek eek eek etc.

For me CARTER BURWELL's score for TWILIGHT adds to the atmosphere... and I believe it stands on it's own_ as all good scores should_ as an awesome piece of instrumental music.

And it's in his choice of instruments that the genius of the score is highlighted_ dark & brooding strings_ guitars_ disembodied vocals_ powerful rhythms_ all come together to create something overpowering in both it's darkness & it's majestic beauty.

Whilst you might not "get" TWILIGHT... please do not be dismissive of it's score... it is a work of genius.


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