Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is cool :: Flannel's player

Flannel, the non-profit behind the Nooma films now has a player on their website... that allows you, for a fee, to watch the film there and then.

For example, The Gods Aren't Angry is $15 to buy on DVD and $2.99 to watch now.

I think that is pretty cool... albeit... I would prefer the content to be free but then that would make me some form of anti-capitalist or something.

Check it out ::

Oh and you can buy the Nooma films on iTunes for £2.99 each.


1 comment:

Lurch Kimded said...

They do do "free" tickets ( which are bought by other people who donate them, which is a nice idea, especially as it will help cover the data transfer costs of the movies.


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