Friday, February 26, 2010

Ideas for overcoming creative block

"Whenever I run out of ideas I often use music to put me back in the mood – music is a huge source of inspiration for my and much of my work has been created while listening to tones from artists such as Sigur Rós (alltime favorite), Hammock, Max Richter, Air, Dead Can Dance, Helios, Johann Johannsson, Jonsi and Alex, M83, Olafur Arnalds, Trentemøller and I could go on and on…"
Kim Holtermand on ISO50

"Diversify your interests. The broader your interests and your absorption of culture the more relevant your designs become for your clients. Put yourself in your clients place and try to imagine how they will receive your thinking. Throw up lots of ideas, exchange opinions with your colleagues, road test your thinking with them, think around the subject, look at it from all angles then apply relentless rigour in creating your design. OR not. Go with your gut instinct because you are so bored of laborious over-worked responses it takes all the joy out of life and you can’t remember why you started in the creative industries if everything is designed by committee and compromise. Draw a lot just for the sake of it. Ignore style. Have the courage of your convictions provided you are extremely talented, if not, listen. Listen in any case."
Airside on ISO50

I would recommend you read the whole article on ISO50... and be inspired.

As for my advice - read widely... do it (whatever it is you do) even when you don't want to... listen to music... talk with likeminded people and people who do not share your interest... walk about... look up... look down... and become a regular at your local library, park, museum. At the end of the day, inspiration is an opportunity... be willing and able to drop everything to take it.


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